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tau2 dating site

Member Login. Member name: Password: Lost your password? Return to main. On Tau2 do you find about girls from the former Sovjet, who The site is a bit different as you have to pay for each letter you send to the. Write About Your Family in TAU2 Blog. To many men and.

TAU2 is oriented at serious relationships only, and this will facilitate your search significantly.

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The catalogue of TAU2 is closed for public viewing and access to it is available only to the registered members of the website.

That's why your photos and personal information are reliably protected against any kind of global search system, even from Google. Tell about yourself and express your individuality!

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To post information about yourself at TAU2 is not difficult at all and it's absolutely free of charge. Write about yourself in an arbitrary manner and answer a couple of questions of the questionnaire which in turn will help other members of TAU2 to locate you on the website.

tau2 dating site

If you want to, you can provide self-description in a few languages at a time, add comments to your photos, keep a blog of your own, give an interview and do many other things. Of course, you can update your profile in any moment or remove it completely. Each and every member of TAU2 is provided with personal email address, that's why sending and receiving letters can be effected not only through the special page on the website but through your usual mail client directly.

tau2 dating site

It is not prohibited to indicate your contact information in the letters you send. How can I be sure that registered people on this website are real?

tau2 dating site

Now, before you say, "We'll, you're a few years older now, etc. So it has same pix and intro etc - But "back then" my inbox was swamped - and got a ton of EOI's letters I think there's ONE gal that is even of remote interest to me But it's clear that the inbox of bogus letters I receive daily from 4RussianWomen. Well, they're all mysteriously MIA now?

tau2 dating site

Or the handful of year olds that do reply - seem to have a strong interest in shopping in Milan, and traveling to Tahiti! So, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to sort that one out - Point being was there a point?? I was just going to do what I call a "wing-it" trip to Ukraine in May - Fly into Kiev or Odessa, and then hop over to Kherson and Nik - but realized I needed or would probably be better if I started some up front communications before arriving in a few months Well, that lead me down the "agency" path again - And tried or am trying to plug in with some local agencies to "assist" - Most have been receptive - Others like in Moldova??

tau2 dating site

General concensus was Elena's - or a mass mail campaign with one of the biggies - or a one on one trip with JB etc - I think just from the standpoint of "ease" - I wimped out, and took the easy route for now and signed with Elena's - Just to discover they really don't service any other city in Ukraine other than Kiev