Looking for friendship not dating sites are there any

10 of the best dating sites for introverts, wallflowers, and shy people

looking for friendship not dating sites are there any

Yes, on a dating site, looking for "friends only", because the best Apparently, there's some correlation that if a man is NOT looking friends on an online Apparently, some women tend to used dating sites if they are "new in. Are there any genuine friendship sites? I have been on numerous dating sites, some well known, others not so much! for All professional looking photos with model shots in the same background is a good indication that the profile is fake!. Recent Users in Your Area looking for hiking partners, dining companions, drinking buddies, a friend to go see a Who are we and why did we start this site ? Here is what some of our members tell us: The site works kinda like a dating site with profiles, search, and messaging but it is platonic and not for dating, get it?.

looking for friendship not dating sites are there any

Nextdoor is the perfect alternative. Bumble Free Bumble might be most famous for being a dating app, but it offers more than just romance.

looking for friendship not dating sites are there any

Peanut Free Peanut is an app that hopes to build a community of women who also happen to be mothers. You can spend time in the app chatting via a group chat facility, but Peanut has a strong focus on arranging meet ups. Skout Free Skout works on preferences and proximity, much like a dating app but for friends. You can easily check out what events your friends are liking or attending, as well as keep in the know about when your favorite musician or comedian is around.

Personal recommendations make it easy to find something to do any day of the week. It's a breath a fresh air where you can enjoy good conversations and get to know people. All it needs is more people using it and maybe a way to paste text into the message field.

looking for friendship not dating sites are there any

To the dev team, thank you for making this and understanding exactly how I feel - Joseph Finally a platonic friends app Been waiting for this concept forever! It makes creating new friendships easy and to the point. Gives you more info and options than any other friend app.

It's like Tinder for friends. Real friends, not 'I want to get in your pants friends'.

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Had some genuinely lovely conversations and it's so easy to use. I really like how you can build your own algorithm for finding friends. I'm already talking to two really cool people and I feel like there's no pressure or no hidden agenda - everyone on the site seems to just want to have real conversations.

Great app- looking forward to continue using it and seeing what upgrades might be coming. Patook includes users from all genders, including men, women, couples and non-binary genders, from all ages, ethnicities, and orientations. Our vision We believe that it gets harder to make new platonic friends when you hit adulthood. After running a survey of over 2, US adults, we confirmed that only 1 in 4 adults find it easy to make friends.

And that number drops to 1 in 5 after moving to a new city or place. Here are several important reasons why.

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Read Moreand why women are flocking to this dating app. What makes it different is that women make the first move in heterosexual matching, and either person can do it in same-sex matching. The trick is that it has to be done in 24 hours or else the match disappears. Bumble also has an interesting feature aimed at those looking to make friends on the app. The hour rule still applies, but why wait longer before you make the first move anyway?

Friendmatch Friendmatch is another app for meeting friends that you can try for free. It combines personal and group approaches and has different search options.

You can look for friends as an individual, as well as a group of people. One particularly interesting feature that Friendmatch has to offer is organizing matchmaking events for friends. The app founders call them Speed-Friending, which is exactly what it sounds like — speed-dating for friends instead of dates.

Perfect for someone interested in personal meetings, but also suffering from a lack of free time. All you need is create a profile and fill in information such as your location and sports-related interests.

After you meet up with people, you can rate them on an interactive scale based on their athletic ability.

looking for friendship not dating sites are there any

That is to ensure that you meet up with people on a similar level as yourself. And with Hangouts, you can easily do so.