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slow dating london reviews

mi | within Kanaloa Club, Shoe Lane, London, EC4A 3BQ. A good turnout of people that I dated at Kanaloa with Slow Dating the speed dating company. Our Speed Dating Reviews I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you at Slow Dating. . I attended one of their events in london last week and had a blast!. Buy tickets for Slow Dating () and Singles' Party at Shaka Zulu (Camden) at Shaka Zulu London. Tickets and information for Slow Dating () and.

Miss32 and I headed straight to the bar, only for me to burst out laughing. Out of all the single men in London, The One with the Sign was standing right beside Miss32 at the bar!

It seems my blog is inspiring others to speed date … including my blind dates themselves!

Slow Dating reviews

The staff asked us to come back in ten minutes time, so we headed back upstairs, and out into the breeze of the street. The bar was stiflingly hot. Barely a minute later we were called back in, and downstairs. We were required to enter our email addresses onto a laptop in the corner something which could have proved difficult for anyone buoyed by Dutch courageand then hovered awkwardly around the tables.

The laptop suggested we had numbers, however there were no numbers on the tables. Some of the more experienced daters quickly selected the individual tables and couches, leaving Miss32 and me sitting at the end of a long dining table. I introduced The One with the Sign Towts to Miss32, and we sat chatting, and munching on the free sweets, while the organisers worried about numbers.

Despite the carefully controlled attendance, twenty girls had arrived, and only ten boys. Dating was delayed for a further fifteen minutes, as they waited in the hope that more men would arrive, and when that failed, they sent five girls away with tickets for next time.

The basement itself was a cross between a cave and a womb! The low ceiling was literally covered in unlit old lightbulbs, and one half of the room glowed red. I soon realised the drawbacks of the dating environment. With ten couples talking at once, it was extremely loud in the room, and at times I found it hard to hear my date over the two couples either side of me.

I wanted to be able to properly hear and see the people I was dating! The dates themselves were far less structured than the Slow Dating event we attended last week. Sometimes you would have no more than three minutes with a man, other times it took almost ten minutes for the siren to go off.

Happy Speed Daters.

None of the dates seemed particularly artistic or alternative. I would regale them with tales of the Burlesque Dancer and his merkins, and let slip that Date Number Two was actually in the room. It was a welcome relief when Towts came round as my final date. The event had been billed as the premier league of London speed dating, with two-month long waiting lists to take part, but it was all so disorganised and half-hearted, and the setting so difficult to talk in, that I found myself rather unimpressed.

Steve was my last date of the night - it's true what they say, good things come to those who wait!

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Steve and me have been seeing each other since the event and despite it still being early days, things are going in the right direction and we're having a wonderful time! Fingers crossed for us! Thanks Slow Dating, you have put a smile on mine and Steve's faces. The girls there were great and I had a wicked time trying out my new chat up lines — needless to say, some were received with a polite but worried smile! After dating all the girls, I stayed on for drinks with a group of people and had a great time chatting and generally having a good time.

The venue was great, the ladies were great, the hosts were great — the whole night was great!

slow dating london reviews

Thanks again guys, you do a great job. Thanks, it was marvellous fun. Well well, I had no need to be nervous, the night was great!

slow dating london reviews

The hosts quickly realised I was new at this game as well as most of the other people attending and made sure I was happy with everything and told me everything I needed to know.

The evening whizzed by and I met some really nice ladies and even have a date lined up for tomorrow night! I would certainly recommend you to anyone, this evening has given me the confidence I needed. Having had a bad experience with another Speed Dating company and I vowed never to do it again, my friend persuaded me to contact yourselves. I reluctantly picked up the phone and waited for the recorded message or somewhat unhelpful person to answer so that I could prove my friend wrong.

However, what I actually experienced was quite different! The lady I spoke to was very friendly and immediately relaxed me by being incredibly genuine. I particularly liked the fact that the advice given was from experience, as the lady herself had been Speed Dating and knew exactly how I was feeling. Not once during the call did I feel like I was talking to a company who focused totally on sales and not once did I feel pressured to book a place. Due to this, I did actually book onto an event in 2 weeks and I am very excited at the prospect of meeting some nice guys!

It was definitely an experience I'm glad I had and since then I have been on a few dates I would be more than happy to recommend to my friends and if any of my matches don't work out, I would definitely go again! It definitely worked great for me. We plan to get married this year and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Thank you once again. You should try it too! It was my first time doing something like this and overall it was a positive experience.

There was a great mix of people, all pleasant, no major odd balls. Looks as though I've a date or two as a result! Didn't know what to expect thought the 4 minutes would drag by. It was a really good quick night the 4 minutes fly by. You just get talking and then it seems like the bell rings. Would recommend the events. Denise the host was very welcoming and helped put people at ease. Received emails to confirm booking and a place.

slow dating london reviews