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By Jarah Euston, VP of Product. To kick off our Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in New York City, we challenged local mobile developers to a special Hackathon! . HBase Date Tiered Compaction support to improve storage efficiency. Apr 10, Yahoo has launched a feature in Gemini, Yahoo's marketplace for mobile search and native ads, Jarah Euston, Vice President, Flurry, says. Flurry is a mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising company founded in Dosios: VP Business Operations; Jarah Euston: VP Analytics & Marketing Flurry was acquired by Yahoo! on July 21, for somewhere between.

Yahoo to host Mobile Developer Meet for the First Time in India

This means that, in aggregate, since Novemberthe US connected population is spending an extra million hours per day on mobile devices. This growth rate is especially astonishing after seven consecutive growth years. Effectively, the browser has been sidelined on mobile. This has major implications on the digital industry in general and the content and media industry in particular. Historically, the media industry has relied almost entirely on search for user and traffic acquisition, building entire teams around SEO and SEM on the desktop web.

But search engines are predominantly accessed from a browser.

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Absorbed by Apps The chart below takes a closer look at app categories. That is more than the time it would take to watch an additional TV sitcom for every US consumer, every day! However, the majority of time spent inside messaging and social apps is actually spent consuming media, such as videos on Tumblr and Facebook or stories on Snapchat. This is a big trend and one that will be watched very carefully by traditional media companies. These companies have to adjust to a new world where consumers act as individual distribution channels.

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The growth in entertainment on mobile proves once again that content is in fact king and is beating the gaming industry in its own game. Time is Money The completely unexpected result of our analysis this year is the dramatic decline in time spent for mobile gaming. We believe there are three factors contributing to the decline. Lack of new hits: Users become the game: In the case of the Fantasy Sports app, the two use cases above completely guided app design.

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Efficiency in all levels of app design was a point of emphasis throughout the presentation. Ed observed the limitations on memory, screen size, and interaction time drove the team to get more creative with their Glance view designs, so he encouraged the group to think critically and creatively when building out designs. The Apple guidelines provide very detailed templates which can be mixed-and-matched to create a highly varied group of possible Glances.

Ed recalled that during the ideation of the Yahoo Fantasy Sports Watch app, utility drove design. His team limited the use of animations on the Apple Watch to make the app as efficient as possible. As a final tip, Ed reminded us all that no matter what, previewing the application on a device is vital.

Laughing, Ed showed us an image of a test app the team built for iPhone, featuring a Watch face in the center, displaying the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app.

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Flurry Analytics will support metrics for app extensions, such as Apple Watch apps! This is where the power of analytics can make the biggest difference — we can only make adjustments that reflect user behavior if we know what that behavior is. After examining usage data from Watch apps, Brad also realized that it is possible many users will use a Watch app and not its companion iPhone app.

Closing his presentation, Brad showed a sneak peek at Flurry Explorer, a tool that allows developers and data analysts to run queries and see results in seconds - a step forward not only for Flurry, but also generally for mobile analytics.