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Whether you love it or think it's trash, it's going to be one of the best for the foreseeable future, and those are just facts. Who it's good for: Tinder is place you go to find someone to flirt with ASAP. Everyone and their mother is on Tinder, and the wide variety of people means you'll never not be able to find someone close. Tinder is great for finding a quick hookup with someone nearby where you live, and it's especially handy if you're looking for a vacation fling or a local to show you around while you're traveling.

It's pretty much online dating without the commitment: You can use it when you're bored, ignore it for three weeks, and come back to find new matches and a new crowd to swipe through. This isn't to say that Tinder is only used for finding a one night stand or friends with benefits situation, though.

A lot of people are truly on Tinder to find a real relationship, and it's likely that you know at least one couple that met on Tinder if you don't, just look at these mushy Tinder success stories. Because you're making your swipe decision based on someone's photos and a tiny bio that's usually just a Parks and Recreation quote, Tinder gets a lot of shit for being superficial. And if you're only looking for a casual encounter, this speedy, no-frills process is exactly what you want.

You mean, other than the obvious fact that you'll probably get carpal tunnel from having to swipe through so many profiles?

His head high and shoulders straight. He opened his front door and entered swiftly. Mellie wasn't in the living room so she must've already gone to bed. To his surprise she was still up. Reading in their california king. Then he proceeded to talk about the things he usually does. Mellie lip synced along, his whole being is foreseeable it bores her.

He talked to himself as he finished his nightly routine. He walked in tightening the rest of his belonging up when Mellie saw it. A strand of long blonde hair.

Holding it up to the light he came up with a conclusion, "It's brown. I know blonde women, I know blonde hair. He choked slightly before asking, "Honey, you don't think I? Never would his stuck up ass do such a thing.

Especially when you are paying for it. But it couldn't get off of his mind. As she smacked her lips together, licking them, not ready to talk in her current state. Her eyes were closed. He saw her face scrunch up and knew he needed to clarify.

Her lids fluttered open softly and she looked at him. She reached out, stroked his arm, as if what she were about to say were hurtful and she needed to comfort him. She carried on, undeferred.

She rolled over and returned to her peaceful sleep. Fitz shifted back his gaze fixed on the ceiling. X The next morning at the office Laura Fitz's secretary came in.

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Fitz looked at him with a straight face. Olivia looked exhausted, bags under her eyes as she stood there with a 'It's my day off what the fuck do you want! Fitz looked at Titus and gestured with his head for him to leave but in protest he stayed.

Olivia was done with the awkward silence, "What? Fitz gestured to the door with his strong arm and guided her to the elevator. X "Where are we going? Olivia shook her head. Fitz wanted to shake her and ask her why she was so stubborn.

Her attitude was waving off of her like a rotting stench and he was starting to stink. Tears started to well up in her eyes. Sniffles came and her breathing became irregular. The bell rang and they walked into the car garage. By the time they entered his car her breathing had calmed down slightly. Whipping her head around their eyes connected.

He was a good guy but he could hurt her. Her sobs filled the big piece of metal and he quickly comforted. Through broken sobs she managed, "Everyone who says that always leaves. His hand found itself under her shirt. I am not going to hurt you. This time she didn't have a comeback. Fitz put the keys in the ignition and revved the engine making his presence in the parking lot known. X Pointing around in the spacious apartment.

He continued, "I followed you because I just knew there was something wrong. Someone told me that I always do the same thing, I am predictable, so I am here to prove them wrong, I am here to help any and everyone, not just turn a blind eye like I may have before, and to listen.

His eyes pleaded her to say something. Instead she ran to him, although they were only steps apart. Tears and all and gave him the tightest hug he's ever received. I promise I'll work twice as hard and pay you back once my feet hit the ground.

She twirled around and ran to the master bedroom. There she threw off her shoes and started jumping on the bed. After she tired out her curls, sweaty began to stick to her forehead. Collapsing on the bed and moving her arms and legs on the silk bedspread as if she were making a snow angel she slowed her movements, taking a deep breath.

She needed to repay him somehow, but first a proper shower. X When Fitz got home he saw Mellie on the sofa working on some documents, no doubt about the realtor business she worked for. Fitz didn't answer he only took long strides.

Once he reached her he took her by the waist she carried her to the window. What are you-" Fitz used his tongue to draw hard circles on her neck before biting down.

He leaned her up on the cool glass and ripped off her shirt. Letting her down for only seconds, peeling her pants off before hoisting her back up again. He entered slowly and took her right against the glass, when she got used to his length he commanded her in every way while pounding her, hard. X The next morning as Mellie was in her morning routine she whispered to herself.

