Auto 5 serial number dating

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auto 5 serial number dating

number. In several cases, caliber rarity can also be determined. Date codes are now also provided on Date Codes" in this section. A-5 (AUTOMATIC 5) SHOTGUN ga., cont. Year . During the Hi-Power pistol Serial Number code. I compiled this quick reference serial number guide for dating 16ga Browning A5s and the Auto Shot, by serial number. I decided to share it. Date, Historic Information, Serial Number Info. , First 10, shipped to U.S. Marked with "BROWNING AUTOMATIC ARMS CO. OGDEN.

The gun that left Browning a year later is easy to explain. It was manufactured in Belgium and had the serial number stamped in It was shipped to the Browning warehouse in November of and has a serial number date It was sold and shipped from Browning to a customer in The letter dates the gun as a gun.

Serial number dates

It is a contender for the earliest lowest serial number A5 Light Twelve made. The A5 Light Twelve was not available until This was all during the first year of production after WWII.

This gun was held in the Browning warehouse until someone ordered an A5 Light Twelve. A gun configured a certain way may sit in the warehouse, weeks, months or years until that configuration was ordered.

auto 5 serial number dating

As I mentioned earlier in my post I found a serial numbered gun that left Browning in the 50s. My other gun was custom ordered.

Dating browning auto 5

The special custom order was sent to the Belgium FN factory by Browning There were thousands of barrels, receivers and other parts on hand and in stock at that time. In parts were made years before they became a finished gun and logged into Browning inventory.

auto 5 serial number dating

In my gun was made with the most recent available parts. These parts were stamped with a serial number that would normally have made it into the inventory as a complete gun. When the recoil system is set for "heavy" and it cycles my trap loads, here's a clue the springs are tired. You will find the hammer pivot bearing wears egg-shaped after 15 or 20 years of hard use too, replace the hammer every couple decades or 30, rounds or so.

My Belgian Light 12 has an estimated 70, rounds fired, so far, in her life and continues to splat Pheasants, Quail, and Clay Pigeons every year.

auto 5 serial number dating

The trigger is gold plated, has a ventilated rib barrel, it has the nicer grade of wood stock nice checkering and very shiny finishand the receiver has some nice engraving BROWNING with a small picture of John below and Twenty written in script near the top.

Does this identify it in any way?

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The Gold Trigger is a comon touch, even on my "Grade 1" the "standard field grade". Long worn off the finger face of mine, the vent ribs were an option on most especially ours agebut I think it was more comonly selected than the plain, and I think it looks better.

auto 5 serial number dating

There were 2 "limited editions" the "Classic" prod. These were a production, so not yours. A call to Browning for a letter will get you all you can find out. You probably have a "Grade III", if they were still optioning them that way.

My info has those "upgraded decorations" stopping with a model change.

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A5's date back tofully to MANY different versions made over the decades. This was used in the 20 gauge Auto 5 numbering system. Wow, for more than one reason, I am impressed and jealous at the same time This thing look WELL worn, but shoots like a dream. For another 2 years, I was shooting "eliminations" aka "knockout" with some folks every wednesday evening under the lights, year-round.

Average was 75 shots a night some overa few, 5 shots, periodmaking another 7, rounds.