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LinkedIn As temperatures heat up and we sprint to the Olympic Opening Ceremoniessports-drink marketing is at a fever pitch. Coca-Cola, owner of Powerade and Vitaminwater, is the longest continuous Olympics sponsor, and the company is clearly onto something.

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Kids across the globe aspire to be as fast, strong and skilled as Olympic athletes, so marketing Powerade as the drink of an Olympic winner is certainly a gold-medal strategy. Commercial sports drinks were initially designed for athletes who, like the Olympians, train and sweat so vigorously and for such prolonged periods that they sufficiently deplete their bodies to require the rehydration and calorie replenishment these drinks provide. The elite athlete market is tiny, and our kids, even the most athletic ones, are not part of it.

Kids and adults want something to drink besides water, and they want it to fulfill the righteous promises of rehydration and replenishment. This is why companies such as Honest Tea and Greater Than have entered the market with healthier sports drinks that are lower in sugar and free of artificial food colourings, and why Dr Pepper recently bought Are these new drinks actually healthy?

And will kids drink them? Then I drilled into the nutrition facts and ingredients list for each product. After all, these varieties are the sweetest and the most chemically engineered to cause consumers to come back for more. Next, the kids unanimously voted for all three Honest Sport flavours, followed closely by Aspire. Water, not sports drinks, should be the principal source of hydration for children and adolescents.

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Sodium is the most common electrolyte lost in sweat, yet most Americans get more than enough sodium from their diets. I think this is useful to see as the cost effectiveness of energy drinks especially in their readymade form is far superior. Energy Drink Forms There are two main forms that energy drinks are sold in, with the main difference being the cost effectiveness and ability to dictate quantities.

Powder — a lot of the major brands offer their energy drinks in the form of a powder. This has its own benefits — you can make the drink in a drinks bottle of your choice, you can make a drink as strong as you like, it is cost effective cheaper per liter and you can take more with you on-the-go without the weight of it being ready made up.

Readymade — this is where the drinks for this comparison are most well known even through they offer powder forms.

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Now, on to the two products we are looking at — Powerade and Gatorade. It was first introduced in when it was also announced as a sponsor of The Olympic Games in the same year, which in itself demonstrates the financial power and reputation that sits behind its parent company.

Lets look at a few of the key things we should highlight about Powerade: The base ingredient of Powerade that gives it its carbohydrate content is high fructose corn syrup. Objectively, there are views of there being health risks coming with consuming this. Electrolyte wise, powerade contains mg sodium and 45mg potassium. This mix is important to look at as the increased consumption of potassium when sodium is increased has been proven to be vital.

Powerade — readymade This is the form that you will see on the shelves, and is incredibly more economic and cost effective when bought in mass.