International call centres in bangalore dating

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international call centres in bangalore dating

Then ring BT's call centre in Bangalore: How one man has gone to . I have nothing against international call centres and honestly do not care. Why does it take so long to get through to an Indian call centre? In the southern city of Bangalore, a call centre hub, the rising number of So entrenched is their reputation for dating, drinking and partying that many middle class Progress 17 supply vehicle departs from the International Space Station. I worked in international call center.i had consistent performance and was . I am sure all of you have read the latest crime which has occured in Bangalore.

Call centres are blamed for a rise in loose living among India's affluent new elite

On one occasion, my partner, who was waiting in for an engineer, was told he was in the property and that she should double-check to make sure he was there. I have nothing against international call centres and honestly do not care who I speak to, be they from Manchester, Manila or Mumbai, as long as they are equipped to resolve the issues.

But when it comes to inquiries of a technical nature, surely the most important factor is the ability to communicate clearly with the person on the other end of the line.

This is where BT, with its reliance on cheap international labour, falls woefully short. Of course I am far from the only BT customer to have this experience.

A superfast way to go mad - ring BT's call centre in Bangalore

Many I have spoken to since have their own BT service nightmares, or know others who have. It appears that BT is turning us into a nation of Victor Meldrews.

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So what is the solution? With this in mind, together with my partner, who is the joint account holder, I sent around 30 strongly-worded emails to Warren Buckley, the MD of Service Management at BT Openreach, listing the days we had wasted.

Only then did someone bother to call back. Of course, it would be unfair to single out one company for this scandalous national deterioration in service.

international call centres in bangalore dating

Sadly, corporate complacency and contempt for customers have become the rule rather than the exception. And the means by which to complain and communicate have largely been removed from us — customer complaint lines are now rare — which effectively leaves us without a voice.

A superfast way to go mad - ring BT's call centre in Bangalore.

international call centres in bangalore dating

The country's National Association of Software and Service Companies Nasscom admits it is concerned about its professional reputation. But conservatives, who revile call centres as decadent outposts of western culture, are just as concerned about the threat to India's moral reputation.

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Long into the night, the clubs and bars in Gurgaon, a Delhi suburb full of call centres, pulsate with staff unwinding after long, stressful shifts dealing with fractious British and American customers. During the day, workers fill the shopping malls for a dose of instant gratification unknown to their traditionally abstemious parents, for whom saving was a religion. After working in US-style environments and speaking to Americans for hours each day, some are aping the American behaviour they see on cable television.

Call centre staff have been caught by hidden cameras having sex in cubicles. Couplings have also been observed on the staircase, in the gym and carparks during breaks.

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In a society where dating is frowned upon and where, in some quarters, a woman wearing a sleeveless top is considered a Jezebel, such uninhibited conduct is bewildering for middle-class India.

Ashok Rau, the chief executive of the Freedom Foundation, an Aids counselling centre in Bangalore, said financial independence had freed call centre workers from their parents' control. In a survey of call centre staff last year, it found that 38 per cent of men and women believed that pre-marital sex was permissible and 25 per cent regularly indulged in casual sex. The companies involved object vehemently to suggestions that their call centres are dens of vice and adultery.