Anita nderu dating divas

Anita Nderu explains what happened to her 'pregnancy'

anita nderu dating divas

Anita Nderu has confessed that she is a hopeless romantic just like most Anita is currently dating DJ Sun Man and these two tend to spread. Anita Nderu just showed off her boyfriend, Sun Man, to the world yet again on an On the said day of his birthday, it became evident that they have dated for 9. Main · Videos; Co optional podcast felicia day dating dating divas charlie and bryarly dating divas anita nderu dating simulator anita nderu dating simulator nz .

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anita nderu dating divas

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anita nderu dating divas

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This proves that beauty is something that is in their bloodline. There is also something badass that will amaze you in Anita Nderu photos. She can slay tomboy and girly looks and she will never stop baffling us even a single day. Anita Nderu is actually taken, and she has been dating the love of her life for the past one decade.

Anita Nderu boyfriend only came to the public about a year ago. The mystery man is about the same age as her, a DJ by profession and of Asian descent. The two are eating life with a big spoon and love adventure moving from Mombasa to Dubai and doing skydiving and quad biking among other things.

anita nderu dating divas

No, Not Yet Anita enjoys a whoppingfollowers on Instagram. She shares sexy photos of her and keeps her followers entertained any other day.

#WCW @AnitaNderu The Sexy News Anchor Turns 25!

She also always appears to have pregnancy looks which has always raised lots of questions whether she is really expecting. To clear the air and set the record straight, Anita explained in the Anita Nderu blog that her baby bump is nothing but a paunch and that she hates contraceptives. This could be the main reason why she always has those looks every end month or the beginning of a new month. Anita Nderu pregnant is not true.