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matt riviera still dating

TURNBUCKLE MADNESS: MATT RIVIERA TALKS HIS RUN ON VH-1 REALITY, THE INDY . Don't get me wrong, I still like light heavyweights and they have their place, but if the It's always a trip going out to eat with Jerry. Miami, FL-- Reality Star Matt Riviera will be appearing on the new season of the In each episode, two wealthy clients are set up on dates. Matt Riviera started out as a wrestling fan. He decided the best way to find wrestling dates was to open his own promotion and Global Pro was calling because of his dashing good looks and charm, Matt still had the wrestling bug in him.

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I love using webbing in my tote bags for a few reasons. It's sturdy, it's fast, and it's easy to customize with dye! I'm going to show you how dye with RIT dyewhich is readily available at craft stores, big box stores like Target or Walmart and even some grocery stores. It doesn't take a lot of supplies, and doesn't take long either. So if you've never dyed anything before, this is a really great beginner dye project! Gather Supplies First up, the webbing!

I usually buy mine from JoAnn Fabrics it's in the notions areabut your local quilt shop may carry it, and you can always find it on Etsy. RIT dye can be used a few different ways, but my preferred method is on the stove. I find that I get more intense, even colors.

I also like the liquid RIT Dye versus the powdered, because it's much less messy. Plus it's easier to save and store the leftover liquid dye which you'll have plenty of! It is important to use a pot and tools that are only for dyeing.

I picked up this little pot at the thrift store for a few bucks, and my measuring spoons from the dollar store. In this tutorial I used a small electric burner from Walmartbut you can of course use your stove! You'll also need some plastic gloves, dish soap I love original blue Dawn for dyeingtable salt, a plastic container or small bucket and a spoon to stir with.

And don't forget to protect your workspace!

Matt Riviera

Plastic drop cloth or butcher paper works great. Prep Your Webbing Before dyeing, it's important to wash your webbing. This will remove any dirt or chemicals that might interfere with the dye.

I like to do this in a small bowl or sink. Warm water and a little dawn dish soap goes the trick. Rinse well and squeeze out excess water. No need to let it dry, now we can move right into dyeing! One bottle 8oz will dye up to two pounds of fabric. I've broken down how much dye you need per 1 oz below: For 1 oz of fabric or webbing: Fill pot with enough water for webbing to move freely and be completely covered. Heat until just below boiling.

Add dye, salt, and a drop of dish detergent to pot. Dye Wet your webbing in clean water, squeeze out excess water. Carefully add webbing to dye pot, keeping the dye bath at a low simmer. Stir continuously for the first 10 minutes. This helps achieve an even color. You can keep your webbing in the dye bath for up to an hour, stirring regularly.

Darker colors may require longer dye times. What are thoughts being listed with some of the greats that has been on that list? It's truly an honor.

I started out very old school sending results into PWI and other publiciations and taking pictures at local matches. I actually got several wrestlers in the Top when I was a teenager and now to see my name in there is a dream come true. Who has been some of the talent you have used on your shows? I used "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Mr. How would you describe your shows? My number one goal as a promoter is to sale tickets. Our last show was a near sellout in Ft. Our shows are family-oriented and hard hitting.

I believe in booking realistic athletic based angles with real drama and characters that people can relate to. You won't find many lb. I've learned a lot through the years from men like Bill Watts and you can see a definate influence in our product from Mid-South Wrestling. How did the whole VH1 come about? I broke off an engagement and decided to achieve goals that I've sat for myself through my life. When I was in college I was a huge fan of "Flava' of Love" and shows like that.

I always thought I could make it on a show for VH1, so I started researching online, flew to Miami to tryout, and the rest is history. You got a background in movies as well as being a executive producer.

Please tell the readers about both backgrounds? There is a gentleman named Bill Barton who produced commercials for businesses in Little Rock. I got to be friends with Bill as he did commercials for our live wrestling events. Bill wanted to do a movie Blood Forrest. I invested in it as I think Bill is a great guy and wanted to help him find success in his vision. I was the excecutive producer on that project and acted in it.

For the last year or so your shows has done very well as far as attendance. The number one thing we do that so many indy promotion fail at is promoting. I promote the heck out of all of our shows. I've actually been asked to write a book "How to Promote Indy Wrestling" but I don't want to give away all of my secrets.

I also feel our booking is sound and we book to our market. Arkansas is a big football state so people here want to see big guys.

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Don't get me wrong, I still like light heavyweights and they have their place, but if the entire card was full of small guys our product wouldn't get over in this market. I strive to promote the entire product as family-friendly and professional.

NO drugs or alcohol is allowed in my locker room. When I book a talent they are booked to do a job and I expect professionalism and for them to do whatever I or my assistant booker Greg Anthony asks them to do. Our fans are of utmost importance to us.

matt riviera still dating

They are the ones buying the tickets. We try our best to make sure everyone leaves happy. With you not only being a professional wrestler you are also the promoter of your shows from a promoter's point of view what do you feel that is so important to a show when putting it on, and what makes a good show draw some incredible numbers?

One of the most important things is being picky about your talent. I rarely ever book anyone I've never met. I have a certain locker room atmosphere I like, and that we all enjoy. You won't find guys in tennis shoes on my shows or fatasses. If I don't think a guy can pass a physical from doctor, you will not see me book them.

As a promoter you need guys who are team players that has a "get it" attitude.

Wrestle Raise II - Matt Riviera NWA World Title Promo (4.18.17)

I'm proud to say that my crew does. We draw well because we know what our market is and how to promote to that market. I've heard for years that fans yearn for the days of old school rasslin' and I'm proud to say that TCW has brought that back. Bill Watt's Mid South Wrestling did very well around parts of Arkansas do you feel like it can get that way again as far as the crowds coming out and supporting a good show? I know we're going to try. I'd be foolish to say that I think we can draw 5 to 10 thousand fans on a regular basis at this point.

Many fans around here still remember Mid-South Wrestling. We've brought Danny Hodge, Bill Watts, Bobby Eaton, and several other stars that were over in that territory in and they've all been recieved well. If they change their "under 30" policy yes.

matt riviera still dating

If not, then no. Most of my talent is over If most of my crew and all of my top guys are quote "too old" for them, I don't see that happeneing. How can the fans keep up with what is going on on in TCW as well as up and coming shows?

matt riviera still dating

They can log on to www. Our TV show starts July 9 in Ft. Smith, AR on MY 5. Our show will also be uploaded each week on our website for fans not in the viewing area to watch. Who has been some of your toughest opponents? How do you relax when your away from the ring?

I enjoy cooking, relaxing in my jacuzzi, tanning, working out, and going to Las Vegas! Las Vegas is my absolute favorite city to visit. What is it like to be on the same side as far as being tag team champions with a legend in Jerry Lawler? Jerry Lawler is without a doubt the best ring general I've ever been in the ring with.