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These bidding documents are unique to this tender and should be FOR FINANCIAL YEAR 15/16 | Size: KB 25th Aug CHDM CONTRACTS. Tender information: Bid Description:REVIEW OF THE CHDM SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK (SDF) FOR Date Published: 27 JUNE TENDERS – Bulletin dated 6 March 1. backlog in CHDM, Cluster 1, Zingquthu Water Supply Phase 1. Documents R from CHDM.

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Dec current estimate 5. Stage 1 — 3 Complete Stage 4: Dec current estimate 11 Programme Management: Regional Bulk Infrastructure 6. Stage 1 — 2 Complete Stage 3: March current estimate The progress to date on sub-consultant studies and approvals is as follows: Macibini Environmental applications and approvals in progress.

Way Leave Applications The large extent of the proposed pipeline servitude falls within either State or Municipal land with only one private property affected by the implementation of this project.

There are also some quitrent properties within villages that are impacted by the pipeline route and installation Work to be done. This is currently being resolved with a specialist dealing with all land legal matters, to be followed by a servitude registration. The Eskom Way Leave application co-use approval was submitted in November with final approval received from Eskom on 30 November Final approval from Eastern Cape Roads and Public Works for the implementation of this scheme was received on 14 April This will be an Eskom internal design, external constructed project and is currently in the implementation phase.

All Eskom connection fees have been paid in full. Expected date for supply line to be commissioned is 2nd quarter ofhowever Eskom has also indicated that they have run into community unrests and this date is expected to shift to the 3rd quarter of Cathodic protection installation monitoring is ongoing for the various pipeline construction contracts.

The detailed engineering survey has been completed along the main pipeline route from Xonxa Dam to Queenstown. Servitude registration will be done through external conveyors following final land legal resolve process.

Final registration will be in place at commissioning of pipeline. With regards to the existing cost recovery system sall bylaws, indigent policy and credit control policies are in place.

Lukhanji LM has an existing billing system to recover costs form beneficiaries within the available demographic area as well as a current operations and maintenance contract for the water treatment works and bulk pipeline infrastructure. Regional Bulk Infrastructure APRIL Acceptable risks identified on the project and which are managed responsibly and in accordance with the applicable laws and legislation is as follows: Another risk being faced on a frequent basis on site in the Xonxa and Machibini villages is community unrest.

Chris Hani District Municipality, with the assistance of Umhlaba Consulting Services, appointed through Royal Haskoning DHV, have dealt with this, however we are still experiencing community unrest on a regular basis.

Currently all matters have been resolved.

Xonxa APE 2013-14 FINAL

This will be closely monitored throughout the duration of the remaining contracts. SC Contractors cc o Contract 2: Esorfranki Pipelines Pty Ltd o Contract 4 - 6: TBA Key challenges within the project The following key challenges to date are highlighted: The original implementation strategy was adjusted from three to six contracts. Regional Bulk Infrastructure APRIL On-going difficulties in obtaining community cooperation in gaining access along the pipeline route through the Xonxa village as the community anticipates compensation for accommodating the pipeline going past the village within state owned land.

Given this modest growth the population of Lukhanji is estimated at Lukhanji has 52 households. This translates to an average household size of 4 persons per household and almost The affected Xonxa Villages accounts for an additional 1, poor households 13, people. The beneficiaries of this project are all highly dependent on Government Grant Funding. The Xonxa Dam Transfer Scheme and Bulk Water Supply will impact directly on the entire population through the delivery of basic services water, sanitation and housing and promote economic development within the Lukhanji LM, creating further employment opportunities.

Over and above the overall project impact the immediate local investment and benefits include the use of local labour and local SMME contractors in accordance with the Contracts in place. The total number of labour person days for quarters 1, 2, 3 and 4 is 22 days with a local investment of R4 All environmental and institutional approvals are in place.

Most of the major community issues have been resolved and are managed on an on-going basis. Quality of construction work and materials are up to standard and being monitored accordingly.

OHS and environmental controls are in place and being managed successfully. Through proper management of the contracts, early procurement of high value materials and fittings i. Regional Bulk Infrastructure APRIL allowed accommodating early procurement without any financial, legal or operating risk to the client. Bulk infrastructure project, in light of the current funding and procurement constraints should be designed on a phased implementation approach.

This eliminates re-design and adjustments before, and during, implementation. Pump Station and Dam Connection Photo 1: Regional Bulk Infrastructure Photo 3: Operators house constructed above pump station.

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Outstanding works include earth lock block paving and clear view fencing. View of the back of the house with the septic tank shown at the bottom right of the photograph.

Regional Bulk Infrastructure Photo 5: View of the kitchen inside the pump station operator house which is in the completion phase. Regional Bulk Infrastructure Photo 7: Main DN Gate Valve installed at dam connection. Material Supply Pipes Photo 9: Pipe trucks being offloaded at the informal pipe yard in Machibini Village close to the two churches near the river crossing.

Regional Bulk Infrastructure Photo View of the informal pipe yard in Machibini Village where pipes are only stored temporarily. Construction of Pumping Main Photo Pipe being laid and welded in trench heading towards the pump station. The concrete batching plant has been relocated on site close to the forest near Xonxa Village.

Air valve tee installed in face-brick chamber in Xonxa Village. A Company profile of the bidder, with fun curriculum vitae of the proposed project team must be submitted stating whether each of the members will be full time or part time on the project, and their roles for the tender to be responsive. Certified 10 copies of owners or directors of the company to be Included in the bid.

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Penalties will be applied both in respect of late completion of work and failure to meet the required targets. Failure to complete all lender forms and data sheets and to submit all supplementary Information will lead of the tender being considered non-responsive. All tenders must remain valid days after the tender closing date and the Employer is bound to furnish any reasons for the acceptance or rejection of a tender. The Successful tenderer will have to supply all as-built information on his completed work, including Surveyed coordinates here of, on the completion of the project.

Proof of company registration to be submitted with tender. Failure to meet the minimum targeted procurement goals-will result in a tender being considered non responsive and therefore not considered for the award of the contract.

CHDM does not bind itself to accept the lowest lender or any tender and reserves the right or accept the whole or part of the lender. Tenders which are late. Incomplete, unsigned or submitted by facsimile or electronically, will not be accepted. Chris Hani District Municipality will not take responsibility for Incorrectly delivered bids send by courier. Failure to complete and sign the declaration certificate for local production and content will deem the submission to be non-responsive Failure to achieve the minimum local content threshold provided In the declaration certificate for local production and content will deem The submission to be non-responsive.