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la senora acero online dating

Super series Señora Acero returned for its second season last month, staying on the idea for Señora Acero, adding a dynamic audiovisual component online. Señora Acero 3: La Coyote- Bastard daughter of Vicente Acero, Vicenta Rigores Acero (La Coyote) must come face to face with her destiny to become the New. The first two seasons follow the fearless Sara Aguilar, wife of Vicente Acero, the former military commander Quintanilla baptizes Sara as "La Señora Acero".

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She, Marcelo, and El Roscas create the de la Habana cartel. While arriving in Mexico to avenge the death of his mother, his biological father, his half-brother and family, he is poses as a human rights lawyer who begins to form an obsession and vendetta over Vicenta in order to destroy the Acero-Quintanilla clan.

la senora acero online dating

With the help of Indira and the president of Mexico, he raises the Tijuana cartel again. Finally he is executed and mortally crashed with a rock by Gallo Quintanilla and the Acero brothers.

Recurring characters[ edit ] Michel Duval as Salvador Acero, he is the half-brother of Vicenta, and Rosario's boyfriend. Together with his sister they cross migrants on the border of Mexico.

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Finally he dies in the explosion in the cabin caused by himself. After Aracely's death, Marcelo prevents Mario from keeping custody of Elizabeth.

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Marcelo joins forces with La Tuti and El Rosca and create the de la Habana cartel and they die together with Mario during their final confrontation. Rodrigo Guirao as Mario Casas, is a pharmacist and scientific engineer, who tries to destroy the life of Marcelo, father of Elizabeth and boyfriend of Andrea.

In this season it is revealed that Mario suffers from obsession with Aracely, even after her death and they die together with Marcelo during their final confrontation. If the spot has any non-English dialogue or voiceover, please include English subtitles where possible.

la senora acero online dating

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la senora acero online dating

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la senora acero online dating

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la senora acero online dating

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