Hormone replacement therapy female to male philippines dating

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hormone replacement therapy female to male philippines dating

Hudson's FTM Resource Guide transgender men and women: Practical Guidelines for Transgender Hormone Treatment. I started my hormone replacement therapy at a clinic using the Tom Waddell system without even being aware of it. I knew about this from talking with another transsexual woman who was . hello everyone, im a 34 year old male and ive wanted to get mtf hormone treatments all my life i And dating?. Transgender hormone therapy of the female-to-male (FTM) type, also known as masculinizing .. The main effects of HRT of the FTM type are as follows.

Reproductive changes[ edit ] As the age at which transgender people begin therapy decreases, retention of reproductive potential becomes more important. If a transgender man has not undergone hysterectomy and oophorectomyhe may regain fertility on cessation of testosterone.

Steps to Transitioning from Female to Male: The Right way - the Safe way

With the ovarian changes of long-term androgen therapy, however, it may require months of cessation of testosterone and possibly assistive reproductive technology to become pregnant. Testosterone must be withheld for the duration of pregnancy. Previously using the "slow-freezing" cryopreservation method there were very poor survival rates of banked oocytes.

However, the advent of vitrification, a rapid freezing process, has made oocyte cryopreservation a viable option for fertility preservation. It allows the possibility for eggs to later be fertilized and be placed in a surrogate, as opposed to a transgender man having to carry the pregnancy himself. The sperm donor must be chosen before oophorectomy. Allows the possibility for embryos to later be placed in a surrogate, as opposed to a transgender man having to carry the pregnancy himself.

Even after long-term androgen therapy, ovaries usually retain usable follicles. Eventual use of frozen ovaries will require replantation into the transgender man for stimulation and harvest, but may eventually be possible in a lab as techniques for tissue culture improve. This option does not usually allow for placement into a surrogate as it may require the use of immunosuppressants on the part of the surrogate.

hormone replacement therapy female to male philippines dating

Unaffected characteristics[ edit ] A number of skeletal and cartilaginous changes take place after the onset of puberty at various rates and times. Sometime in the late teen years epiphyseal closure in other words, the ends of bones are fused closed takes place and the length of bones is fixed for life. Consequently, total height and the length of arms, legs, hands, and feet are not affected by HRT. However, details of bone shape change throughout life, bones becoming heavier and more deeply sculptured under the influence of testosterone.

Many of these differences are described in the Desmond Morris book Manwatching. The pelvis in females tends to be wider than in males and tilted forward; the pelvis in males tends to be more circular and tilted upwards.

Male hands and feet tend to be larger than female hands and feet in persons of equal height. The upper arm in females tends to be significantly longer about 1" than in males of the same height.

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Females tend to have smaller heads than males of the same height. Female rib cages tend to be narrower than those of males in the same height. Neurological changes[ edit ] Headaches: Pre-existing migraine headaches can be significantly worsened with androgen therapy. Headaches can also become problematic in men without prior headache disorders. These may be worsened or very rarely unmasked with androgen therapy. Sleep deprivation worsens almost all seizure disorders, so concurrent obstructive sleep apnea caused or worsened by androgen therapy may also be responsible.

Recent studies have found that cross-hormone therapy in trans men results in an increase in brain volume up to male proportions. This fact alone has a significant psychological impact, which is hard to distinguish from hormonally induced changes. Most trans men report an increase of energy and an increased sex drive.

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Many also report feeling more confident. While a high level of testosterone is often associated with an increase in aggressionthis is not a noticeable effect in most trans men. HRT doses of testosterone are much lower than the typical doses taken by steroid-using athletes, and create testosterone levels comparable to those of most cisgender men.

hormone replacement therapy female to male philippines dating

These levels of testosterone have not been proven to cause more aggression than comparable levels of estrogen. It is assumed that the effect of the start of physical treatment is such a relief, and decreases pre-existing aggression so much, that the overall level of aggression actually decreases. Many transgender men, however, report improved mood, decreased emotional lability, and a lessening of anger and aggression. This may be causative or simply a correlation.

A single retrospective study in the medical literature of trans men treated with testosterone range of 2 months to 41 years by the Amsterdam Gender Dysphoria Clinic from to showed no increase in cardiovascular mortality or morbidity when compared with the general female Dutch population.

As with all scientific studies, this does not conclusively prove that no causal link exists. A small to moderate detrimental effect remains a possibility, though a very large effect is more unlikely.

