Muralistas extranjeros yahoo dating

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muralistas extranjeros yahoo dating

The building is really very big one with giant murales adverting the stations. also called LA HABANA so I will be here all night to complete and up to date our travel story. . exceptuar a interesados de otras partes del país y del extranjero que deseen participar en clubdiexistamexico/. the street, a remembering element of the factory, also designating its date of foundation .. Carrasco fueron importados del extranjero, pero su preparación y largos de Teherán, el arte público “site specific” en Shiraz, los murales realizados on the internet such as; Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. MOVIDO extranjeros en la aviacion .. [ 16/php]horror stories dating online[/url] Resim Yukleme [url=http://] Why are drug lgfcu car loan [/url] [/quote][/u][u]VENDS 2 Cabasse Baltic EVO Murales.

I protested that this was a formal event and I did not want to carry the packets.

muralistas extranjeros yahoo dating

So he responded, "You do not understand. These people have to listen to what I say for 20 minutes. This gives me an opportunity to share information that I want to put in their hands. We need to take advantage of the situation. It will help change people. The Hispanic Heritage award read: Garcia entered the U.

Enthusiasm for Family History Grows Among the Hispanic Community in Las Vegas, Nevada

Army as an officer in the Infantry. He served as an engineer for the Corps and Medical Corps in the European theater and attained the rank of Major. For his services, he received a Bronze Star and six Battle Stars. Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Garcia saw many problems with segregation and class differences. He became an activist for his community. Forum initially started to improve veteran benefits and enhance medical attention, but soon expanded to address educational and vocational training, housing, public education, poll taxation, voter registration, hospitalization, and employment.

When it was his turn to speak, Papa briefly thanked the committee for the honor and began to deliver a powerful message, which was at the time in response to a strong anti-immigrant movement.

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He spoke about the English-only movement, and the attempt to eliminate all bilingual programs. The message lasted considerably more than the 20 minutes allotted to him so I had plenty of time to distribute the packet of information that my dad wanted delivered. Among the handouts was this beautiful pen and ink sketch of an eagle clutching the Constitution and a snake named "English only" in both talons surrounded by text listing freedom of speech, the press, religion and assembly.

Twenty years later Texas Senate Billauthored by state Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, was passed and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry designating every third Wednesday of September to remember Garcia's achievements and contributions.

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I still have the pen and ink sketch and the memories. Garcia passed away inbut his legacy of helping those in need lives on today. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Today we celebrate the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, which serves as a great opportunity to recognize the contributions that Latinos have made to improve our nation.

muralistas extranjeros yahoo dating

To commemorate the rich heritage of our people, LULAC is unveiling a mixture of dynamic events and online networking to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which is from September 15 — October We have an exciting line-up that brings health fairs and an immigration summit to select cities and Hispanic-themed programming on your television.

In addition, you should submit your unique family history, and each week one will be shared with the membership. Read more to get details! Also, each week a story will be shared with our membership.

muralistas extranjeros yahoo dating

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the many contributions that Hispanics have made to the fabric of this country. Our membership holds a wealth of information and as the stories are submitted, each week we will share a story with our membership in order to encourage everyone to learn more about the history, struggles, and successes of their Hispanic brothers and sisters.

Click to share your story now! Workshops will focus on the links between our physical environments, our health, and community planning, and development.

muralistas extranjeros yahoo dating

Expert panelists will share best practices and resources that attendees will be able to use to advocate for the health of minority populations who often live in low-income neighborhoods with less access to quality and affordable health care, grocery stores, transportation options, and where public safety is a concern. These summits will reach college age students as well as families and community members. I went out of the departure section and found it I had my coins. Well we lost almost 2 hours Tuning the FM dial I got they signal Huayacocotla is about 45 km from Veracruz.

In Poza Rica They have indeed many advertisings Same is on MW Cadena Mas has not so many commercials but they id often Next will be the Veracruz visit We have just finished to see the Campeche radio stations So I take this opportunity to tell you about what happened in Veracruz on monday 1st august The beach are with thin brown sands Roberto had the opportunity to test the sea I had internet time free at the administration office cause I had to write the story of my travel Our room at 2nd floor very large and comfortable The room had a balcony looking at the sea We started at Multimedios Radio at Zamora the main station on kHz relay XEW kHz in Mexico City, but they have also local service, a young assistent geave to us many pocket notes but no stickers at the moment I guess however the telephon book often is not really up to dated We asked to the young people working at the stations if this will be corrected on next edition and he said i don't know!

