Maine dating within miles

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maine dating within miles

See distance to other cities from Portland – Maine – USA measured in kilometers (km), miles and nautical miles and their local time. Distances are measured. For me, that's 35 miles or less. The magic box will show (That's how I ended up dating a girl who lives in Farmington.) Consider your radius. Portland is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maine, with a population of 67, as of .. people, 29, households, and 13, families residing in the city. The population density was 3, people per square mile (1,/km²).

During King William's Wara raiding party of French and their native allies attacked and largely destroyed it again in the Battle of Fort Loyal Inthe citizens of Falmouth formed a separate town in Falmouth Neck and named it Portland, after the isle off the coast of DorsetEngland.

InMaine became a state with Portland as its capital.

maine dating within miles

Inthe capital was moved north to Augusta. InMaine led the nation by passing the first state law prohibiting the sale of alcohol except for "medicinal, mechanical or manufacturing purposes. On June 2,the Portland Rum Riot occurred.

Inupon completion of the Grand Trunk Railway to MontrealPortland became the primary ice-free winter seaport for Canadian exports. The Portland Company manufactured more than 19th-century steam locomotives. Portland became a 20th-century rail hub as five additional rail lines merged into Portland Terminal Company in Following nationalization of the Grand Trunk system inCanadian export traffic was diverted from Portland to Halifax, Nova Scotiaresulting in marked local economic decline.

Portland, Maine

In the 20th century, icebreakers later enabled ships to reach Montreal in winter, drastically reducing Portland's role as a winter port for Canada. The Great Fire of Portland, Maineon July 4,ignited during the Independence Day celebration, destroyed most of the commercial buildings in the city, half the churches and hundreds of homes.

More than 10, people were left homeless. By act of the Maine Legislature inPortland annexed the city of Deering[13] despite a vote by Deering residents rejecting the annexation, thereby greatly increasing the size of the city and opening areas for development beyond the peninsula. Aroostook county, where potatoes are the main crop, is one of the few areas with rich agricultural soils.

Terrain and soil conditions throughout most of the rest of the state are inadequate for large-scale farming; in addition to potatoes, eggs and dairy products make up the greatest part of farm income. Maine also produces high-quality apples, blueberries, and other fruits, and dairying is an important activity.

With its vast areas of forest, Maine was once a national leader in the forest-products industry. Although the sector has experienced a decline in the face of strong international competition, it has remained a significant employer in the state. Fishing also has a long tradition in Maine. However, fish stocks largely have been depleted, and—with the exception of lobster production—fishing has become a marginal activity.

There are significant deposits of low-grade copper ore and limited amounts of other metallic minerals and semiprecious stones.

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Peat is mined for horticultural use. Manufacturing, services, and taxation The service sector represents the largest component in the market value of Maine goods and services; the manufacturing sector is second. Pulp and paper products and transportation equipment constitute the largest items in manufactured goods. The revenue of local communities depends on several sources, including property taxes; automobile excise taxes; fees for huntingdriving, and other licenses; state aid for education, roads, and welfare; and federal grants-in-aid.

State revenues are obtained from a corporate and personal income taxinheritance taxsales and use taxes, motor fuel taxes, tobacco and alcoholic beverage taxes, licenses and miscellaneous taxes, federal grants-in-aid, and a state lottery.

Transportation Since Maine has made major changes to its transportation infrastructure that have both improved and restricted accessibility to different parts of the state. Northern Maine became more accessible when Interstate Highway 95 was extended into the region in the s, and the north woods were opened up considerably when a private road system was developed in them. Maine depends heavily on its highways for ground transportation.

Buses provide urban, intrastate, interstate, and passenger service; free shuttle buses and trolleys serve many recreational areas. Portland and Searsport are the major seaports. State-run and private ferry services carry passengers and freight to many of the coastal islands, and Portland and Bar Harbor have ferry connections with the Canadian port of YarmouthN. Railroads mainly carry freight, but Amtrak passenger trains travel daily between Boston and Portland.

Portland International Jetport provides regularly scheduled interstate and intrastate flights as well as international air service. Several airlines operate from Bangor to points within and outside Maine; commuter airlines in other cities also provide limited service to other Maine communities and to Boston.

Government and society Constitutional framework The state constitution, adopted inis based on the constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and reflects colonial traditions of checks and balances. This legislature elects several executive officers, including the attorney generalsecretary of state, auditor, and state treasurer.

maine dating within miles

Department heads, appointed by the governor, are subject to the approval of the Senate. The president of the Senate is the constitutional successor to the governor. Maine has a three-tiered judicial branch, including district courts, superior courts, and a supreme court. Probate courts serve at the county level.

Town government, with the annual town meeting and a board of selectmen, prevails in most communities. More than 20 communities operate under city charters. Professional managers are used in most cities and in many towns. Thereafter, Democrats have competed successfully with Republicans for the governorship and for federal and state legislative seats. Party officials are elected in local caucuses and state conventions. Nominations for county and state offices are obtained through primary elections; with the exception of andwhen Maine conducted federal presidential-preference primaries, the political parties conduct municipal caucuses to determine the number of delegates for each candidate that will attend their state convention.

