Peachtree tv dating show

Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta the Hit New Reality Show is Coming to Peachtree TV October 9th at 2pm

peachtree tv dating show

Peachtree TV nowadays runs a mix of judge shows (e.g. "Judge Faith," reality TV ("Pawn Stars") and movies (e.g. "Pirates of the Carribean,". PeachTree TV Atlanta Fall Schedules General Sitcoms Questions and Discussion. Pavan's Avatar. Join Date: Feb 17, Location: Linden PM Steve Harvey Show, The (replaces Cosby Show, The) PM. WPCH-TV, virtual channel 17 (UHF digital channel 20), is an independent television station . The station did carry a top-rated show for a few weeks: WAGA-TV .. the station's call letters to WPCH-TV, and rebranded it as " Peachtree TV". . with a corresponding construction permit dating from its original application in

The miracle child born to his parents after the death of their daughter hit by a drunk driver; he's proven to be the model son on a mission to take over the industry with the help of his squad.

Peachtree TV Changing the Game of Reality Television - Who is Jacques Johnson?

You will see all the ups and downs and attempts of everyone in his circle to push his career forward while not loosing site of who they really are. Jacques Johnson plays the viola, raps and writes about his world, loving life, growth, money, love, jealousy and world issues. The charisma and talent of this teen helped him become the first indie artist to get an endorsement deal to promote headphones and Walmart store promotions. Brialise Belcher who is a beautiful model and actress who has been cast in several major movies.

peachtree tv dating show

Brialise considers herself Jacques' closest friend but their friendship is questionable to some; Zach McGee who is brings the party wherever they go, loves cars, money and women all women and all races ; Bryan Guiterrez who is a sexy Mexican producer with a voice to match and he is definitely the more business minded of the group; Kia Carson who is a gorgeous track star who decided to give up running to model and not everyone is pleased with her decision.

Nick Harford who is working with Jacques Johnson and has been his friend since elementary school and feels the rest of the squad skates around supporting the movement. Nick is the comedian of the bunch but is working on becoming a financial advisor and tries to help the team start taking things more serious.

Kayla Johnson a soft spoken pretty southern belle who's also Nick's girlfriend that keep the peace within the squad.

peachtree tv dating show

Prepare yourself to be entertained following the journey of Jacques Johnson and his loyal crew. This reality docu-series will reveal the raw truth of what goes on behind the scenes when an indie artist is focused to make it to the top. Many older films that had either never been telecast in the Atlanta area such as 's A Midsummer Night's Dream or had not been seen on television for a long time, made their local television debut or "comeback" on WTCG.

Channel 17's sports programming grew to include game telecasts from the Atlanta BravesAtlanta Hawks and Atlanta Flamesas well as Georgia Championship Wrestlingone of the roots of the later World Championship Wrestling. The sports and wrestling would become foundation blocks during the early satellite years see below.

Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta the Hit New Reality Show is Coming to Peachtree TV October 9th at 2pm

WTCG also made its name by producing humorous, satirical newscasts. One such program was 17 Update Early in the Morning, which featured the usually straight-faced Bill Tush and Tina Seldin reporting the news in a mostly deadpan fashion, occasionally interacting with the studio crew, and with comedic sideline gags at times by another co-anchor known as "The Unknown Newsman" wearing a brown paper grocery bag over his head.

Turner discontinued that program after a Congressional investigation took place concerning his fulfillment of Federal Communications Commission public service requirements, some months before Turner would prepare to launch CNNan all-news channel that would strive to be anything but comedic.

Turner reassigned Tush to regular interview programs on WTCG and during the early years of CNN, as well as a sketch comedy show between and more conventional, non-comedic news updates aired throughout the day as well.

The show, which bore similarities to American Bandstand and Soul Trainaired in late night each Friday during the mids.

peachtree tv dating show

In the s, WTCG became the first local Atlanta station to bring back telecasts of classic films from the s and s. This came after a rather long period in which local stations had abandoned their practice of telecasting very old films, and had begun concentrating on films made in the s and afterwards. The first "Superstation" Main article: TV channel Beginning in the early s, many cable systems in middle and southern Georgia and surrounding states — namely AlabamaTennessee and South Carolina — began receiving the WTCG signal via microwave relayenabling the station to reach far beyond the Atlanta television market.

Still, many places were so far from the signal of an independent television station that this was not an option.

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There were cable systems that carried three stations affiliated with each of the major commercial networks and three PBS stations one station from within the home market and two stations from neighboring markets of each network.

To serve such areas lacking an independent station, Ted Turner decided to uplink the station's signal, becoming one of the first television stations, and only the second U. All four cable systems started receiving the film Deep Watersstarring Dana Andrews and Cesar Romerowhich was already airing in progress for 30 minutes.

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Instantly, WTCG added 24, more households to its viewing audience, which consisted ofhouseholds in metropolitan Atlanta. That number would grow exponentially in the next several years, with the first heaviest concentrations in the Southern United States where WTCG's telecasts of Atlanta Braves baseball and professional wrestling were highly popularwith its cable coverage eventually encompassing the nation.

peachtree tv dating show

The station, and Turner's innovation, signaled the start of the basic cable revolution. ByWTCG was carried on cable providers in all 50 states, many of which lacked access to a local commercial independent station and in some cases even a distant one.

Peachtree TV Changing the Game of Reality Television - Who is Jacques Johnson?

In Atlanta, through the early s, station promos and digital on-screen graphics referred to the station as "TBS 17". InTurner decided to have all of the shows carried by WTBS continue to air both locally and nationally, but separated the feeds in a move that preceded fellow superstation WGN-TV doing the same thing after the Federal Communications Commission 's passage of the Syndication Excluisivity Rights rule in As a result, local commercials airing in Atlanta on channel 17 would not air over the satellite feed and were substituted with separate national advertising or per inquiry ads.

Eventually, the "SuperStation" branding was dropped in ; for a short time in the late s, the "Superstation" brand returned to WTBS in concurrence with the restoration of the sub-brand on the national feed without the "TBS" branding. Music videos also aired on the station's weekend late night lineup from tobranded as Night Trackswith up to 14 hours of programming barring constant preemptions from sporting events running overtime.

In Septemberdue to the trend of children's programs migrating more toward cable channels such as Turner's Cartoon NetworkWTBS dropped cartoons from its schedule entirely and began focusing on feature films, sitcoms from the s and s, and a few drama series.

As the s and s wore on, the station began to more closely resemble a basic cable channel than a superstation. Outside of Braves baseball, the only Atlanta-centric programming seen on WTBS by was a pair of public affairs shows on weekend mornings that were only broadcast over WTBS, and were replaced on the national feed by acquired television series. InWTBS dropped a large proportion of dramas from its film slate and all of its drama series, and focused on comedy sister network TNT in turn began specializing in drama programs by this time.