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The substitute stand-by player is placed last in the shooting order. The goalkeepers will defend the same goal, as determined by the Referee. The goalkeepers from each team may be changed after each shot. The players of both teams will take the shots alternately until a decisive goal is scored. The decisive goal will be credited to the player who scored and to the goalkeeper concerned. Tie breaking formula The tie-breaking system for two teams with the same number of points in a standing will be the game between the two teams, the winner of the game taking precedence.

Due to the fact that the three-point system does not allow a game to end in a tie, then the following tie breaking procedure is applicable when three or more teams are tied in points in a Championship standing. Should three or more teams be tied on points, then a tie breaking formula will be applied as follows, creating a sub-group amongst the tied teams.

This process will continue until only two or none of the teams remain tied. In the case of two tied teams remaining, the game between the two would then be the determining tie-breaker as the game could not end as a tie.

In the case of none of the teams being tied, the criteria specified in the respective step applies. Taking into consideration the games between each of the tied teams, a sub-group is created applying the points awarded in the direct games amongst the tied teams from which the teams are then ranked accordingly.

Should three or more teams still remain tied in points then the better goal difference in the direct games amongst the tied teams will be decisive. Should three or more teams still remain tied in points and goal difference then the highest number of goals scored by these teams in their direct games will be decisive Step 4: Should three or more teams still remain tied in points, goal difference and goals scored then the results between each of the three teams and the closest best-ranked team outside the sub-group will be applied.

In this case the tied team with the best result 1. Should the teams still remain tied, then the results between each of the three teams and the next highest best-ranked team outside the sub-group will be applied. Should the teams still remain tied after these five steps have been exercised then Sport considerations will be applied and the teams will be ranked by their positions coming into the Championship seeding.

The eliminated teams from the preliminary round plus the losing teams of the quarter-finals will be ranked following their positions in the groups preceding the quarter-final round. The final ranking will follow the following procedure: Higher position in the group, 2. Higher number of points, 3. Better goal difference, 4. Higher number of goals scored for, 5. Player Entry The teams submit the names of the participating players at the first Championship Directorate.

The maximum number of players allowed on a Team Registration Form at the beginning of the World Championship is 22 skaters and 3 goalies. The minimum is 15 skaters and 2 goalies. At the first Directorate meeting, the teams must name at least the minimum number of 15 skaters and 2 goalkeepers. The players entered must be present at the championship venue by the time of the Directorate meeting.

Players can be added throughout the tournament until the roster is full. During a game, a team may enter dress 20 skaters and 2 goalkeepers on the Official Game Sheet, with the emergency goalkeeper standing by if a goalie entered to the Official Game Sheet is unable to play. Eligibility To play in the IIHF World Championship, the Olympic ice hockey tournament and the qualifications to these competitions, players must fulfill the following qualification requirements: The tournament days are from 5th to 21st of May in The preliminary round will be played in both cities.

The top-four teams in each preliminary round group will advance to the Quarter-Finals. The Quarter-Finals will be played across the groups, if Germany and France play each other in the Quarter-Finals, no cross-overs. With a future oriented concept it operates one of the largest, sophisticated and most frequented multi-purpose arenas in Europe. The spacious glass construction, which is towered over by a metre-high steel structure, the LANXESS arena offers well over various events per year with a compact program of superstars, large events from the international music, show, sports scene and also business events from 10 to 20, visitors.

The arena has been renovated in This arena is one of the most popular sports-culture centres sought after by many international artists, games, concerts and other events. You can get a detailed overview of the Location including all bus and rail stops in the Route Map. Parking fee is 1. You can find more information here. The competition will host 30 games between 8 of the 16 best nations in the world: Whether you will be attending matches or just want to enjoy the festive atmosphere around the site, here are some practical information.

Opening hours and access conditions - During the whole competition, a safety perimeter will be set up around the AccorHotels Arena. Security checks visual inspection of the bags and opening of the coats will be done to get in. Tickets holders and non-holders will be able to get through it. According to the games affluence, the access will open between 90 and minutes before the kick-off. EHF provides the free, registration only and potential pay services on and in connection with EHTV hereinafter referred to as "Services" only on the basis of these Terms of Use.

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Feldhockey deutschland frauen dating

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