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Admin Building,. Mumbai Refinery,. Mahul, Chembur, EOI No: CBG01, dated 1st October System ID CBG EOI FOR PRODUCTION . Page 4 of 22 link “Tenders & Contracts”); BPCL website (uzveli.info) and HPCL. Date: BHARAT Reference to the subject Tender and the queries raised by the Bidders by e-mails and during Pre-Bid meeting held on at BPCL Mumbai Refinery, BPCL's replies are as given below: SR. NO. Bidder's. HPCL Tenders and Contracts. Due date has been extended to 01/09/ Make in India - Visakh Refinery( KB) PDF File Opens in a new window.

However, in case the bidder submits either a photo copy of audited financial statement or a translated copy of the published financial statements, the same shall be certified as per 7.

Therefore, the bidder shall in his own interest furnish complete documentary evidence in the first instance itself along with their bids, in support of their fulfilling the Qualification Criteria as given above. In case of submission of digitally signed authenticated copies of documents for meeting BQC, bidder shall not be required to submit the original authenticated documents in physical form to BPCL subject to confirmation by bidder on Annexure-C attached with NIT.

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NIT Page 7 of 14 8 ii. Provisions of the ITB stand modified to the above extent. Above document in original shall be submitted to the following address: Subsequent to the submission of bid, bidders are not allowed to change the price or substance of the bid. These queries shall be replied during the Pre-bid meeting. NIT Page 8 of 14 9 8. Bidders are requested to download the same and quote their prices strictly as per the format without altering the content of it. The bid will be submitted in three parts as follows: In addition, original copy of EMD shall also be submitted.

In addition, documents as mentioned under Clause 7. Price bid should contain only the prices, without any condition whatsoever. Bids complete in all respects should be submitted on or before last date and time of Bid submission. The Bids submitted online in BPCL s e- tendering system shall only be considered for evaluation and ordering. BG shall be submitted from any Indian scheduled bank which includes Indian branch of foreign bank recognized as scheduled bank by RBI.

On opening the un-priced bid, the certificate will be verified for registration and validity. If the bidder meets this requirement, their bid will be processed further.


If not, the bidder will be asked to submit EMD. The certificate shall be valid as on date of opening of un-priced bid Documents to be submitted by MSEs along with un-priced bid: Bidder shall submit self certificate in this regard, However, bidders have to submit their bids only through e- tendering website of BPCL Bidder shall download the Bidding Document in their own name and submit the bid directly.

Carry out welding as existing. Replace perforated, thinned out and damaged structural beams as per existing. Remove all corroded chequered plates as it is not recommended to use it. In between pipe rack-4 and V, V Four steel pipe supports found heavily corroded V, beside pipe rack out of 4 steel supports found corroded V, beside pipe rack Perforation found in steel beam supporting stairs V Gratings of staircase found heavily corroded and thinned out.

Beside V Scaling found in base plate of column. No pedestal is provided in one out of four supports. Beside V Scaling found in one steel pipe support. NC and V Grating found heavily corroded and pitting observed. Holes found at web. Diagonal bracing angle ISA 75x75x6 also corroded Lift structure casing plate corroded and found with holes all round the structure.

Stairs beside burner 4- one no.

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C Channel support found perforated. One monkey ladder C channel found perforated at bottom. I section supporting heater s grating- 3 nos. Plate supporting angle section, around the heater, to support grating found perforated. One beam in 2nd level platform found perforated.

Beside V, scaling found in plate attached to railing support. In V floor, Base plate found corroded. Severe cracks observed in pedestals. Remove the scaling of structural members and offer for inspection. In staircase scalling, corrosion and weld damage found near angle joint at around 95 locations.

Chequered plates outside machine room found thinned out. In structure beside lift west side, Plate below shed found perforated and shed found damaged at two locations. Railings beside structure having equipment V to be replaced. Reactor steel platform cantilever support embedded in lagging, in view of this remove the lagging surrounding supports and offer for inspection.

Steel support of fractionation column is embedded in lagging, in view of this remove the lagging surrounding supports and offer for inspection.

Steps support angle and its welding found corroded. Provide proper joint to the detached members in standard manner. Replace the outside chequered plates with gratings.