Who is wwe diva eve torres dating

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who is wwe diva eve torres dating

Rener married his longtime partner, Eve Torres, in Santa Barbara, California on April 13, Eve is a purple belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and a former WWE Diva. The announcement of the former Divas Champion's upcoming arrival is both charming Eve vs. Kaitlyn - Divas Championship Match: Survivor Series ( Full match - . Tag a girlfriend who knows these hugs all too well. Eve Torres Gracie is an American actress, dancer, model, martial arts instructor, and former She won the WWE Divas Championship in April . On the January 9, , episode of Raw, Eve agreed to a date with Ryder beginning a.

The self-proclaimed hippie couple, with their love of clean eating and recycling, recently gave birth to their first daughter, Birdie. In many ways, the relationship is the sort which makes many viewers jealous, but the pairing started off as an unlikely match.

Not unusually, their love story began with a romantic storyline in the ring. In an awkward setup, the Bella Twins teamed up with Daniel Bryan after mishearing Bryan talk about being a vegan and thinking he'd never had relations. The twins aimed to see who would sleep with him first. Saved by John Cena, Eve thanked him with a kiss. The storyline ended with Eve admitting she had never loved Zack and been using him for publicity.

It led to a pretty strong period of Eve as villainess but did not do a lot for Zack who remained at lower-tier status on the roster for some years after. She moved to the independent wrestling circle where she met Michael Bennet and the two began dating. Mike had been wrestling the independent circuit since and the pairing teamed up in the ring. They debuted as heels, with their obnoxiously close bond acting as their brand.

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It certainly irked audiences sufficiently. Sadly, the push did not really get off the ground before Maria got pregnant this year. It is possible the pair will return to WWE in the future but for now, love in the ring is on hold.

During an episode of Live, it was revealed that Alexander was dating Alicia Fox. When Alexander lost to Noam Dar and Dar dedicated his victory to Fox, the pair began feuding over Alicia in a classic love triangle.

After Fox lost Alexander a match, he eventually broke it off with the former Divas Champion but fans were not very invested. The love triangle angle has been done to death and this threesome was obviously scripted.

Eve Torres Gracie announces second pregnancy in Instagram self-defense video | WWE

They were just kind of trying to poke fun or whatever. I ignored them, and they just progressively got angrier and angrier. It got to the point where they were yelling obscenities at me and calling me all kinds of names. They were threatening me. Was there anyone else around seeing this happen? I threw it down on the counter and I got out of there. They followed me out, still yelling at me. I think they felt that I was really terrified, and I think they fed off that.

I got into my car, locked the door and I took off. I pulled over, I was shaking. Unfortunately, men are just stronger than women. That night led you to learn about self-defense? I told a girlfriend about it, and she suggested that I start training at the Gracie Academy.

Interestingly enough, my brother trained in jiu-jitsu in high school, so I knew a little bit about it. I never really thought it applied to me that much. I had done other forms of martial arts, but it was more for fun. So I started training in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and my mind was completely blown away by what I thought was possible for women. All of a sudden, I realized that there was a way for women to level the playing field. I felt like I needed to share this with others.

All women can do this, which I think is important for women to know: Yeah, the friend who suggested I go there was dating his brother at the time.

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After about a year of playing hard to get, we got pretty serious. I was in a relationship with him for just about my entire WWE career, and he was patient long enough. It was time for us to start our life together. How did that come about? WWE actually reached out to me. I know all of those girls have been in situations similar to what happened to me because it happens so often. And they have a plan to fall back on if they really have to.

How did the Diva self-defense seminar go?

who is wwe diva eve torres dating

They really enjoyed it! Obviously I enjoyed working with them again, and I think for a lot of people, they have a certain idea of what self-defense is: They learned a lot in one day.

Eve Torres

Now the question is: Who is going to retain it? They have to continue to practice and they have to practice with one another. But all of them asked great questions, they did really well, and they made my job really easy. What was it like to go backstage as an outsider looking in? It was so, so good to see everybody. I really miss so many of the people at WWE. It was great to connect and see that everybody was still doing well.

who is wwe diva eve torres dating

You accomplished a great deal in WWE. Do you have a favorite match? When you took a Glam Slam off the top rope? That was the one! Sometimes you experience magic out in the ring.