Androgen therapy can adversely affect the blood lipid profile by causing decreases in HDL good cholesterolincreases in LDL bad cholesterol, and increases in triglycerides. Androgen therapy redistributes the fat toward abdominal obesitywhich is associated with increased cardiovascular risk rather than fat carried on the buttocks and hips.

Androgen therapy can cause weight gain and decreased insulin sensitivity perhaps worsening a predisposition to develop Type II diabetes. Androgen therapy effects are not all negative, however.

Acutely it causes dilation of the coronary arteries, and in men with testosterone levels within the normal physiological range, higher levels are actually associated with a slight decrease in cardiovascular disease. Supra-physiological levels of androgens generally due to abuse are associated with significantly increased risks of strokes and heart attacks even in the young.

Cardiovascular risk factors are more than additive. If high blood pressure is worth 10 and smoking is worth 10, together they are worth more than So for transgender men, the addition of risk with androgen therapy makes improving modifiable risk factors more important. The most important modifiable risk factor for many men is smoking. In pre-clinical models, testosterone XHT has been shown to lead to adverse cardiovascular effects, but adding a low-dose estrogen to that hormone therapy completely mitigated those effects.

However, as with any drug that carries even a small risk of liver damage, liver function tests or at least ALT should be periodically monitored. Metabolic changes[ edit ] Testosterone increases body weight and increases appetite. The form that this weight gain will take depends on diet and exercise as well as genetic factors.

Since testosterone has anabolic effects, gain of lean muscle mass will be easier than it previously was for transgender men. Moderate amounts of exercise will cause greater gains and will ameliorate some of the adverse effects of testosterone.

Many transgender men report an increased energy level, decreased need for sleep, and increased alertness after testosterone therapy. In cisgender men, abnormally high or low levels of testosterone are both associated with insulin resistance which eventually can result in Type II diabetes.

So mid-normal levels of testosterone are the target for androgen therapy.

hormone replacement therapy female to male philippines dating

In women, increased levels of either estrogen or androgens are associated with decreased insulin sensitivity which may predispose to diabetes.

In a study of transgender males and females, decreased insulin sensitivity was found in both populations after four months or hormonal treatment. Higher bone mineral density in males is associated with higher serum estrogen. Bone is not static. It is constantly being reabsorbed and created. Osteoporosis results when bone formation occurs at a rate less than bone resorption.

Then I stopped drinking in and then began my letter writing campaign to find a way. I have to reiterate — no internet — you guys reading this do not realize how easy you really have it.

So, I wrote to IFGE, finally finding someone via directory assistance to give me the address, asking them for help and could they tell me what I needed to do to begin. They wrote back, months later, sending me a brochure of cassette tapes for doctors, one being Hormone Therapy for Female to Male Transsexuals. I bought the tape and when it arrived I was scared shitless. I had no idea if I took it to my doc if he would start me on hormones.

Transgender hormone therapy (female-to-male)

I dropped off the tape with a letter. It took him months to open it. He had his staff send it back telling me he was unwilling to do this. He wrote back but he was so tight lipped about who I could see he was in the same city! All he did was brag about his facial hair. I gave up on him and wracked my brain for something, anything I could remember to stop the limbo I was in.

I decided to write Dr. She did some poking around and came up with a name of a therapist in my city who was known to treat Transsexuals.

Journal of the ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies

I looked her up in the phone book, called her office and they told me she retired. I called and made an appointment, which was a 4 month wait. When I finally went in to see him, he told me I had to take a battery of psychological tests, IQ tests, you name it and it would be an all day thing.

hormone replacement therapy female to male philippines dating

Eight hours with two 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. I set it up, calling my insurance carrier asking if it would be covered; vbit was and when I went in for these tests, it was no joke — it was just what he said it was.

I took every test available at that time; MMPI and a dozen others I cannot recall plus I had to arrange blocks in a geometrical pattern, using a mirror no less, drawing myself as a male, interviews with 2 of his colleagues, where they asking my question after question, about my childhood, my relationships…it went on and on.

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Then my mother was asked to come in and be interviewed. By the time I was done, I felt numb. He told me everything checked out, I was what and who I said I was male and that the only thing that was a red flag was, I was a chauvinist and I had better change my opinion of women. You need to learn that! I got up out of my chair, wanting to tell him to fuck off and I left.

I never went back even if it meant not starting T. I knew men apologized and I grew up with 2 step fathers who were mean bullies who beat my mother, who never apologized and I was not like them. I would not be the type of man who would not apologize. I was, once again, spinning my wheels. There was no practicing therapist in my city that I could see so I could get my letter to start T but had no idea what doctor there was to go see.