List museums in bangalore dating

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list museums in bangalore dating

Bangalore has several museums that preserve and display information and artefacts from the city's past. Here is the list of 5 must visit museums. Famous museums in of Karnataka - Location, Address, Contact Phone number, How to reach, This small museum near the station exhibits a maharaja's saloon carriage dating to , among other exhibits! Government of Karnataka Museum in Bangalore was established in . all hotel list mandarmani name. Bangalore, Archaeological, , Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, plus vintage motorcycles in working condition whose vintage dates back to

list museums in bangalore dating

Home to a fascinating collection of more than real size exhibits of the Indian Railways, one can find displays of static and working models, historical photographs, antique furniture and signalling equipment in this best museum in Delhi. Rates double up on weekends and government holidays.

list museums in bangalore dating

Shankar Pillai, a political cartoonist. Home to around 6, dolls from more than 80 countries, this is a popular Museum amongst children and adults alike. More than 2, 50, printed books, 1, 50, photographs and 8, audio tapes reveal information on Nehru and the Indian freedom movement in this museum in Delhi NCR.

list museums in bangalore dating

The entire exhibit spans over 4 floors and is extremely popular amongst students. Six permanent halls hold interesting exhibits which are a must-visit for all. It is the very place where Mahatma Gandhi spent the last few months of his life and was then assassinated. Indian Air Force Museum Indian Air Force Museum source Being a museum of the Indian Air Force, this museum features a gallery containing historic memorabilia, photographs, personal weapons and uniforms of the Indian Air Force since its inception years ago.

Visitors can also view a small aircraft, large aircraft and Air Force inventory here.

list museums in bangalore dating

National Philatelic Museum National Philatelic Museum source Amongst all museum in Delhi, this one is immensely popular and interesting. Operated by the Department of Post, the National Philatelic Museum is known for its amphitheatre, library and display of postage stamps. An area has also been dedicated for people to view artists at work.

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Dedicated to the global history of toilets and sanitation, this unique museum mainly addresses the problems related to the sanitation sector in the nation. Visitors can witness toilet related technology here and view items related to privies, toilet furniture, chamber pots and water closets. The diverse showcase of Indian Textile heritage and several objects related to terracotta art, figures and sculptures can be found in the first 2 museums respectively.

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Another section deals with the application of these simple machines in daily life. The Fun Science gallery that displays exhibits on the science of sound, optics, fluids, math and perception. The Electro Technic Gallery contains interactive electrical exhibits which work on the basic principles of electricityelectronics and communication. A renovated version of the Electro Technic gallery was opened to public on 8 April This gallery exhibits the classical experiments like Oersted's experimentBarlow's wheeland Faraday's ring.

A demonstration on electrostaticswhich includes a Tesla coil and a Van de Graaff generator is on display. It was inaugurated on 19 June Kiran Kumar and Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan.

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The Biotechnological Revolution hall has exhibits on the basics of biotechnology and its applications, including human genome sequencing. It opened on 4 January This gallery has exhibits on the basic principles of electronics and information technology. The Science for Children gallery, opened on 30 Aprilhouses exhibits that engage children in activities that help them to enjoy science.