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In Brazil, aging is an accelerated process. Fifty years later, the IBGE census showed Estimates indicate that by there will be Given the situation of demographic transition, which will result in a higher proportion of elderly in Brazil and the world, the impact of the aging population on the higher costs of healthcare is being discussed. This is a population group with a range of chronic diseases, and thus more likely to use healthcare services, and there is Uso da virgula yahoo dating greater risk that Uso da virgula yahoo dating will require more intensive and thus more expensive Uso da virgula yahoo dating.

The combination of demographic transition and increased use of healthcare services by the elderly results in a projected increase in demand for services and spending, which in turn has caused concern regarding the sustainability of healthcare services 8 8.

Spillman BC, Lubitz J. The effect of longevity on spending for acute and Uso da virgula yahoo dating care.

Uso da virgula yahoo dating

N Engl J Med ; Age-specific increases in health care costs. The folklore and uso da Eur J Public Health ; 12 1: A Disease-based Comparison of Health Systems: What is Best and at What Cost? Given this scenario, studies Uso da virgula yahoo dating the pattern of use of healthcare services by the elderly show that they use these services more, and that the elderly account for a large share of hospitalization spending 11 Os novos idosos brasileiros.

Rev Saude Publica ; 42 4: Berenstein CK, Wajnman S. However, some authors question if the elderly are really the major source of higher healthcare system expenses. Health Affairs ; 22 6: Expansion of the private healthcare sector in Brazil has made this a consumer good. For most private healthcare companies, profitability includes risk selection, which naturally excludes the higher risk consumers, in particular the chronically ill and the elderly 18 When Uso da virgula yahoo dating comes to risk selection, it is fair to say that the elderly are not desired by healthcare plan operators, as they have more chronic diseases, use the services more and more often, and are more likely to require very costly treatments in the final years of their life.

In light of this, one recognizes that the relationship between the elderly and healthcare operators is a source of considerable tension. The elderly have problems purchasing healthcare, due Uso da virgula yahoo dating either sales strategies or difficulties or constraints imposed, such as requiring medical reports or qualified interviews. There are also regulating mechanisms Uso da virgula yahoo dating as requirements Uso da virgula yahoo dating authorizations or analysis of medical requests that make it harder to use the system.

Although these constraints affect all groups, one may assume that they have a greater impact on the Uso da virgula yahoo dating population or on people with diseases whose treatment requires intense the use of expensive technologies. Add to that the impact of adjustments to the monthly fee, which for older patients can be Uso da virgula yahoo dating the cost of the same plan for younger people, and in some cases the elderly are just unable to keep up their payments and migrate to the SUS.

In addition to selecting clients and risks, operators use all of the mechanisms allowed in supplemental healthcare regulations to control demand and use of Uso da virgula yahoo dating 19 However, the range of mechanisms applied by healthcare plan operators limits not only those services that are unnecessary, but also those that are necessary.

It would be reasonable to assume that this micro-regulation is exercised by operators more frequently with patients or groups at a higher risk of increasing the claims ratio.

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This mechanism to limit access creates dissatisfaction among beneficiaries when a given procedure is medically indicated, yet they face denials, postponements or outright refusal by the healthcare plan 21 The main reasons for dissatisfaction with healthcare plans are related to the delay in scheduling office visits, restrictions imposed on treatments, services and Uso da virgula yahoo dating, and price adjustments as a function of age and geographic coverage 22 Cien Saude Colet; 12 2: All of these together lead one to expect that the dissatisfaction of the elderly with such bad practices would be reflected in complaints made to the ANS.

Regardless of whether or not a given complaint actually infringes supplemental health legislation, the complaint originates from an impasse, a dissatisfaction arising from a point of conflict between the healthcare plan and the beneficiary.

Aprenda: Bem-Vindo, Bem Vindo ou Benvindo?

Thus, the goal of this study is to check if the barriers to use and access to healthcare services expressed in the complaints filed with the ANS by beneficiaries in the Southeast of Uso da virgula yahoo dating, between andaffect the elderly in a greater way. The universe of this study are complaints filed with the ANS between and by beneficiaries residing in the states of Southeastern Brazil.

The choice of Southeast states is justified by the high concentration of private healthcare plan owners in the region.

In Decembera total of 48, people were covered by medical-hospital healthcare plans in Brazil, 31, or This source dates back to the very creation of the ANS. According to Law 9, ANS responsibilities include overseeing the activities of private healthcare plan operators 24 The consumer service center, known as Disque ANSwas created in Uso da virgula yahoo dating, soon after the agency itself.

Beneficiaries may use Disque ANS to file a complaint against the healthcare plan operator. If the problem is not resolved, and there is any indication that supplemental health legislation is not being followed, an administrative case will be open to investigate the situation. If the investigation reveals that the law is being broken, administrative sanctions may be imposed on the operator in the form Uso da virgula yahoo dating a fine.

The data in the database used for this analysis was taken from the SIF on 17 Aprillimited to complaints filed inand Of thecases, those excluding beneficiary DOB, duplicate complaints filed by the same beneficiary and those regarding dental operators or cooperatives were excluded.

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Uso da virgula yahoo dating

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