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In the 19th century photography put a lot of artists out of business. New trends of great art since the 19th century have been as a rule non-figurative or at least not aiming at faithful representation. Photography has taken care of that. Today I was thinking that this need not be. No photograph can surpass a good realistic portrait painting. No photograph can convey the spiritual sense of a landscape like in Mast-Tree Grove. But seeing the painting itself you at first sight may find it startlingly photorealistic while it actually is not.

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It is an adventure in light and nature impressions conveyed with paint. There are secrets and mysteries in the landscape. The invisible conveyed via the visible. Portrait of Leo Tolstoy, Oil on canvas, 96 x Art makes us see. I am thinking of the chapter on Anna Karenina's portrait. Vronsky, a good Sunday painter, makes with great effort a fine representational portrait of his wife.

Along comes a true artist who swiftly paints a portrait, too, and catches there the characteristic look in Anna's eyes.

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Vronsky for the first time recognizes that look via that painting, and after that always sees Anna in a different light.

At the Door of a Mosque, There can be something uncanny in representational art. Yet when you approach the painting you see the stylized way in the brush strokes of the two desolate beggars at the sumptuous door of the mosque. Again we cannot help thinking about those floods of refugees of today. Andrei Rublyov's icons still seem modern in their stark stylization. George and the Dragon, with Scenes from His Life.

First half of the 14th century. Winter Landscape Russian Winter In Nikifor Krylov's paintings we are at the roots of Russian winter landscape painting. The sublime of the nature is conveyed via the grandeur of Aivazovsky's seascapes. The large format is essential for the full impact. Turner, a soulmate, had made his seascapes in the early 19th century and proceeded radically towards impressionism. Aivazovsky had no trouble continuing with his personal synthesis of romanticism and graphic realism.

If you look at it via doorways, you may be fooled to believe that an actual meeting is taking place right now. Film folks recognize the size and the format of the painting as that of CinemaScope.

Portrait of Vsevolod Meyerhold, Beyond realism we find new approaches of stylization. Boris Grigoriev's portrait of Meyerhold catches the eccentricism of the great man of the theatre.

Marc Chagall was not on display today.

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Portrait of Anna Akhmatova, The Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin room is one of the most deeply gratifying in the museum. He was deeply influenced by the icon art of the Old Believers. His passion for the red colour comes from icon art and folk art.

There is majesty in his approach to the nude figure and the human face. Among the early masters of abstract art, cubism and futurism are, besides Malevich, Tatlin, Kandinsky, and Rodchenko, also equally talented women such as Natalia Goncharova, Lyobov Popova, and Olga Rozanova. Collective Farm Girl on a Bicycle, Oil on canvas, x cm. The story of the Soviet art from experimentation to Socialist realism which can also be total idealization ends in the s.

On display is also the freedom of glasnost before the fall of the Soviet Union and the early period of the post-Soviet Russia until the s. Among the masters of the Soviet period was Alexander Deineka, a graphic artist among other things. He has an exciting sense of style and form. Nestor the Chronicler, There is a continuum of great sculpture exhibited along the entire stretch of the rooms. One space is devoted to the master Mark Antokolsky. There are, also dispersed in other rooms, his sculptures of Spinoza, Ivan the Terrible, Nathan the Wise, and Nestor the Chronicler, a founding father of Russian literature and history.

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