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sri lanka dating etiquette - Sri Lanka Women Connecting Singles FREE online dating. Sri Lanka Dating Etiquette deeply rooted in Chinese society is the need to belong and conform to a unit, whether the. Home New Posting Cultural Etiquette. In collectivist cultures such as that of Sri Lanka, the family is the first group a person becomes a member of Marriage and Dating Etiquette. play_circle_filled.

Scratch the surface, however, and examples of cultural difference can be found everywhere. Behaving yourself Sri Lankans place great emphasis on politeness and manners, as exemplified by the fabulously courteous staff at top-end hotels — raising your voice in a dispute is usually counterproductive and makes you look foolish and ill-bred.

A few Western concepts have yet to make their way to the island.


Nudity and toplessness are not permitted on any Sri Lankan beaches. Overt physical displays of affection in public are also frowned upon — Sri Lankan couples hide behind enormous umbrellas in the quiet corners of parks and botanical gardens. You should eat and shake hands with people using your right hand. Temple etiquette All visitors to Buddhist and Hindu temples should be appropriately dressed.

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In Buddhist temples this means taking off shoes and headgear and covering your shoulders and legs. Beachwear is not appropriate and can cause offence. In large temples, the exact point at which you should take off shoes and hats is sometimes ambiguous; if in doubt, follow the locals.

Finally, note that walking barefoot around temples can sometimes be more of a challenge that you might imagine when the tropical sun has heated the stone underfoot to oven-like temperatures — no one will mind if you keep your socks on.

We had a strong connection, he called it a "soul bond" which I had never heard of.

sri lanka dating etiquette

I know now what it means through my own experiences but he was afraid of it. I think it is amazing and beautiful to feel that connected to someone, especially never meeting in person. Most think I'm crazy and I'm sure many reading this will but I've reached the point that I simply do not care, I know what I feel and am strong in my beliefs about us.

It took me a long time to get to that point but I am now. I find it interesting how many commented about Sri Lankan men not saying "I love you. It didn't bother me because he also showed it in so many ways, that was good enough for me. He tried coming here once but his Visa was denied for no good reason and he couldn't handle it.

Eventually he decided on his own to never try again I'm a fighter and very determined, I even offered to come there but he was too devastated by the Visa rejection. Neither of us were ever that close to another person before, it was the craziest thing how well we got along, like we had always been together and like old friends catching up, right from the start it was like that.

We got in a silly argument, I believe from the stress of not being able to be together. Is it possible it bothered him that much? I would like to learn more about the men in the culture because I think he wanted to be the man and come to me, but he couldn't.

sri lanka dating etiquette

When I would go through hard times, it would bother him and I believe he felt helpless being so far away. He could never just understand the distance didn't bother me, I love him and just being there, email or phone was enough for me.

sri lanka dating etiquette

From the argument, I got pretty angry. He was on a train with some friends going on a trip for his birthday celebration. That morning he was sweet, caring and unbelievably adorable, as he always was.

But I said a swear word to him, it was wrong and a very stressful time, my mother had just been taken to the hospital by ambulance and it took me a day and a half to talk to him. Yes, I did need him, I was so afraid but it took that long. It was just like calling him a jerk or something, we'd been together 2 years and he knew my mouth, lol, it was not new. But he was acting so different, really different and "cool," maybe because of his friends being right there?

He hurt me with his behavior and had never in those years treated me like that.