Bb sauli koskinen dating

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bb sauli koskinen dating

Adam Lambert reveals how hard dating is when he's on tour hunky Finnish entertainment reporter, Sauli Koskinen, who he split with in And Adam Lambert and his Finnish host boyfriend Sauli Koskinen have decided Idol, had been dating his year-old beau for nearly three years. on a reality competition - as the winner of the Finnish Big Brother in Sauli Koskinen's jogging surroundings really are awesome! The winner of Big Brother shares a rented two-bedroom apartment with an American room.

Fashion shows coming up In addition to exercising, Sauli is also interested in healthy food. He likes green smoothies and organic food. During Dancing On Ice I ate like a horse, even eight steaks a day. But at times you have to take it easy, too, I have one feasting day per week and I party when I feel like it. Sauli also wants to keep fit because he has a contract with the Finnish model agency Paparazzi.

bb sauli koskinen dating

The deal was signed in December. I went to meet her and we clicked. There are a couple of fashion shows coming up in Finland in the spring. I would like to become a TV host! Sauli will fly to Finland in March. In addition to the fashion shows I have a couple of hosting gigs. Sauli says he dreams about a job as a TV host.

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I think everybody already knows who I am: Roller skating in the sun Sauli is interested in working with young people. If I could combine youngsters and exercising… And maybe even add TV to that? Sauli wants to show how a TV skating star handles roller skates. After the skating Sauli runs to the beach and turns a cartwheel.

To Finland in the summer?

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The friends are competing on which one can make it to the end of the challenge: During the first week, you have to do push-ups every day, on the second weekon the thirdand on the fourth per day! I just grab my bag and laptop and travel wherever I want to. An arabesque at the Los Angeles rooftop! Sauli Koskinen stretching on a plateau at his jogging grounds, Runyon Canyon Park. The view towards Hollywood is amazing. Adam Lambert on romance, 'American Idol' knock-offs and his new album Sauli has come a long way since the first live shows, look at him jumping, spinning and perfectly skating around!

It might have been the last dance we would be skating to together.

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Adam Lambert is Jewish Correction: You just get the flirts passion video game. Although he liked rock music when younger he now loves pop music the most. Thankfully, we skated to the finals with this!! He does not have a single favorite. The feeling was definitely good after this number! The last one, happens what happens.

bb sauli koskinen dating

I saw one video where he originally tried out for AI with two songs, but the most common videos showed him singing "Bohemian Rhapsody". There is nothing to loose anymore, just to win. And not just to skate by himself, with a pair. Mad world was beautiful, ring of fire was well vocalized and sexy, and born to be wild was a great show. Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were arrested after their fight at a popular gay bar early Thursday in downtown Helsinki, Finland Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen are a true reality couple.

We feel blessed to have fans like you that are cheering for us from week to week, during the good days and especially during the bad ones. To copy this link left click to highlight the link which will turn blue when highlighted, then right click and select copy.

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To love what you do and to put your heart in to it, is a skill itself. These skills has been useful in this competition, but the one thing that you cannot teach is to love. This is not easy even for a skater but for a guy that did not know how to skate at all in the first place, it is an accomplishment that words cannot describe. While Adam was signing mine I asked what his favorite color was.

bb sauli koskinen dating

So, hard work, repetitions and basic skills were the this that kept us moving then and still does. Luettelo tunnetuista homo- ja biseksuaaleista This journey has been amazing. Tweet Early Thursday, December 22,former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen were reportedly arrested and jailed in Helsinski, Finland after brawling each other outside the popular gay bar.