Laz alonso dating 2015

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laz alonso dating 2015

May 14, Is Laz Alonso dating or in a relationship? Check out what the sexy star had to say about love, sex & other things!. TV September 23, Laz Alonso is gearing up for the return of his hit NBC show “The Mysteries of Laura” and the veteran actor spoke to rolling out about. Feb 18, Now the star of NBC's new series “Deception” with Meagan Good, the year- old Afro-Cuban actor from New York has been steadily working.

Although the man gave some sizzling and hot scene in the movie with the Bollywood Queen Sherawat, he seems to have no intention of taking his on-screen romance off the screen. Team work makes the dream work. Laz in the Essence Festival with participants Source: He may be dating a woman, but maybe he doesn't want to reveal it to the media, so he has kept it hidden till date.

We have to click. Thus, currently as reported by whosdatedwho. Series of Women Whom he had Dated in the Past: In the yearthe man is said to have involved in a relationship with Bria Myles, an actress. The star has not revealed anything about the dating events with the lady, but as reported by stuffflypeoplelike. However, it has not been confirmed by the celeb. The secret man is still reported to be single after the breakup while the lady is said to have dated Sean Newell Martin, a regular guy.

Similarly, the actor was accused of dating Olivia Longott, an American singer in the year The star has not revealed any information about dating the woman nor has she disclosed any of his meeting events with the lady. I like them both.

laz alonso dating 2015

With film, it feels like you live within the character … while you are doing the film, you are completely immersed in the character. In TV, because it is a longer stretch, it feels like you can turn the character on and off a lot easier.

Laz Alonso Surprises Fans at Essence Festival 2014

Because you are taping television for nine months, you are running a marathon as opposed to a sprint. I am the guy who is going to get to the root of the problem.

I am going to get in their face in the interrogation room.

laz alonso dating 2015

I am the muscle behind our team. Billy has a tremendous amount of brains and investigative skills too.

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I feel that being an artist gives us a chance to be a voice and artistically show a balance of imagery. How do you balance your work life, taping for nine months, and making appearances at events, etc.? You are working long hours and trying to do more per day than you do on a film. On a film, you have three months to shoot 90 pages.

laz alonso dating 2015

In TV, you have eight days to shoot 60 pages. Television hours tend to be extremely long and grueling. If I can get out and enjoy some events, especially some events that are meaningful, something that gives back and I get to connect with fans, then I am going to do it.

Do you like filming in New York?

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I like filming in New York. New York has a humongous TV and film industry here. And, they have some of the best professionals that work in the business here, next to L.

laz alonso dating 2015

The city embraces you. I lived here before I got started in the business and moved to L.

laz alonso dating 2015

What are your plans when you go on hiatus this April? The train never stops. I would like to travel to somewhere with a beach, some sand and salt water.