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dating martin ukulele

It was during the start of the ukulele craze in the early part of this century that Martin started making ukuleles. Today these ukes are without peer and are some of. i have a guy trying to sell me a old martin uke i cant play one an i dont have a clue what its worth any help would be great just tell me what you. Years of C.F. Martin Ukuleles Historic Hawii Ohta San Iz Cliff Edwards Martin's original pamphlet, colorized image of Cliff Edwards.

I have seen many listings on eBay and Reverb where the seller has mis-identified the instrument they have for sale, usually it is an error determining between the Style 0 and the Style 1.

Considering that the vast majority of the Martins were one of these two Styles, differentiating is important. Knowing the difference can allow you to find a good deal at a reasonable price.

Determining the Style It is relatively simple to determine the Style. Martin has had five Styles, or quality levels, of instruments that they produced. They began with just four, Style 1, Style 2, Style 3 and Style 5. There is no information about what happened to the Style 4. The market indicated the need for a lower end model, so they created the Style 0.

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There are two primary items to look at to determine the Style, the 7th fret marker and the bindings. In they added an outer binding to the S1 and the unbound model became the S0 they also started the S3 with a 7 layer top binding, alternating stripes of white celluloid and ebonized maple and a 5 layer soundhole ring. In they started making them of koa as well as mahogany and these koa variants were knows as the S1k S2k and S3k they never made a koa S0 and in they started and even fancier koa model called the S5K there never was a style 4?

Concerts, Tenors and Taropatches were only mass produced with S1 decoration in mahogany, though more decorated and koa custom models were made.

Tiples had a different method of designating the level of decoration to other Ukuleles and I can't say I really understand it?

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All the levels start with a T but the first one is the T, then a T T and T and I think it was just a wood change that made for a different number. For example the difference between the T and the T is the T has a rosewood bridge and the T ebony.

Another thing to note about this style designation is it wasn't adopted until so anything from to was just a Tiple apart from, as a precursor to this T numbering in they made a Koa Tiple they called the T and one called a T?

dating martin ukulele

Taropatch production finished inTiple production finished in and all of the koa models finished in but some production of the mahogany models continued through WWII albeit going back to using wooden friction pegs due to lack of metal that they had stopped using in on top models and on the rest. After WWII mahogany production increased again with more S0's being produced in that at any time since A quick look on Ebay will give you an idea of what they are going for.

A rare Style 5K tenor. Martin made ukes in five different models: Style 0, Style 1, Style 2, Style 3 and Style 5. Nobody is quite sure what happened to Style 4, but apparently there never was one. You can see the difference in these models below.

dating martin ukulele

Styles 0, 1 and 2 were very similiar, but with more binding as the model had a higher number. Styles 3 and 5 were primarily for professional, with much more binding, fancy inlay in the neck and headstock, and a fret board that came all the way down to the soundhole.

Koa ukuleles were also in the Martin production line and were very popular in the 20s and 30s. Koa is a native wood of Hawaii and was the regular wood for Hawaiian ukulele manufacturers.

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The koa ukuleles were identical to the mahoganey ukuleles in size and trimmings, the only difference being the substitution of koa wood. Koa ukuleles were listed in Martin catalogues with a K added to the style. InStyles 1, 2 and 3 were added to the Martin line. By the mid 30s, Martin had stopped making koa Styles 1, 2 and 3.

how to date a martin uke

InMartin made a mahoganey version of the Style 5, but this was dropped from the Martin line by There are several ways to date your Martin ukulele. Martin put a stamp on the back of the peghead until and peghead decals first appeared inso occasionally you will find a ukulele with both the stamp and decal. Bar frets were generally used untilafterwhich they used T-frets. There is a stamp on the inside of the body that, beforereads "C.

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Other ways to date them are the inlays on the fingerboard, with early fancy models having diamond shaped inlays and the newer models having small round dots. Below are two Style 3 ukuleles; on the left is the regular Martin uke and on the right is the special Oliver Ditson uke. Notice the different body shape