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Classification of monument type records by function. Date: January .. ANTI MOTOR TORPEDO BOAT BATTERY CAUSEWAYED ENCLOSURE. Thickened and oscillating, speed dating dc free Ron hiv gay dating website dating Dating causewayed enclosures for pontoon boats Black single free dating . Main · Videos; Whitney font free alternative dating patridge dating september dating causewayed enclosures for pontoon dating causewayed enclosures .

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Archaeologists unearth Britain's 'first building boom'

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Archaeologists unearth Britain's 'first building boom' - BBC News

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I came in from the carpark so I could scope out the alleyway before I even got to the caf. It was when people took up agriculture as a way of life and stopped being nomadic hunter-gatherers.

It also saw the emergence of trade across the British Isles and the development of new technologies. But until now, we have had only a rather coarse picture of the chronology of events during this eventful period in our history. The new analysis by Dr Alex Bayliss, an English Heritage dating expert, has brought the occurrences of that time into sharper focus.

We simply knew that all sorts of different sites and all sorts of new kinds of practices started to happen sometime in the or years of the early Neolithic in Britain. But then they spread very, very slowly, taking about two centuries to reach western parts of England. And then, she says, there was a sudden increase in activity. Long-distance trading networks were also being established in stone axes and certain other types of pottery. Image caption Windmill Hill, a large Neolithic causewayed enclosure in Avebury, was previously thought to have been built around BC.

The new dating shows it was built in BC Of particular interest are the first monuments that were built in Britain, called causewayed enclosures.

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These were made up of concentric rings of ditches and banks - the largest of which can span m 1,ft. It had been thought that they spread slowly across the country over five centuries. But the new dating approach suggests they spread rapidly within 75 years. This revelation has been described by archaeologists working on the project as Britain's first "building boom".

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