Online dating dunedin nz earthquake

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online dating dunedin nz earthquake

Live earthquake details from Canterbury, New Zealand. 4 users online. 41 earthquakes around New Zealand over 24 hours . Mag, Last Date/Time, Shakes. The map and table above show earthquakes and reported shaking in New Zealand in the last hour. You can find our strong motion data here. This earthquake is a normal part of New Zealand's evolution. Carbon dating confirms that the last severe earthquake on the Alpine Fault was.

We are a young country and learning to adapt to it is a necessity if you and your community are to get through. The Alpine Fault earthquake will be but one event of many different types of natural hazard events that will occur in New Zealand's future. The map below indicates the range of the earthquake and its shaking intensity shown in Roman numerals.

When will the next Alpine Fault earthquake occur?

online dating dunedin nz earthquake

The historical patterns of earthquakes and current research on the Alpine Fault indicate that it is likely to rupture very soon in geological terms. Analysis of sediments deposited by previous Alpine Fault earthquakes shows that the faultline ruptures on a remarkably regular basis, on average at intervals around years. Carbon dating confirms that the last severe earthquake on the Alpine Fault was in You will find more information about the Alpine Fault, evidence of past earthquakes, and what preparations are being made for a coordinated response across the South Island on the Project AF8 website.

How will it happen? The length of the rupture will be up to km, eg. The earthquake will last for about two minutes. The alpine fault may rupture along part of its length, with lower magnitude, and be followed shortly by rupture of the rest. Two very large earthquakes or a series of large earthquakes are also realistic scenarios.

online dating dunedin nz earthquake

What strength will it be? The effects will be worst in West Otago, diminishing eastward. Significant building damage can be expected in the Queenstown Lakes District. Damage in other parts of Otago will be irregularly distributed depending on the land forms and the built environment. If you would like to know more, there are a series of short presentations by scientists who have been researching the Alpine Fault and the impacts of the next rupture.

The effects will be amplified in South Island mountainous regions and high country where enormous damage can occur to peaks and ridges.

online dating dunedin nz earthquake

Countless landslides can be expected of all sizes. Less intense shaking from aftershocks will continue for months. There will be liquefaction and widespread ground damage. What will happen to the rivers and lakes?

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Landslide dams with breakout flash flooding are very likely. Aggradation will deposit high sediment volumes in riverbeds lasting for many months. Huge sediment and gravel deposits will have downstream effects for years. Areas such as the Shotover River may be radically transformed.

online dating dunedin nz earthquake

A study released by NIWA in found evidence of tsunami up to 5m high caused by landslides into Lake Tekapo, which scientists believe will be similar to other large Otago Lakes: Overseas rescue and medical assistance will be required. The nature and location of the earthquake relative to major population centres suggest that a relatively small number of people will be killed.

However, a large number of people will suffer disabling injuries. Depending on the time of year, the large number of seasonal visitors in the Queenstown Lakes District and other parts of Otago will be completely reliant on immediate assistance. Many rivers and streams will become impassable.

Our house in western Christchurch was less than 30km from the epicentre close to Charing Cross. That minute or so of powerful rolling, earthly chaos and confusion is still clear in my mind today, even years on. Stumbling around in the dark, keeping the kids calm, filling pots and pans with water, looking for torches, batteries and candles, experiencing the first of thousands of aftershocks. It was the day history veered off on a different course and fortunes changed for the city, the region and the country.

How many of you in Otago felt that first big Canterbury quake? I'd be interested to know. Missing toffees A query from a workmate about Mackintosh's Toffees.

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What's happened to the Harrogate ones, he wants to know. A few bags have been shared recently among the night staff here and Harrogate toffees seem to be absent without leave. Has anyone else noticed? Dunedin archives Had an email from Dunedin's Ann Barsby at the Southern Heritage Trust encouraging readers interested in old Dunedin photographs to attend tomorrow afternoon's Savoy Afternoon Tea at, guess where, the Savoy. We all have days when we feel like this.

Glenda Butler of St Kilda's daffodils after the southerly blast earlier in the week.