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rejilla de laboratorio yahoo dating

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Most of the rest has been examined only in rapid reconnaissance largely by the United Nations and oil companies.

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Detailed mapping has been confined to the Canal Zone. No uranium deposits or prospects of economic interest are known in Panama.

rejilla de laboratorio yahoo dating

There appears to be no information available on present exploration activities for uranium. Panama has no specific legislation relating to nuclear energy.

However, all mineral deposits belong to the state, except for salt and similar materials, and are governed by the mineral resources code. There appears to be only one remote possibility for uranium mineralization in Panama, namely, sandstone-type deposits. Marginal marine and fluvial sediments, such as host sandstone-type deposits elsewhere, are most abundant 1n the lower Cenozoic parts of the Azuero and possibly Bocas del Toro basins and are probably absent or poorly developed in the Darien and Central basin.

Rocks with even moderate background uranium concentrations to be leached and deposited in such sediments are confined to the silicic and alkaline Intrusive rocks of the La Yeguada Formation 1n western Panama and possibly the Rio Guayabo stock in the Sierra de Maje of eastern Panama. Only the La Yeguada Formation is extensive enough and near enough to a potential sedimentary ore host to be important.

rejilla de laboratorio yahoo dating

Uranium concentrations have not been measured in this unit but its silicic composition, relatively young age with respect to other volcanic rocks in Panama and high ash content suggest that it may have relatively high Teachable uranium content. The best areas for exploration for La Yeguada-derived sandstone-type uranium deposits would be in the Pese formation between Santiago and Chitre in the Azuero basin.

Possibly favourable sandstone type exploration ground.

rejilla de laboratorio yahoo dating

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rejilla de laboratorio yahoo dating

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rejilla de laboratorio yahoo dating

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