Golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

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golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

Main · Videos; Vocea romaniei 22 noiembrie online dating websites · serdika center magazini online dating · golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating. The forest wing contend that it is an Indian Pheasant but it actually is a Chinese Pheasant. Golden Pheasant, and Lady Amherst Pheasant are bought and sold. No one dares to buy or sell any Himalayan Indian Pheasant. In the city of Bangalore, we have been the first home for companionship exotics dating back to the year during the period of the British Rule. With our.

golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

After winter I am putting the corrugated fiberglass that is 85 percent light penetrated on. This is the front 20' x 20' that was divided into 4 - 10' x 10' pens. Next to it is a 8' x 8' shelter, which they have access to. It is currently housing a pair of Peach Golden. In front of the ladder is going to be another pen roughly 9' x 9' and will have a slanted roof attached to the existing shelter for another set of birds. Same picture with some of the interior poly up These 3 pens pictured below are 2 - 5' x 16', and one 10' x 16'.

The two smaller pens are done and the bigger pen is being worked on right now. I have been slacking. But that's because we just got another 10 peafowl. The bigger pen will be split up into sections and the birds that are hatched and raised here will be banded and placed into this unit until they go elsewhere.

When I got these the two birds not to long ago I put them in this empty pen to worm and quarantine them. This coming Thursday after being wormed again for the second time they will go into their breeding pens.

I just got this bird and it was the first time handling it and it seems to like me. Call me the bird whisperer. Or the "bird juggler" like someone on byc has named me. Now I will be adding roofing to all of this so the price will be my guess double. But you can make it way cheaper using things you find.

All this stuff was brand new treated wood. The only thing I would have done differently is used hardware cloth on the wiring part, I believe it would last longer then the current stuff, which is 2x4 wire with chicken wire over that.

They lay eggs in one clutch and will lay more if you take the eggs and incubate them yourself. Some hens will be broody while others wont. Best bet is to incubate the eggs. Chicks are easy to raise but I wouldn't put them in with peafowl they will pick the top feathers off and pick on the peafowl. Even adding a small box on the inside of the brooder can help with picking. Some will run into the box to hide. They lay a small sized pale creamish egg.

Indian or Chinese? Not a pheasant surprise by CID forest wing

Collect eggs thru ought the day and mark on them with a pencil don't use a marker as the ink can seep into the embryo the date and what breeding pen they came from and if you have multiple kinds then mark what breed it will be. I am separating each pen into colored leg bands and the eggs will be separated in the incubators so that when the birds hatch out I don't have to worry about what pen they came from.

The eggs should be incubated at right around the same temp as a chicken so if you hatched chickens you can hatch these birds. Keep the hatched bird in the hatcher for minimum of 8 hours so it can dry off.

Chicks should be in a 2' x 3' brooder and should be around degrees when first placed into brooders don't put to many in this size brooder. After a week or two you should place them in a brooder twice this size 2' x 6' for the next weeks. After that they can go outside. Of course dropping 5 degrees every week. You can put them on wire mesh, if so then get the smallest size spacing and place a set of paper towels over it for a week or so, so they can get there footing established.

golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

You can use sand as well. Just make sure to use washed masonry sand the kids play sand has small shards of glass and when ingested can kill birds. The sand also applies for other types of birds as well.


Make sure to use paper towel for the first week or so on the sand and then it can be removed. And of course you cant forget about the pine shavings at least two inches and make sure the bottom piece is of something coarse so they don't slip if they dig down that far. Make sure to not use cedar as this can be fatal to birds if ingested and don't use sawdust. Heard many bad stories about that type of bedding.

Make sure to put down paper towel for the first week or so as well. During the first week you want to sprinkle down feed all over the paper towel so the birds can eat and learn what food is. The heat source should be on one end and the feed and water on another end.

golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

I'm building brooders right now and I am going to install a ceramic heat source on one end and a red 25 watt light by the feed and water.

You can give them electrolytes and probiotics in their water and this will make them healthier in the long run when they get bigger. This will make things a lot easier to monitor being it is just me, then a typical dimmable switch because there will be fluctuations in the building temps which will have an effect on the inside brooder temp.

After the birds are accustomed to no heat for a few weeks then they are ready to be place into the outside environment. When placing birds outside make sure they are blocked off and do not come in contact with cold rain, as it could possibly kill them. At this point you want to use some sort of netting.

And remember you get what you pay for in this material.

golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

You can buy one inch or two inch top netting. I got mine from cutlersupply. Or you can place a roof over the whole thing and not have to worry about the snows or rain. The roof is a much better option and will serve as more long-term as the netting is only rated for five years. But one downside to a roof is the chance of having them fly up and breaking their neck. Which I have seen this season while buying birds.

Males have a golden yellowish crest. The face throat, chin and sides of the neck are a rusty tanish color. The upper back is green, lower back and rump is golden yellow. Wings are blue, and the scapulars shoulder feathers are dark red. Tail feathers are black spotted with cinnamon, and the tips of the tail feathers are also a cinnamon buff color. The chest is a red color, and the flanks and under parts are a light chestnut color.

Feet and beak should be a dull yellow. Immature males resemble hens, but will have a spotted tail and varied patches of red throughout the plumage. Females however have a mottled brown plumage. Breast and sides are barred buff and blackish brown, abdomen should be plain buff.

golden pheasant for sale in bangalore dating

Face and throat should be buff. Legs and beak should be a dull yellow. Sometimes the females may later develop some male plumage. I have seen a yellow crested female. Female is a bit smaller at inches long and the tail making up half of that. Red Golden male about two years old Red Golden female about one year old 2, 2 year old Red Golden males Red Golden females about one year old.

These were some of the skinny, no tail birds. Worming should be done twice a year. For the peafowl I also use Valbazen but given at a higher dose then the pheasant.

Yellow Golden Ghigi Golden was developed by professor A. Ghigi of Bologna, Italy. They love it when you rub their neck towards the bottom of their beak. Yellow Golden juvy male Yellow Golden juvy male. You can see the difference in the eye colors from a female easily at this point Yellow Golden juvy male Yellow Golden female Silver Goldens Anyone with these types of birds please pm me I would be interested in buying stock from you.

From my understanding this bird was produced by a guy in Minnesota and he is no longer into birds. The juvy birds look just like the Yellow Golden juvies but the legs and beak are a different color. See the almost olive colored legs on this Silver Golden female not my birds but where I got the female above from Silver Golden male right and female on left Silver Golden male. The colors in this picture is nothing like seeing them in real life.

It's an absolutely stunning bird Now we get to talk about this bird below. To me this bird doesn't fit what I think is a Silver Golden because of the yellowing on the bird. But he will be mating with my two Sliver Golden females and I will have to see what comes out of this set. I wont be getting rid of these offspring because they are going into my peafowl pen. When I get a male like the one pictured above, I will be really happy and I will make the offspring of those birds available.

But you can clearly see that there is a difference. Same bird displaying for the female. The tail is short because the breeder I got him from must of had him in a confined area. I didn't happen to see where the birds pen was, or the bird was picked on.

I have males right now in one pen here and some of the young males seem to have the same problem while the adults tails in the same pen are perfectly fine. This is a totally different breeder One Silver Golden male and four females Same birds The next two pictures are difficult to see but look at the wings and notice that its not brown.

Its like a juvy pattern would be has barring. Weird to me but this bird is four years old. I am happy everytime and make happy to others.

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