Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull

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dating dennison halloween cardboard skull

The Mark B. Ledenbach Halloween Collection. The best design, the witch wearing a dress decorated with skulls, is not amongst this trio. The art was almost certainly derived from Dennison's Gobolink cut-out, which they released in . Vintage Antique Halloween Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin cardboard Papier Mache style. Another nifty cardboard skeleton — one of a set of 12 heavily Halloween postcards dating back to sometimes call attention to skulls or skeletons. I 've got a Dennison, plus other suppliers of paper goods, made an assortment of items What really caught my eye was a glittery, skull-shaped box. Some of the earliest versions of Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull jack- o-lanterns were pressed cardboard with a tissue-paper face.

These mischievous skeletons were drawn by Louis Crusius. Although he died at a young age inAntikamnia had purchased enough drawings to publish and distribute these calendars through I now own near-mint or better examples of each calendar page, numbering 28 in total. They look awesome framed together. Beistle produced four designs of this size from through The best design, the witch wearing a dress decorated with skulls, is not amongst this trio. How rose-colored are her glasses?

It must be great to be so optimistic!

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Although Dennison provided some financial assistance in capitalizing the C. This has to be one of Dennison's most inspired designs. The artist packed a lot of detail in such a small item, meant to be used as a place card.

This first appeared in As I point out on page"Notice the cat's face in the flame and the candle's expression. Although not particularly scarce, this iconic, diminutive Dennison masterpiece consistently sells at or above the cited value. It was sold with stock number H This is one of those increasingly rare, true bargains for a great piece of truly vintage Halloween memorabilia.

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This is one of four favor basket designs Beistle produced from I think it is the least interesting of the four designs. The best is the witch wearing a skull-festooned dress. You can see them all on page I placed the bid, thinking there may be a very few collectors more crazed than I who would pay such money.

Although I would liked to have it as part of the collection, in the final analysis, the price was too high, so I was not unhappy to have been outbid. Congrats to whomever the prevailing bidder was.

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Even so, a very high price indeed. This time marked the end of one year and the beginning of the next, when it was believed that spirits of the dead could briefly cross over to join the living and annual fortunes could be read.

Today, collectors of very early Halloween often concentrate in particular areas, as Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull covet the old party decorations because they were most often soiled during the party and thrown away. Unused year-old place mats, name tags, napkins, nut cups, Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull, dance cards, gummed seals, table covers, invitations and pop-up centerpieces are very hard to find.

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Many people also collect the games played at these parties. The advertising in these old guides can also be very valuable when dating the first appearance of vintage Halloween items. Commercially produced jack-o-lanterns are a favorite early collectible, as they were used both as candy holders Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull as lanterns.

dating dennison halloween cardboard skull

The Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull versions were painted glass globes from Germany and date to around Highly inflammable pressed cardboard lanterns with tissue-paper face inserts originated in Germany in the s and the s and contained tiny matchstick-sized candles mounted in tin holders.

In addition to pumpkins, the Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull lanterns can Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull found as black cats, red devils, white skeletons and even green-striped watermelons.

dating dennison halloween cardboard skull

Also useful in dating your A Halloween postcard published by John Winsch. Candy containers are another fun area of collectability. Shop by category Many early versions still exist; most made of composition, glass or cardboard. Some larger versions could hold candy in a hollowed-out body and opened when the figural head was pulled out. But several German versions stood atop tiny cylinder drawers that pulled down and away from the figures.

Each little drawer was big enough for only one small piece of wrapped hard candy or a couple of pieces of candy corn. Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull cardboard die-cuts are collected for their colorful lithographs and because they come in every size and type.

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Skeletons, bats, owls, cats, scarecrows and skulls are common and they are often shaped as masks. These are representatives from approximately and measure two to four inches tall. Vintage Halloween Die Cut Paper Another example of an early Halloween decoration. The ghost on the left has a head that bobs on a spring Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull the candy drawer is inset under his feet.

A Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull lantern with tissue inserts and accordion crepe paper sides, circa They squeak, whistle, clang, knock, rattle, click, jingle, honk, whiz or flap, and the tin ones are usually beautifully lithographed.

Some blow out long, curled tissue paper snakes. Some even shoot sparks when Dating dennison halloween cardboard skull flint rubs against a sharp metal wheel. A German wood ratchet from with a composition pumpkin head and crepe paper collar. The ratchet makes a loud scraping noise when twirled. Those who want to collect some of the very earliest of Halloween examples often search for vintage postcards.