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It is commonly recognized as applied mathematics. Granted, algebra is the basic foundation for success in such advanced statistic classes. While it falls under the rubric of mathematics it is seen as a method applicable to real world problems. One would be negligent in dispelling the notion that some level of mathematical sophistication is not necessary for every major course of study.

Goals being discussed by colleges, should they come to pass, are moving in the direction of decreasing the number of units from87 to It appears to suggest colleges are more concerned with degree out-puts to make them look good than guiding students through rigorous program paths.

Such proposed curricular changes will mark a low point that will not benefit the underserved students, most being students-of-color. I saw nothing wrong with a two-tiered system and still do not, however; his plan was not for a poor boy whose aspirations were to get out of the farm fields.

Today, I see a continuing and pathetic rate of completion of majors, many changes in major courses of study; large dropout rates, degree completion rates that often extend well beyond four years, and students going heavily into debt. Looks like stalemate in education.

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The idea that federal financial aid is scholarship free money is a delusion in the minds of many students. It is best to forget that notion, as they will find themselves holding debt upon graduation or six months after dropping out of school.

Frankly, breaking through the phony glass ceiling is a tough one. Standards to compete in main stream With all that said, institutions of higher learning must be held accountable for setting and meeting standards that prepare students to successfully compete in the main stream of American Society. Work standards are reaching new heights while the skills of the work-force lag behind. A reminder, the Community College System should have learned from the academic successes and accomplishments of first generation American Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese students who often excel in their academic studies, despite language barriers.

Those students continue to transfer to the top universities in the country and graduate with honors. Is it all in the mustard seed that makes that possible? Perhaps the following should be asked: What is missing in the fabric of Hispanic and Black families that creates such disparity in the success between their children and aforementioned successful students? It is a truism that genetics and culture influence critical thinking and capacity for learning. Non-Stem students do not and will not take a consolation prize when it comes to learning.

The question is how the three aforementioned groups of students and parents, construe, validate, formulate and incorporate a college learning experience into their lives? How do they differ? Could it be levels of expectation ingrained in their formative years? Absent that, sadly even talented ones often fail. Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese "student-of-color" succeed, why?

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The model of true scholarship and success has been set before us by first generation Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese students. While they continue to excel and become productive members of society, too many of our students-of-color continue to fail. Could we for a moment accept the general notion that all college enrollees are not necessarily suited for the academic world of learning but that perhaps non-degree majors are best suited for them?

It is a sad commentary that so many are ill prepared. How can we make the illusion of success a reality for them? Our colleges, institutions of higher learning, have historically been bastions of education where intellectual thinking flourishes; preparation for life gets much of its definition and demands of an advanced society are met.

While education has fallen in love with the touchy-feely approach, our country must not continue to depend on well-educated and talented people from other countries to meet its workforce demands. He later retired as a commander. Leal will host a welcoming party for more than a dozen newly elected state officials today to kick off the exhibit's opening in Corpus Christi. Alvarez, whose plane was shot down inwas the first U.

Navy pilot to be captured by the North Vietnamese. He spent nearly nine years a s a prisoner of war. Rick Leal left creator of the exhibit, greets Joe Elizondo, a Vietnam War veteran who received three Purple Hears and a Bronze Star, during final preparation on Thursday for the exhibit's opening.

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As a child Rick was treated by Dr. We paid our bills, but I know he would have treated us anyway. He was an extraordinary man. I plan to honor his memory, not only through the Legacy of Valor display, but through other projects underway. If you would like to assist Rick, please contact him at: Exhibit visitors learn more about Hispanic leaders By Heather Ann White Caller-Times Saturday, December 23, It's a story that must be told - the heroism of the Hispanic men and women who sacrificed their lives for their country.

People gathered at the Omni Bayfront Hotel on Friday to view the Hispanic Heroes exhibit, a traveling exhibit honoring 40 Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients and five other photo exhibits paying tribute to Hispanic leaders. We need more visibility. Leal, originally from Corpus Christi, said this is the exhibit's first time in the city, but hopes to come back next year.

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Leal and the exhibit will go on a three-city tour after the holiday, making stops in Chicago, Miami and Oklahoma City. Lucio Contreras, a Vietnam veteran, said it's important to learn about those who have served the country. Garcia, originally from Mexico, grew up in Texas and graduated from the University of Texas.

It certainly helps honor Hispanics," he said, saluting to the Medal of Honor mural as he exited the room. Albert Alvarez, who is visiting family this weekend, came to read about his relative, Army Master Sgt. Benavidez is Alvarez's father-in-law's brother, he said. I hope more people will come out to appreciate everything the Hispanics have done in the pursuit of freedom for this country. The Pledge of Allegiance by Sgt. As I was walking in the park towards the Memorial Ceremony of Guy Gabaldon, I couldn't help but thinking of this man, the courage and bravery of a young U.

Marine who single-handedly captured more than 1, Japanese soldiers during the Battle for Saipan, he took part of the invasion of Saipan in JuneGuy Gabaldon as a young Marine persuaded Japanese soldiers to give up their arms, and follow him to American lines, bringing him the nickname "The Pied Piper of Saipan," At this memorial the remarks by Hon.