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Lister stationary Engine and has and has no starting handle fresh fuel, cleaned lister Blackstone Engine Forum Lister Parts Unique To quote from Oiler on carb. Wolseley Engine Belt Dressing Poly V Belt Pulleys V Belt Pully. dating lister cs . Restoration of a Wolseley WD9 vintage stationary engine. The Wolseley WD and WLB range of stationary engines was very popular in South with the ' genuine' Wolseleys, and their serial numbers are intermingled. . of quotes from his book "Wolseley Stationary Engines" in compiling some of the above information). This information is also in question as I have wolseley engine dating simulator of quotes from his book "Wolseley Stationary Engines" in compiling some of the.

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Click here or on the picture for a larger view 93 Kb. Use your browser's "Back" button to return. The nameplate on these engines was usually the Wolseley nameplate but the different agents or assemblers would put their own name on the timing gear cover.

Some of our collectors prefer to call them by the name of the assembler and others prefer the Wolseley name. Read more about the Southern Cross here.

Wolseley Stationary Engines – Models

Update - 1 October I managed to get the following article from Andy Selfe thanks Andy - originally published in issue 16 of his newsletter "Paraffinalia" May and written by the late Udo Uhlmann who did much research into Wolseley engines in South Africa: Udo has examples of all these models, including the air cooled engine.

Rob Laurent, who's writing a book on Southern Cross engines has yet to find out whether these copies were made with or without permission from Wolseley. Gilbert Correia at Southern Cross Bloemfontein said the following: The AC pattern paraffin engine was last sold seventeen years ago Ed's note.

He's very familiar with the Wolseley copies and said they were a completely South African venture, no connection at all with Australia. He said he's sure that Wolseley engines were used for patterns, with a couple of small modifications made to suit manufacturing processes. The castings were made by a firm called Light Castings from Boksburg, outside of Johannesburg.

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A firm run by some Scottish brothers. The first of the engines were made before his time, he thinks somewhere between Ian was the man who set up the Southern Cross Foundry and galvanising plant which started operating in They then took over all the work which had previously been done by Light Castings.

They made many Wolseley engines during his time there, in batches of at a time. Now, just to complicate the issue, Derick Kleynhans from Heidelberg reports that he has a Boeresake with a smooth hopper, which was fitted from new. Practically no trouble of any sort was experienced beyond a minor tyre difficulty or two. The first crack in the ice came in the following manner: De Dietrich car, which went far to establish in France the prestige of the British-built car.

Siddeley now Lord Kenilworth. Some of these are subject to change. It was a three-wheeled design one front, two rear featuring independent rear suspension, mid-engine and back to back seating for two adults.

Emilio Bozzi made the Ciclomotore Wolsit from to Back to my engine. The standard models for consisted of a h. The new productions of the Wolseley Company took part in most of the reliability and other trials organized in this country. By 1 May Austin had issued his first catalogue.