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elgin watch dating

A lot of information can be determined about your Elgin watch from just the serial number on the movement (where the gears are). For example. Serial No.: # Manufacturer: Elgin. Grade: Size: 18s. Model: 5. Jewels: 17j. Setting: Pendant. Finish: Nickel. Added By: yellowsub Profile Image. This Elgin Pocket Watch website will help you find out about your Elgin watch. Explanations of Dating Your Elgin Watch. From the watch.

I would always recommend doing this. For me I bid simply on how much I like the look of the timepiece.

Brief History: Elgin National Watch Company

This is especially true if you plan on starting or adding to a collection. Value of Your Elgin Pocket Watch To find out the true value of your watch you need to find the serial number which you will find on the actual movement of the watch. Then there is a serial look up table which you can find by clicking on the link above on serial numbers and this will help you find the year your watch was made.

You may see a serial number on the actual case but please ignore this for any valuation purposes. The only one that is important from a value perspective is the number on the inside movement.

elgin watch dating

This is a link to a full description of how to value your Elgin watch. There is also a short video below that gives you the basics of what to look for when seeking an evaluation. Dating Your Elgin Watch From the watch movement serial number you will be able to find the age, quality and grade and this information is invaluable especially if you are trying to find its true value.

The Elgin pocket watch value is also increased if it is in good working order.

Elgin National Watch Company: History, Serial Numbers, Production Dates

Without sounding rude please never tamper with it yourself. However if you attempt to fix this yourself without the necessary knowledge you can reduce the value of your precious item in an instant.

elgin watch dating

Please take it to a watch specialist who will know exactly what to do and it will not cost as much as you may think. I would not be a classic collector in the true sense of making money.

Elgin Pocket Watch

I collect items and antiques that I like and I never really have the intention of selling them. That said many of the great bargains I have picked up at a car boot sale. Always keep an eye out especially at country fairs as there is always a bargain waiting to be had. This is especially true if you are looking for a good quality Elgin at the right price. Many people ask me about the value of Elgin cases. The majority of these were called filled cases in that they were made with what is called filled gold.

[ELGIN] Watch Serial Number Information

This was simply two layers of rolled gold covering a brass interior to make it look like gold. Some real ones were made though and they would be worth considerably more. Elgin also made a number of watches for a lady primarily to wear as jewelry. These are also a very collectible range of watches. In my opinion they still make a great collection even today and worth investing in.

If you are lucky enough to come across one of these at a sensible price then take advantage of that, as these do tend to grow in value. As you can imagine there are quite a few different types and they all open slightly differently. Some of them you simply turn the gold outer frame and they will then screw apart. I would avoid this as it will only allow dust in. It will be necessary though if you are trying to work on it. Most Elgin watches open by pressing down on a small indent on the top left of the watch and the case will click open.

I have included a video below that shows a gentleman opening three different watches. There is a lot to know about these older watches and although pocket watches may now seem antiquated, they still can have considerable value. These were made at a time when watches were not affordable to the general public. The Elgin National Watch Company went completely out of business in Even though it had been, for a time, one of the largest industrial concerns in the world, today many people have no idea that America was once the world leader in quality timepieces.

The serial number on the watch works, called the 'movement', can be used to look up production information on watches made by the Elgin National Watch Company. Note that the numbers on any part of the watch case, such as a serial number on the inside of the back cover, is a number that goes with the watch case only, and reveals nothing about the watch movement.

Elgin did not make pocketwatch cases. The watches were sold as bare movements only. Customers selected their watch cases separately at the retail shop, so the important number is inside on the mechanical part of the watch. Throughout their history, the Elgin National Watch Company was known for horological innovations. Inthey introduced the "DuraBalance," an ingenious design for a free-sprung balance no regulator pins which used spiral balance arms and small weights to govern the moment of inertia of the balance.

They also produced the only American-made automatic wristwatch movements: These movements featured bi-directional, full-rotor winding, and had two automatic winding gear ratios, which were automatically engaged as the mainspring tension increased.

elgin watch dating

Many Elgin watches that were made over years ago are still providing reliable and accurate daily service to their proud owners. Swiss Elgin Watches During the last few years that Elgin was in business late 50's through mid'sthey began to reduce their US production and began importing Swiss watch movements which were finished and labeled as Elgin watches.

Much of this assembly work was done at a new Elgin plant in Elgin, South Carolina. For more information on Swiss Elgin watches, including a listing of Swiss Elgin grades and their equivalent Swiss movement calibres, please view our Swiss Elgin page.