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ryan bradley dating

Ryan Scott Bradley is an American figure skater. He is the Skate Canada International silver medalist, the Skate America bronze medalist, the records for Ryan Bradley. Find Ryan Bradley's phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory. About a month ago I had the honor of emceeing the Winter Ice Gala in Wenatchee benefitting the Arena Youth Enrichment Fund and met.

And it was fun. So having the crowd on your side, you can feel them pushing you through. That was kind of the source behind performing for me, was to get that rush and have them help me, and I wanted them to remember me. For a long time, I would be the boy that would get a standing ovation in the short, and then in the long program I would be like seventh or eighth. But I could spin better than how Ryan Bradley was spinning, and I could skate better than how Ryan Bradley was skating. So we did everything we could to close the gap a little bit with the other guys, and all of a sudden in that was the difference that got me from between fifth and ninth my entire career to the podium.

And then all of a sudden I was between fifth and first for the last five years of my career. On his silver medal at the US Nationals: I was flabbergasted to get second. But then all of a sudden, that year, a lot of those legends of the sport retired, and it was very open door, and now the top two guys were Evan [Lysacek] and Johnny [Weir] who I came up with.

And I realized that I could be competitive with those guys. So I expected to be going to worlds. So I finally got that cleared out of my head, and went on and had a pretty good skate. But yeah, it was pretty great to be in that position. I feel like I kind of stayed stagnant for a little bit after that, but it was great to make that breakthrough.

It just took me a little more time to break through again [laughs]. Evan had just put down one of the most memorable performances in skating history, and Johnny had just left the door open. Obviously I wish that I had won [laughs] and that could have been my legacy there, but everything just worked together. I remember getting in there and all of a sudden all of the hair on my arms stood up.

It was palpable, the tension and the electricity in there. Just the energy in that building was unbelievable. On the and US Nationals: We made a decision in my camp that I needed to be better than I was in for the rest of my career. So that was that step, that was the check mark. So from then out, it was about getting the quad out and being prepared in to make an Olympic team with two quads.

We made that decision in So in I put out the quad in the short and in the long in every competition. It gave me a little gumption, I think is a good way to put it. It was humbling as well, but I just knew what it took to do the quad, and that was going to become my identity, I was going to be the guy that was doing the quad. And you could see the trend in the sport at the time, that everyone was pulling away from the quad.

But everyone was realizing that there was a flaw in the system and that the quad was not worth the risk. The risk-reward was very much weighed toward the risk, so there was no point in doing it. So I was going to be the guy that could do the quad and would do the quad at every event.

So I had to be the best jumper. I had to be doing more technically than everyone else. And I remember being devastated at being fourth, Stephen Carriere had put his hand down on his triple axel and he beat me in the short. And I remember thinking at the time that the judges were basically telling me to move on.

When we both do the same short program I should be beating him. And I thought about retiring then. I was pretty insecure, I thought about retiring pretty much every year [laughs]. So then in I came back, and I was really hungry.

ryan bradley dating

That year it came down to a triple salchow. I popped my triple salchow and it was really close between Jeremy [Abbott] and I in fourth and fifth.

And then Jeremy got to go to Worlds because someone withdrew. Which is ironic because I started landing it when I was nine years old, so to still be missing it when I was 26, that was a little hard on me. So inI had confidence on this quad that I had missed for the entire season, because I knew what it was like to put it out there.

But even at my second Grand Prix I skated pretty darn well. I just made some mistakes and got out of it fifth or sixth, and then skated pretty darn well at Nationals as well.

Ryan Bradley

That was the year that I missed the lutz in the short, and the second bugaboo of my career became the triple lutz [laughs]. I wanted to make the Olympic team so badly that I built up this perfect season that I had to do in order to make that team. On the season: I was a realist, I understand that the Olympic team was set. I knew that it was going to be Evan, Johnny and Jeremy. And that special thing needed to be all season long.

I needed to go out and medal in both Grand Prix events, try to make the final, and then I needed to do something there. And I remember going out in Paris and I blew the short, two major mistakes. And to some degree, Tom agreed with that. I think he knew. That was the other thing, Tom and I had a very love-hate relationship. So there were some battles there as well. But I think he knew.

But, yeah, we knew that was kind of the end right there. And that was pretty hard. And then I had a good Skate America, I got third, and that led to the national championships, where I knew I had to be perfect. And then all of a sudden Johnny became the question mark. Because Johnny was never bad, that was the thing with Johnny.

He would either be great, or he would be OK. So you knew he was going to be hungry. And I gave myself a ten-point gap that I had to make up in the long, because I missed the axel and I popped the lutz. But there was a lot of pressure and suddenly all that pressure was released when I went into the long program, I had nothing to lose.

That was a fun program. On winning US Nationals: I basically went along with my life as if I was going to retire. And at first I remember thinking that was really sweet, and then you run into people at shows, and people who watched me do these shows all the time would just kind of bring that up.

And it just started to creep into my head. But I had no intention. I was in a different world, I was doing shows and so on.

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And then a light switched. And Michael Weiss and I had this conversation, and he was like, why would you do that? And I was like, unfinished business. And Brian is one of my mentors, and so is his coach, Linda Leaver. And she was just being very frank with me, and I really honestly think she was trying to protect me.

But my last jumping pass, which became a triple flip, was a backflip.

ryan bradley dating

All the way up until maybe one week before Nationals, when all of a sudden everything started going clean. So that backflip became a triple flip, and that suddenly became the way I was training. I had all this confidence because I was doing clean run-throughs, and doing things well. And that was the big thing. I used to always be able to do clean programs, but I would have sloppy landings. And that season I really kind of figured some things out.

Take this and leave. On his music choices: And at Nationals I self-destructed in the short and ended up skating first in the long, and I remember thinking I was done, there was no way I was going to compete again. Head back to the rink at One last session at 4 and then off to the gym by 5: Lift weights, do plyometrics, and work cardio until about 7: Head to an off ice dance class at 8: Just in time to make dinner and then get ready for bed.

Dinner was typically something high in protein and low in carbs. Not particularly exciting, but it gives you a little window into how much time we have to commit to something like ice skating. Now a days I wake up in a new city every couple days and try to figure out where I am. You are one of few that can pull off a back flip on skates impeccably. Learning a back flip was a pretty stressful process. I, like many children, learned how to back flip on a trampoline when I was younger.

My coach had promised me that he would teach me how to do it on the ice, with the use of a makeshift harness. But he kept putting it off and I grew impatient. So I basically got on the ice and decided to just try it. I had about 3 pretty brutal days of fall after fall before I finally figured it out. Its really not that difficult now, but is pretty stressful late in the program when my legs are burning. But I love it because it elicits a great response from the crowd.

When you were competing, how did you balance being friendly and a good sport, yet still remaining competitive?

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For the most part, I was friends with most of my competitors. We are in a sport where you cant really play defense.

ryan bradley dating

Its all about going out there, doing your best, and letting some 3rd party decide where you stacked up. I just wanted to better myself every time I stepped on the ice.

Episode #76: Ryan Bradley

As long as I felt like I was moving in the right direction, I was pretty happy. What was the biggest challenge or obstacle you faced on your skating journey and how did you handle it? My biggest obstacle was definitely dealing with injuries. Sitting on the sideline while you know your competitors are getting better is a very frustrating place to be. Anything on the horizon for you this year?

I am still really involved in skating. Your life keeps you busy and traveling all the time. My best tip is to carry on your luggage. Pack light and be flexible. If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?