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The politics of the manosphere and the “red pill” on women. How the hard right got into the dating business. Go to the profile of Tom X Hart. Professional Dating Coach discusses the distinction between what is known Purple Pill thinking is a very prominent discussion in the worldwide manosphere. In the 'seduction community', for want of a better term, it seems to me that there is a total lack of understanding of a fundamental issue that.

Great care must be undertaken with female mate selection for marriage; new anti-male legislation is highly likely within year time frame Institution of marriage reduced to farce.

Severe threat of imprisonment for men displaying heterosexual or masculine behaviors.

Dating White Women As A Black Man in London (UK Manosphere Podcast)

Roaming witch mobs actively surveil and monitor men who hint at having normal levels of testosterone. Women are elevated to goddess status while straight men appointed as their sexual servants through both legal action and media shaming.

Unsafe to live, fornicate, marry, or procreate; males must immediately vacate area for their own personal safety, both physical and mental "Each man has his own preferential DEFCOCK level that gives him the freedom to pursue sexual relations with women who still look and act like women," Roosh V writes. Remember your evolutionary psychology. You'll learn new things. These new terms, in rough historical order, are: Biomarriage — the first, pre-society pair bonds.


Andromarriage — the legal codification of biomarriage that includes contractual obligations for both men and women. Phallomarriage — the religious co-option of andromarriage to serve the divine. Gynomarriage — the current version of andromarriage with no benefits or protections for men's interests. Egalmarriage — an egalitarian form of marriage we have yet to create. Women still swoon for strong, successful men and men still have standards for women's attractiveness.

I agree with this. From my experience, when a woman feels attracted to a man, she will first display submissive, good girl behaviors to charm him. He will consider her practical, cute, harmless and attractive. However, as soon as the man has the lay, she will start and try to take back the territory by voicing expectations.

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If they aren't immediately met, she will go through emotional outbursts to trick the peace loving, relaxation seeking man into doing all kinds of stuff for her, just so that she's quiet again. It all makes perfect sense if you see it as bio-programming that solely serves procreation.

While incredibly intelligent, he comes off a little sheepish but is handling this settlement like a fucking boss. We were having a casual conversation about life, money, and the fact that he was named to settle the trust by the deceased specifically because women are A catty and will fuck each other over and B cannot make a decision and stand by it.

I, of course, attribute this to their biology and lack of accountability. They can't help but not make decisions. I bring up the "Where should we eat? And, always the deep thinker, he pauses for a moment and then drops this gem on me: That was a difficult decision for her, and now she feels she doesn't need to make any more. You cannot be that social animal who is the life and soul party.

It's just not possible. It's not even attractive to you; I actively don't want to be like that. And people misunderstand introverts and think that they can't talk to people, can't make conversation, don't have social skills, are somehow inept. None of that is remotely accurate, introverts just have differing requirements to extroverts, different things stimulate them, different things repel them. Introverts actively do not want to put themselves in extremely social situations, and even if they do they will want to remove themselves from those situations after a certain period of time, or even if there is just too much noise or they have to engage in too many interactions.

7 Tips on Gender Relations, According to Men's Rights Activists and the "Manosphere"

It's not a confidence issue, it's not a social skills issue, it's really a fundamental part of our identity. I saw this guy being interviewed once.

He seems alright; as extroverts go he's bearable.

manosphere dating

I'd rather not hang around with people who wear yellow trousers, but his heart's in the right place. But everything he's advising people to do in that interview is borderline impossible for introverts, and almost certainly not remotely enjoyable for them.

manosphere dating

Or you could tell a disabled person that they should get out of their wheelchair and just walk. Every true introvert reading this will instantly understand exactly what I mean. And I see two things related to this that are complete misapprehensions.

manosphere dating

Firstly, that guys who don't approach women are all scared of rejection. Or they're experiencing some form of anxiety. Trust me, I've been rejected so many times it's completely meaningless to me by now. I don't get nervous about things, really. I've done quite a bit of public speaking. If you've reading this, the overwhelming likelihood is that I'm a better public speaker than you.

But that doesn't help me, or indeed make me want to, speak to thousands of people and be really social. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will make me want to do that. Partly that is because I write tens of thousands of words every week as it is, but introverts hate small talk.

We consider it trivial. We consider it insincere. It is neither motivating nor enjoyable for us. This is nothing to do with fear of rejection, the whole process of chatting someone up is boring for me if there isn't a connection. Secondly, there is always the assumption that you either completely lack confidence and social skills, or you possess them, and once you possess them that everything else falls into place.