When she didn't hear a response her face changed into confusion but she moved on. With a slight sigh she proceeded, "Rosa forgot to shine my cufflinks. She didn't hear him say anything. For all of the years she's known him he's done the same exact things and him not completing their morning routine startled her.

She looked over at him and he was walking through the bathroom door, into the room. With dark jeans and a black v-neck his curls resembled that of superman's, one hanging off his forehead, screaming to be brushed back.

Fitz was spritzing his cologne when Mellie spoke up again. Fitz just offered a small grin, "Well, if I did that, then that would be unpredictable.

X Deciding to skip breakfast he turned on Olivia's Ipod and started his favorite song from her playlist so far. Once he pressed play the beat of the drums had his head nodding and his body moving.

How do you feel? Comin' up as a nigga in the cash game I'm livin' in the fast lane, I'm for real How do you want it? Comin' up as a nigga in the cash game I'm livin' in the fast lane, I'm for real' Mellie walked in the kitchen observing his odd behavior with a spectacle eye.

Fitz caught eyes with her and stopped his footwork. Grabbing his messenger bag, he put his head through the sling. Walking over to her smoothly, hands in his pants, long strides. He kissed her on the lips. Mellie kissed back and he left nodding his head to the tune still playing on his speakers. Titus was flirting with one of the assistant's who was sitting in a cubicle, but when the elevator dinged he immediately spun his head around.

He never could mind his P's and Q's. He looked at her, "Ugh, why is Fitz banging her? He could get a supermodel with the Grant money. Fitz walked the short distance to the door, opening it with a huge smile once he saw her appearance.

Her curls look hydrated, and her face was refreshed, no bags under her eyes. She smiled up at him and walked in. Not even paying attention to Titus she asked, "You free for lunch? Both Olivia and Fitz looked to see what caused his sudden outburst. Fitz has never retaliated or fought back, EVER. Even when he's said inappropriate comments about Mellie. Why would he defend a janitor? A fucking cleaner, the help. But that could be answered later. Right now he was almost shitting his pants. Fitz shook his body dangling his smaller stature above the ground and growled.

His growl was deep and predatory. Warning him to back off. Olivia just stood there, frozen watching the whole exchange. She didn't know why but Fitz standing up for her lit something inside her, maybe a forest fire of some sort but it started in her stomach and was currently heating up her whole body.

Fitz let Titus down and he scurried off swinging the white door open at lightning speed. As a child he never was whipped, it shows more than ever, he needed to be put in his place. Fitz turned to look at Olivia. His eyes reading hers and moving to see every movement of her doe eyes. He started, "Look," And with a big sigh stepped back.

Opening her mouth wide just to close it. Olivia Pope, I sincerely apologize for my brother's disgusting behavior. Laughter lifted the dark tension in the room. Olivia could look past things that were false. His brother stated false claims about her as a whole. Since she knows they weren't true she couldn't really be mad. She needed to pray for him, he needed help. X Outside of the building Fitz was blindly walking while his large hands covered his baby blues.

Uncovering his eyes he saw a vintage fat boy harley with what looked like to be, "Gold and black quartz?

Fitz wasted no time in putting his helmet on and starting this bad boy up. He laughed for three minutes straight. Olivia's arms were across her chest, looking at the back of his vibrating head in annoyance. When he turned around the expression on her face made him laugh even harder. Olivia started getting off the bike.

I'd say she's an Olivia. Fitz revved the engine one more time and started flying down the streets of Chicago. X At the restaurant. Fitz chuckled, "Still, you are the only person who talks to me like that. No one's ever told you the truth. They do, just nicer. My boyfriend, Jake at the time was immature and cheating on me with other girls. See, I always went to these purity balls with my father.

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He believed if he gave me male attention and respect, always being by my side, I wouldn't g outside the home looking for male attention. A family of core christian values… my aunt, Sally she was adopted but she held the truths of the bible. The great book and her and her husband, Daniel, we called him Danny, they influenced my parents before I was born. Once I became pregnant my father, Eli, well he was disappointed. She'd never shared this story with anyone else.

Fitz reached over and put his hand on top of hers and stroked it gently in a calming pattern. Hesitantly Fitz asked, "And the baby? Fitz's dry lips slowly separated and he inhaled at a snail's pace. He loved children and Olivia explaining all that happened to her just for the child to have passed broke his heart. He removed the napkin from his lap and set his utensils down, the metal banged against the pates as he stood and wrapped his arms around Olivia. It felt so good, and so warm she just melted into his embrace.

