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Translation of 'Gloomy Clock (우울시계)' by IU (Lee Ji-eun (이지은)) from Korean .com//11/iu-gloomy-clock-uulsigye-feat-jonghyun-of-s. Kim Jong-hyun better known mononymously as Jonghyun, was a South Korean In October , Jonghyun debuted as a composer with the track "A Gloomy Clock", which was included on IU's third Korean album, Modern Times. Ace, for which Jonghyun contributed to the production by writing the lyrics to the track. Jonghyun wrote and produced songs for other artists as well. Published Once again, the lyrics were co-written with Minho. 4. “A Gloomy Clock” (Feat. the lyrics. IU and Jonghyun sing about being gloomy, without any particular reason to be sad. . It's Been A Week Since Jennie & Kai's Dating News.

On May 24,S. Entertainment released Jonghyun's first studio album "She Is," consisting of nine tracks, and a music video for the title track "She Is. Leaving Blue Night and Story Op. The decision came after a lengthy discussion between Jonghyun and the show's staff, who stated, "It's disappointing, but because Shinee's Japanese and North American tour is about to start, he decided to leave.

Jonghyun was considered to have a unique musical style, and was praised for writing and composing the majority of his solo tracks. Personal life Jonghyun dropped out of high school in 10th grade to pursue a music career. In AprilJonghyun was involved in a car accident and injured his nose. Jonghyun also reached out to the student and thanked her for speaking out and voicing her position that "different doesn't mean wrong. He checked in at Later that day, at 4: On December 21, following the three-day funeral service which was attended by celebrities and fans, Jonghyun was moved from the hospital to a private funeral attended only by his family and close friends, and was then laid to rest in an undisclosed location.

Tributes Many musicians and industry professionals worldwide mourned Jonghyun's death.

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MBC Radio planned on holding a special memorial broadcast for Jonghyun's long-running radio show, "Blue Night", on December 21, but decided to cancel it due to "the possible social effects of the late idol's voice going on air again. After nine months of dating, Shin and Jonghyun broke up in Juneciting their busy schedules. On April 1,Jonghyun was involved in a car accident. When driving home late in the evening, his car went through a guardrail at Dongho Bridge, causing him to injure his nasal bone.

It was reported by SM Entertainment that he had received surgery on the injury.

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Friday, December 22, Jonghyun: However, something about SHINee was different. Although the other groups were quite talented in their own right, there was something about SHINee that was unique.

Maybe because they were babies and Taemin was just a year-old boy. Boys won't leave you alone " in "Replay". It was then that I just knew his voice was something unique. His voice stood out above everyone else's. That was a powerful introduction and I will forever remember the first time I heard his voice.

It has been several days since the world lost this talented young artist and fans are still mourning alongside fellow artists. As the world finds the strength to heal and move forward, it's important to remember the accomplishments that Jonghyun made while he was with us.

While his passing was extremely sudden and difficult, it has allowed many people to come together and celebrate his life and creative works in retrospect. Whether you've been watching Jonghyun since he got his start with SHINee, or you only recently discovered his talents through his solo works, it's definitely worth exploring the music that the multifaceted singer-songwriter left with us during his time on this earth. It wasn't that long thereafter that he began songwriting for the group, making a splash with early single "Juliette" to which he wrote the Korean lyrics.

Through continued efforts over time, Jonghyun began writing more for himself and other SM artists, and he helped change the standard for idols in the process.

Gloomy Clock (우울시계) (English translation)

Jonghyun wrote a myriad of music for SHINee during his time with them. Many of his tracks are stand-outs, with album tracks like "Obsession" from 'Lucifer' and "Orgel" from 'Why So Serious' resonating heavily with fans through their surreal and somewhat dark lyrics. That is, of course, not to say his music couldn't have a sense of humor or fun - through his various pieces, Jonghyun illustrated emotional depth and versatility.

He eventually went on to make a formal solo career splash with mini-album "BASE," and with that release came heaping praise and new opportunities. In his solo material, Jonghyun got to explore a nuanced and mature sound that expanded upon what made his work with SHINee click. Jonghyun's music was defined by lush instrumentation, soaring vocals and emotional potency, something exhibited through deep cuts like "Skeleton Flower. Notably, Jonghyun's work with Lee Hi marked the first time that SM and YG talents formally collaborated, and it showed that his talent could reach across the metaphorical aisle.