Nana eikura matsumoto jun dating

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nana eikura matsumoto jun dating

Rumor at the time of the first series was that Matsumoto Jun and Yuki dated a rumor in a Japanese website that Nana Eikura (Jun's rumored girlfriend back in. Jun Matsumoto (松本 潤 Matsumoto Jun; born August 30, ), often called cast in his most controversial role to date when he co-starred with Nana Eikura in . "It seems Eikura Nana is dating Matsumoto Jun of Arashi. The Arashi fans waiting outside the station were making a fuss about it. They say they.

Their first program, Mayonaka no Arashi "Midnight Arashi"lasted 38 episodes. His portrayal of the troubled but highly intelligent student, Shin Sawada, drew acclaim and won him "Best Supporting Actor" at the 33rd Television Drama Academy Awards.

nana eikura matsumoto jun dating

He later returned with most of the original cast to star in the special epilogue episode in He also starred in the film Tokyo Tower as a womanizer with a preference for older women with senpai Junichi Okada in the same year.

Matsumoto's portrayal as the air-headed and arrogant leader of four heirs to billionaire business empires won him "Best Supporting Actor" again at the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards. The film stayed at number 1 at the box office for 3 consecutive weekends [12] [13] [14] and stayed in the top 10 for 10 weekends with returns of more than 6 billion yen at the end of its run.

Matsumoto also continued to choose more varied characters when he took on his first jidaigeki period piece role in a re-make of Akira Kurosawa 's The Hidden FortressKakushi Toride no San-Akunin: He also re-united with Bambino!

He portrayed a man diagnosed with CIDP struggling to recuperate and return to normal life with his wife and young daughter. This tanpatsu was highly rated with a viewership rating of He will be playing Bito, a half-Japanese, half-Filipino character in his new drama, Smile. The drama started in April 17, Now known more for his frank nature and sharp tongue, he has been called "DoS" "extreme sadist" by his bandmates and openly admits to being rather neurotic and methodical.

Matsumoto is a huge fan of American superstar Janet Jacksonoften referring to his opportunity to meet his idol during several of his media interviews. He has expressed a deep admiration for his label's president, Johnny Kitagawadescribing him as the biggest influence in his life. In those instances it's necessary to properly listen to what he says. If you sit there clueless and then stop listening he'll ask things like "So, what do you think about that?

Now that I think about it, he once spilled red wine on my white pants.

nana eikura matsumoto jun dating

That time I lost bitter laugh. When you eat with Matsumoto san, I suggest you don't wear any white clothes.

Jun Matsumoto

NINO "Be aware of style! He changes his hairstyle often, and he likes clothes so it seems he goes shopping often as well. Since I have no interest in style I'm not really sure, but I believe he definitely matches various types of clothes and wears it well.

Even at home, he has a quite a lot of clothes. Since that's the type of person he is, wouldn't it he come to like someone that is definitely just naturally aware of style? One of our staff members has seen them leaving a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji. Oh yeah, there was also this rumor that same year where Nana allegedly confronted Yukie Nakama about Jun.

I have no idea if this is either a girlfriend or just-friend's move, but it is clear that Yukie still has an effect on Jun's life, whether it's one sided love like what is mentioned earlier, or whatever Mao Inoue Hana Yori Dango first aired in and had became a phenomenon, this is also the reason why Arashi became mainstream after the past years of having poor sales.

nana eikura matsumoto jun dating

Johnny's Entertainment must have been lax with this new development, after all, Arashi is on top of the charts with every Hana Dan theme song, and their tandem is soaring high with the ratings. By the time Season 2 and The Movie came, the two are closer to each other than before. They are seen hanging out, laughing, and just having fun. Any Hana Yori Dango project have ceased by this time.

Entrevista a Inoue Mao y Matsumoto Jun Sub español

So this is a strong evidence that their friendship is still on going and not just a publicity stunt some critics love to assume. However something weird took place when Mao Inoue did guest appearances in two of Arashi's shows Himitsu no Arashi-chan and Arashi no Shudaki-kun the following month.

Jun talks about how he has known Mao for years and all, but the weird thing is they don't acknowledge each other as much as everyone expected them to do. Oh so like after years of close friendship, pranks and happy memories, you wont even smile to each other? Here's my theory, Nino and Mao are suddenly the best buds in town, Mao is quiet about her private life and Jun just fell into the shadows.

Arashi's Matsumoto Jun to star in NHK drama for the first time |

Hana Dan has ended, no need for 'publicity', but a friendship being made on set is different, aye? So this is one obviuos Johnny's cover up. I mean why make an effort showing the two are almost strangers or just looking like 'casual' friends when there is nothing to hide in the first place? Well maybe because there is something worth hiding. You read that right: We have an update! She went to a high-class yakiniku restaurant that offers individual rooms. The shop closed at 2: He attended Oguri's wedding.

Whenever their schedules match, the two, plus Ikuta, would often go drinking together. Sometimes Inoue would also join them.

nana eikura matsumoto jun dating

The two are said to be dating since MayJosei Seven had reported that during weekend of mid April Jun Matsumoto and Wagaya No Rekishi co-star Shibasaki Kou was said to have met secretly at VIP room that costs about yen in a Tokyo dinning bar, which is a popular place among celebrities. They left at 4: Shibasaki herself took a few taxi transfers.