Like cotton candy on a flesh-colored tongue. He looked her in the eyes. X Olivia's and Fitz's hair were slightly matted, and flat from the helmets and even more so from there second ride.

In the restaurant Fitz refused to let her pay, but when he went to the bathroom she left the cash and met him outside of the restroom with a smug look on her face. But now they were outside of Fitz's condo. It was about 6 o'clock at night and the LED lights were on display. I always heard stories about an old evil italian guy who was in the mafia before and he got really mad all the time. Once he almost killed one of his employes over wrongly stacked paper.

Seemed like when Olivia talked sometimes she really didn't think before she said anything. He's never laughed so much. Everyone he's around always thinks before they talk, this was a breath of fresh air. Fitz nodded and walked with swagger to his building. He could take a cab tomorrow and get his car then. Olivia noticed Fitz took the helmet with him, she left it alone. Now it was time for her to put the bike back to the garage. Even though she custom made it.

It was technically owned by the garage. She worked there with her ex boyfriend and since when she was younger her dad taught her a lot about mechanics for his daily, 'daddy and pumpkin time'. The owner of the shop loved her and agreed to let her take it out for the day, she hasn't payed it off fully, but she was working on it.

X The next day. They attended college together and have been best friends ever since. Let me call my mother. X Fitz tapped on the glass flute with a sparkling, silver knife.

We have given our biggest competitors, The Doyle family great difficulty over the years and now they have forfeited and signed with us. The elevator doors opened and Titus saw Olivia. Walking stealthily over to her she groaned when she saw him. Olivia was very embarrassed. She shouldn't have come.

She was slightly being dragged by Titus in this moment toward Fitz and the small group that surrounded him. All the other employes were talking amongst themselves.

She stood there as Fitz stared at her. Mellie cleared her throat and brought Fitz out of his trance. You are very beautiful as well. Mellie then went on to introduce her friends. In the meantime Lesa Grant and Adeline Tovar were speaking softly to each other. Titus was standing right next to them. Titus sipped his wine smirking and when he swallowed he cleared his face, " of course you've never seen seen her, she's the janitor.

Titus hummed in agreement. Her beloved son minging with a janitor? Mellie was taking and everyone was laughing, but they just stared at each other, devious smirks covered their faces.

Lesa Grant sauntered over to her son and stood next to Olivia obviously wanting to be recognized. Being around rich, fancy people was making her nervous, she doesn't know what kind of manners they expect.

She said it in a small voice. Fitz looked at them his mom has always been protective. He sipped his flute slowly.

Subtly but not really telling Olivia to get the fuck back. Titus walked over, "Did you suck all of the life out of her like you do everyone else, huh? I called Hollis, went to his house and made it happen!

Everyone was staring while Titus kept going about how he made the deal.

9 Best Free “Local” Dating Sites for Singles (2019)

Dad wanted me to run this company! I can run it, just leave! I could run the whole company! The smack sound caused everyone to gasp. Before Titus could slap her back Fitz grabbed him by the suit collar and yanked him back. Fitz let him go and within seconds Titus sprinted to Fitz's office.

Olivia had seen enough and pressed the elevator button by the time she stepped in Titus and Fitz were heading her way. Titus punched him and he slammed him into the wall again. The elevator door closed and the screams for Mellie and proceeded. Olivia just looked at them fighting.

Titus punched Fitz in the stomach and that was the last straw for Fitz. He slammed him a third time against the wall and through him on the elevator floor, ending the fight with his fist smashing into Titus' face. Titus struggled against the floor the keys were before his face, he reached for them but Fitz snatched them first. Fitz stood next to Olivia against the wall.

The pain from his hand jolted throughout his body. He shook it and hissed. Olivia took his hand in hers and look at him cringing, "You ok? Titus was loud, gasping for air. His brother just had to win at everything. Fitz caught the faces of the two women before him and removed his hand. Titus slammed the elevator buttons.

X "We're all stuck here, just like Fitz is stuck in a career he doesn't even want. Olivia opened her door wondering who could possibly be knocking at this hour. Olivia saw him and tilted her head towards inside. His head hung low a little and possessed her to inquire, "Are you ok? He stopped and looked at her.

He towered over her and looked into her eyes as he descended. He kissed her softly on her plump lips before she shook her head and pushed him off.

She took long breaths to keep her breathing steady. She wanted him, but she could never have him and that hurt like a bitch. Huh am I just another one of your projects? Fix me up and when your bored you just throw me away? Hell no, everyone wants what you have but look at you! Look, you are not happy. Go, leave and find what makes you happy, not just another short project. Why do you live in misery? Why don't you think you deserve happiness?

He sniffled before saying, "That's why I'm here.