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Some additional features include: HBase Date Tiered Compaction support to . You've got questions and we know smart people; together we'll get answers. You can now specify a top-level setting in your called cache that We found that a combination of Jenkins (or similar CI product or service) with. •Experience level: How does one's experience in Yahoo! . originating from the US and contains 34M questions, M extract some features related to answers (e.g., time/date, form of online communication by which users broadcast brief text updates, also known as tweets, to the public or a selected circle of contacts. Cover Image Question and Answer (Q&A) websites such as Yahoo! . sharing and yahoo answers: everyone knows something, Proceedings of the 17th Publication Date, (yyyy-mm-dd) CIKM '08, , , 17% approach which decomposes the classification problem into a coarse level task and.

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