The state convention selects representatives to the national convention. The largest proportion of poverty is found in the rural areas of the state, particularly in the eastern coastal counties and in Aroostook county. Four large regional hospitals are found in Portland, Lewiston, Waterville, and Bangor.

Numerous smaller hospitals are distributed throughout the state. Individual and group practices are still important in providing services for physical and mental health. Education Local governments are responsible for public elementary and secondary educationunder the general supervision of a state board of education.

Most rural areas are served by multi-community school administrative districts. The state operates technical institutes for postsecondary vocational training. The University of Maineestablished in in Orono as a college of agriculture and mechanic arts, offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate curricula.

Cultural life In its culture as in its social and economic development, Maine reveals the attributes of both a struggling frontier community and an eclectic society immersed in commerce with other cultures. Brown The tools of the woodsman, farmer, and fisherman are clean and simple, as are the lines of country homes, meetinghouses, and working boats.

Maine has, in addition, the unique contributions of such groups as the Shaker s and its own local versions of the Federal, Greek RevivalGothic, and Victorian styles of American architecture. Maine has had a revival in crafts production, including pottery, metalworking, block and silk-screen printing, weaving, furniture making, and carving.

Maine has been, and continues to be, the birthplace or the permanent or seasonal home of many well-known figures in the American arts. Acadia National Parkwhich encompasses an area of 65 square miles square kmextends over most of Mount Desert Island and Isle au Haut, as well as the Scoodic Peninsula on the mainland; the first national park east of the Mississippi River, it is also one of the most visited in the national parks system.

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, located along 50 miles 80 km of the southern coastline, is home to more than species of birds. The northern portion of the Appalachian Trail runs through Maine from the New Hampshire border to Mount Katahdin; its mile km length in the state is the most rugged and isolated section of the trail.

Only scattered tribes survived the arrival of European settlers; many of the surviving Native Americans moved to reservations or were integrated into white communities. Five federally recognized tribes exist in the state today. Of these, only the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot remain in significant numbers. The Native Americans have been remembered in many ways, however: Explorations and disputes The first European explorations of Maine are shrouded in mystery.

Yorkon the southern coast, was the first chartered city in America. An area of present-day Maine claimed by both the French and English crowns was an intermittent battleground between the English, the Indians, and the French from until and a constant battleground from that date untilwhen the British conquered the French in eastern Canada. Maine had been given separate provincial status in New England under royal patents granted by Charles Ibut the Puritans of Massachusetts claimed and annexed various portions of the territory throughout the s.

Massachusetts gained control over the whole of Maine after the proprietor, Sir Ferdinando Gorgesbacked the losing side in the English Civil Wars. Frontier settlers in Maine chafed under Massachusetts rule, but the merchants of the coastal towns resisted the separation movement until the War ofwhen popular resentment against the failure of the Massachusetts Commonwealth to protect the District of Maine against British raids tipped the scales in favour of separation.

Maine entered the Union as a free state i. The northeastern boundary of the state was a matter of serious controversy between the United States and Britain. The Peace of Paris at the conclusion of the American Revolution identified the boundary in part as extending along the middle of the St.

Efforts at arbitration failed inand the disputed area was the scene of the so-called Aroostook War of — In March Gen. Winfield Scott arranged a truce calling for joint occupancy of the disputed territory.

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This remained in effect untilwhen a settlement was reached that divided the territory virtually in half. Statehood Economic growth Maine intrigued entrepreneurs who hoped to make their fortune in furs, fisheries, timber, and land development.

The first three proved to be lucrative for a few, but the climate, border troubles, and the availability of more fertile land in the newer territories to the west curtailed settlement of the area before and after statehood. Coastal communities flourished and railroads developed as Maine merchants traded around the world. Hunters camping at Norcross Brook, north-central Maine, Library of Congress, Washington, D. The American Civil War and the Industrial Revolution diverted workers and capital from Maine during the last decades of the 19th century.

Textiles and paper products became the primary sources of manufacturing employment, while fisheries and agriculture continued as important but uncertain sources of income.

maine dating within miles

The details of economic activity changed during the first half of the 20th century, but the overall picture remained one of precarious prosperity and extreme susceptibility to swings in the national economy. Most notable has been the decline of the longtime dominant manufactures of textiles, shoes, processed food, paper, wood products, and electronic components. In addition, agricultural production poultry, dairy products, and potatoes has shrunk, fish stocks on the offshore banks have been largely exhausted, and several military installations have closed.

Balancing these developments has been a dramatic expansion of tourism. In the U. Much of the money was invested in land purchased in unpopulated areas of the state, primarily from large forestry companies, as well as in other economic enterprises. Annual social events focusing on Franco-American heritage take place in areas of the state that have heavily French-descended populations.

Political development Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democrats held sway from statehood until the rise of the Whigs and the emergence of the Republican Party. The abolition movement gave the Republican Party its start in Maine inand the Grand Old Party dominated the state for almost a century.