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arrow wiki caity lotz dating

She is the former girlfriend of both Oliver Queen and Nyssa al Ghul. Tomorrow, Caity Lotz made her first appearance as Sara Lance in Season Two of Arrow. For the Arrow episode, see Sara. Caity Lotz (present) friend of Oliver Queen, the ex-lover of Nyssa al Ghul and is currently dating Ava Sharpe. Sara is . She is also the Former Girlfriend of Oliver Queen who at the time was also dating her older sister. She is also a Former Member of The League of Assassins.

Arrow[ edit ] Sara Lance first appears in the pilot episode of Arrow as the younger sister of Laurel Lance. It's shown that five years prior to the beginning of the series, she was having a secret affair with her sister's boyfriend Oliver Queen and was with him on his family yacht when it shipwrecked. She was rescued by a research boat, the Amazoand when Oliver was captured by the ship's crew, Sara helped him escape.

Together, along with Oliver's friend Slade Wilsonthey attacked the ship. Due to Slade's love for Shadoan ally who was killed indirectly because of Oliver's feelings for Sara, Slade betrayed Oliver and took over both the ship and Oliver as his prisoner.

Oliver and Sara confronted him on the freighter and Sara was swept away in the current, causing Oliver to believe that she died once again. In season two, Sara returns to Starling City after a six year absence as "The Canary" to protect her family.

In keeping with a promise, she also befriends wayward teenager Sin and watches over her. Oliver manages to capture and unmask The Canary, revealing Sara to be alive.

Sara joins Team Arrow and revisits a brief relationship with Oliver. In season three, Sara is killed on a rooftop with three arrows to the chest.

Meanwhile, Laurel takes up Sara's mantle to fight crime as the Black Canary.

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The process is successful, but Sara is brought back to life without a soul, making her feral and dangerous. Oliver calls his old friend John Constantine to assist them in restoring Sara's soul.

During her time away with the Legends, Laurel is killed by Darhk and she is later made aware of it by Quentin when she briefly returns to present-day Star City at the end of season one of Legends of Tomorrowwhere she and Quentin mourn her together. After Oliver appoints Barry leader of the group, they all spar with Kara to practice fighting aliens, and are repeatedly defeated, while Sara develops an attraction to Kara.

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Kara leads Sara and the others while Barry and Oliver stay behind to rescue the president from the Dominators, which ends up with the president being killed and the Dominators using a device to mind control the entire group.

She returns with the rest of the mind-controlled heroes and attack Barry and Oliver, until Barry tricks Kara into destroying the device, freeing them. Oliver and Laurel are engaged and Sara helps Laurel get ready for their wedding, and begins having memory flashes of her actual life. They later rally Ray and Thea and attempt to leave, but are forced to fight manifestations of Malcolm, Slade, Darhk, and their mercenaries before killing all of them and Sara and Oliver share a heartbreaking goodbye with Laurel.

They conclude the dream world was a distraction meant to keep them busy while the Dominators probe their minds for information on metahumans. They return to earth and as some of the Legends along with Felicity and Cisco Ramon head to the past and attempt to abduct a dominator, Sara, Barry, Oliver, and Ray confront a group of secret service agents who attempt to kill them, but are defeated.

After the battle she returns to base only to find a Member of The League of Assassins waiting for her telling her that she is order to return to the group. After failing to dissuade the member from making her to return she ends up kill him instead after the member didn't lesson to her about her not wanting to return to the group. Black Canary and Green Arrow After learning from Felicity Smoak a pattern to his encounters with her Green Arrow sets a trap to catch her to learn who she real is only to be shocked to learn who she real is under the mask which is Sara Lance who he thought to believe dead.

After learning the truth that she is alive Green Arrow informs his team the truth about what real happened to her during the shipwreck and during his first encounter with her after he believed she was dead again.

After encountering her Former Boyfriend she returns to her base and shares a meal with Sin and reveals some important information about herself. After the meal she follows her former boyfriend to Verdant where she questions him if he told her family about her being alive. However in the middle of their conversation they our visited by her father who is there to see Oliver Queen and doesn't know she is even there at all.

She overhears the conversation about her big sisters current state of depression and silently leaves right after the conversation ends. The two work perfectly together hand in hand even using each others weapons to take everyone out.

arrow wiki caity lotz dating

Near the end of the battle she is about to kill The Mayor for what he did to her friend she is convinced by Green Arrow to not to however instead simply knocks him out cold. After checking in on her friend to see how she is doing from the shadows she encounters Oliver Queen who convinces her to stop living in the shadows and let her family know she is alive. Still unsure of the idea she for now simply decides to leave with him instead. She and Oliver Queen successfully fight him off which soon forces her to reveal to Team Arrow in the Arrow Cave that she is a Former Member of the group and is now hunted to be brought back to the groups leader.

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She and Green Arrow quickly hunt down Al-Owal and begin a battle with him and two other members however her and Green Arrow are forced to escape narrowly with their lives.

But as things quickly evolve she is forced to after to reveal herself to her Dad that she is alive. She also tells her Dad everything that she has been doing her time away.

arrow wiki caity lotz dating

She quickly brings her father to her base only to be quickly confronted by Al-Owal and the other two members with him from The League of Assassins a major battle quickly begins with her and her father holding their own against the group however they soon get overwhelms by the group only to be saved by Green Arrow himself who crashes through the big window of the base to help them defeat the group.

She quickly kills Al-Owal and is convinced by Green Arrow and her father to not kill the other member which she doesn't instead she tell the surviving member to send a message back to the League of Assassins that her family is off limits.