The station is quite far from the city center, and the Avenida is very very long and with lot of traffic However the secretary luckly geave to us some STIXs So we asked for another meeting at in the afternoon and he said it was ok So we arrived at Radio Rama located at Benjamin Franklin 4 a very little street So this sticker will be surely in the package Oscar Perez Romero offered plastic water bottles Maria Rubi Olivares Morales locutora de la Poderosa geave us many Stixs We spent 30 minutes with great pleasure and surely the most friendly station we visited in Veracruz Salvador Garcia Montes is the Chief engineer and he worked also for other stations After so great meeting time running hours we try to find Radio Formula at Nicolas Bravo The building is really very big one with giant murales adverting the stations.

At hours the friend seen in Tampico arrived Rafael Grijeda Rosado wanted to geave me some of his duplicated radio materials He also solutioned the misterious station reported by an Italian visiting last year the Mexican coast and reporting to have heard an Utility station on kHz Really thanks Rafael for these informations So around hours we had te dinner at the Hotel Hostal de Cortez restaurant We are arrived in the Merida this evening thursday 4 August Well a good news I have found an internet cyber cafe' in Merida open 24 hours!!!!

The early morning of past tuesday 2 August I wake up to look at the sunrise from balcony of the Hotel Hostal de Cortez in Veracruz You see lot of signals So another quite long travel was expecting us from Veracruz till Villa Hermosa in Tabasco Inclusive me fui una vez caminando, llegando en menos de veinte minutos desde mi hotel a la sede.

Por primera vez en nuestros encuentros, las hora-diexismo superaron y con mucho, a las horas restantes correspondientes a conferencias y otras actividades. Estimado oyente de ondas cortas y diexista mexicano I have seen a mistake in the bandscan of 9 message I bag your perdon. Well after a relaxing wednesday morning at Hotel Hostal de Cortez in Veracruz We moved to the Bus station of Veracruz to bring our reserved bus to go to VillaHermosa Roberto went to the ADO office in the same place and asked for a tickect change Also Soteapan stop almost unbeliable Here some of the FM stations heard from the bus: Andres Tuxtla The indigenous station ; Naturally there are some mistakes but generally speaking it is a good support to monitorate the FM band if you travel in Mexico Well finally after many many stops due to traffic jam Need to say something I did not said before So finally the great problem in Mexico are the roads Access controlled by police guard men YES the price of the Hotels in Mexico are very good Our room air conditioning was running at MAX Unfortunatly no chanche to use internet cause at hotel they close their service at and open at hours We found channel 69 TV cable VillaHermosa has a nice name For example the taxi metal doors resulted so hot I experienced so hot only in Ciudad Ojeda in Venezuela the area near Maracaibo with Petrol under the street ground level OK in Villa Hermosa not so high temperatures but Gerente is coming at Gerente was not interested to meet two strange people coming from Italy to see his station Usually TAXI drivers are very quiet some one too much Inter, Milan, Roma, Juve The usual Yellow Phone book paginas Amarillas color de la Mierda???

So the next Taxi The kind secretary geave us ONE!!!!!! The Bus station of VillaHermosa has one enter to go to bus and one go out for travellers arriving Roberto was ready to make the historical moment with a photo!!!!

I guess the more rare Sticker of the travel till now The Travel from VillaHermosa to Campeche resulted not so full of problems I had time to do a quick bandscan. In fact Campeche and Yucatan areas are the most effected by Tornados and Hurricanes Our arrival time in Campeche at hours Just few minutes after our arrival it started to rain quite heawily So next will be the Campeche tour of local radiostations A horita a horita Campeche is a real particular town The city has quite interesting museums too see We got surprisely 2 stickers After this we try to find Radio Rama studios Radio RamaResurgimento Well we stay 30 minutes in the house at Resurgimiento So you may delete this station from your lists please Quite depressing situation in Campeche So back to Hotel However the Best Western quality we tested in Canada.

On the other hand the restaurante quality is very good and we eat good food Well this is now the up to date situation Buen fin de semana Saluti dalla Terra dei Maya!

PINTAR EN LA CALLE - Fio Silva, muralista - Vlog 013

Saludos desde la tierra de los Maya! Greetings from Yucatan the Maya historical place! Salut les copain Maya Friday 05 August has been devoted to visit the radio stations in Merida area I guess this is sufficent???

Taxi in Merida seems to be the number one problem Roberto luckly had a headcover So a really hot day I had with me a letter they sent to well known Giovanni Bellabarba in year Guillermo very kind said you are welcome here to see our station. Bellabarba permitted to meet a very kind people