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patoaventuras intro latino dating

Title, Spanish title, Premiere date, Current season, Source(s). Juacas, Juacas, July . DuckTales, Patoaventuras. Quack Pack, Quack . Phineas and Ferb - The stages of development for a scene during the opening theme,. Phineas and Ferb. DuckTales is an American animated television series, produced by Walt Disney Television The show's popular theme song was written by Mark Mueller. . (the time and date varying between markets), with a television movie special entitled . while having 5 language tracks: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The popular theme song for DuckTales was written ("composed by" in the credits) during the weekend of September 18–20, (date and time varied by market). . having 5 language tracks: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The original version, serving as the show's opening theme, contained one verse, chorus, bridge, and then chorus. A shorter version of the opening theme was used in The Disney Afternoon lineup with the line, "Everyday they're out there making Duck Tales, woo-ooh," taken out.

A full-length version of the theme song was released on the Disney Afternoon soundtrack, the third volume which was released in a set with the other two volumes in The Music of Disney: In addition, it is heard in the end credits of DuckTales: Remastered and is also released on its official soundtrack. The full version contains a second verse, and it includes a guitar solowhich is performed with a wah-wah pedal to make it sound like duck-like noises.

List of programs broadcast by Disney Channel (Latin America)

It also has a fadeout ending, unlike the other versions. There is also a rare extended version that was used in the read along cassettes in It has a sequence order of verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-instrumental break-chorus. According to an interview conducted with Jeff Pescetto inhe was originally approached by Mark Mueller to cut a demo version of the theme song for Disney's approval.

Although they were impressed with Pescetto's demo, Disney had decided at first to hire pop group The Jets to perform the theme song for broadcast. However, after recording a version with the group, Disney felt that the theme song needed a different vocal style, and instead commissioned Pescetto to perform the theme. The Jets, meanwhile, later performed a full-length version of the Rescue Rangers theme song in a music video aired on The Disney Channel in The film follows Scrooge McDuck and his nephews as they try to defeat the evil warlock Merlock from taking over the legendary magic lamp.

The new reboot premiered on August 11, The Quest for GoldDuckTales: Scrooge's Lootand DuckTales: The most notable antagonists in the series are the Beagle Boysthe witch Magica De Spelland the industrialist Flintheart Glomgold. In a typical story, the villains are after McDuck's fortune or his Number One Dime ; another common theme is a race after some sort of treasure.

Although some stories are original or based on Barks' comic book series, others are pastiches on classical stories or legends, including characters based on either fictional or historical persons. The nephews, who were originally living with their uncle Donaldare left in Scrooge's care when Donald joins the U.

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Though Scrooge is the richest duck in the world, he constantly tries to find ways to increase his wealth. Many episodes involve protecting his wealth from villains who want to rob Scrooge of all his money. The prominent recurring antagonists in the show include the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell who are always finding ways to rob and swindle Scrooge and his nephews.

Scrooge's nemesis in the show is Flintheart Glomgoldthe second-richest duck in the world, who always tries to devise plans to unseat Scrooge McDuck from his "Richest Duck in the World" title.

A few of the stories also surround Scrooge's " Number One Dime ", the first money Scrooge ever earned, which Scrooge considers to be the source of his good luck and wealth. Scrooge keeps the dime in a glass jar in his money vault, and constantly protects it from the villains on the show. The show's second season saw the addition of characters Fenton Crackshell and Bubba Duck. Along with them came stories that generally shifted away from the globetrotting plots of the first season, and revolved primarily in the contemporary setting of Duckburg.

Episodes would feature either Bubba or Fenton but rarely both. Although Scrooge and his nephews were the show's main characters, some episodes focused on other characters like Launchpad or Gyro.

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Some members of Scrooge's extended family The Duck Universelike Gladstone Gander who had extremely good luck, were also seen in the series. Production The series is notable for being the first Disney cartoon to be produced for syndication[5] and paving the way for future Disney cartoons, such as Chip 'n Dale Rescue RangersTaleSpinand Darkwing Duck. A world broadcast premiere television movie entitled "The Treasure of the Golden Suns" first aired during the weekend of September 18—20, date and time varied by market.

patoaventuras intro latino dating

Since then, it has been shown in the series' regular rotation as a five-part serial. A feature-length movie was released in theatres on August 3, The hundredth episode which was also the series finale aired on November 28, The show's first season —88 consisted of 65 episodes the standard length for a Disney TV show, as well as the standard length of many first seasons of s TV shows.

The second season consisted only of two more five-part serials — "Time Is Money" and "Super DuckTales" — which premiered as television movie specials on November 24, and March 26, respectively, before being serialized into 10 episodes for reruns.

patoaventuras intro latino dating

This season is notable for containing the first appearances of Bubba the Caveduck and his pet triceratops Tootsie, as well as Fenton Crackshell and his alter ego Gizmoduck. The third season fall — February included an additional 18 episodes. Treasure of the Lost Lamp was released in theaters on August 3, The fourth and final season consisted of seven episodes which premiered in the fall of including three produced for season three but held back for airing, and four produced explicitly for season fourbringing the total to episodes—making DuckTales one of the longest-running Disney shows in terms of number of episodes.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers was paired with DuckTales in an hour-long syndicated block during the —90 television season.