Dame dash 10 rules for dating

Damon Dash and Boyce Watkins present: Intelligent BOSS Moves | The

dame dash 10 rules for dating

Dr Boyce Watkins and CEO Damon Dash layout the blueprint for running your own business Preview. BOSS Rule: Always invest in yourself () · Start. Damon Anthony Dash (born May 3, ), also known as Dame Dash, is an American entrepreneur, music producer and actor. Dash is best known as. Before folks were calling her "Becky with the good hair," Rachel Roy had already been living a pretty interesting life. Here are 10 facts about.

The course finishes when you want. For the entire time you're in the class, you can ask questions of Damon and Dr Watkins and they will answer them. This is a great class for those seeking to get their businesses off the ground who might be looking for a low-cost way to get outstanding expertise from two experienced business executives.

What can I expect from this program? Here's a breakdown of Intelligent Boss Moves. In this program, students will have access to the following: What we do is collect questions each week and answer all of them via video. This helps in a consistent mentorship process for those in the course as they seek to reach their personal and professional objectives.

dame dash 10 rules for dating

Dash and Watkins are both intense men who push you to your highest level of achievement, so the advice is raw and no-nonsense. Dr Watkins has a PhD in Finance and has run several successful businesses over the years, so these two men know alot of things that can be beneficial to those seeking to build an empowered life.

This will give you a chance to speak with them in real time. But remember, you'll also get a chance to ask as many questions as you'd like throughout the month, so the conversations are quite fluid.

dame dash 10 rules for dating

Our goal is to be with you all the way through your journey in a real and personable way. The objective is to learn how to make money from people who've actually done it. So, our "professors" are people who don't just talk with theory as on many college campusesthey've actually been through the fire and can give you truth without pure theoretical speculation.

Most business schools can't offer this, especially not in a culturally-relevant way that fits the needs and experiences of black people. We find that by allowing for a small group setting, we're able to give quality that exceeds nearly any business school in the country, while at the same time, not charging the thousands of dollars that are being charged at many universities.

Our 1 goal is to give you whatever you need in order to be successful. How do I unsubscribe from the course? Unsubscribing is very easy. Just login at TheBlackBusinessSchool. Go to the upper right hand side of the screen and hit the word "admin.

dame dash 10 rules for dating

Then, click on "Your profile. How do I get a chance to ask questions? You can ask questions in this course in two ways: He has leveraged his culture and his personal image into a global business, incorporating music, clothing, shoes, magazine publishing, drinks, watches and - coming soon - food, cigars, cafes and restaurants.

A recent US survey of the most powerful men in America under 40 put him 15th. Dash's business style looks relaxed. Although he is stressed - 'I flew in this morning commercial, not on the private jet' - the chairman of the board the title is his own private joke, as well as a homage to Frank Sinatrais busy sorting out his schedule with his PA, Sophia Rossi, a raven-haired year-old from Beverly Hills, and his fast-talking director of communications, Bridget Russo.

Naomi Campbell is in town.

10 Things To Know About Rachel Roy, Including That She’s Not A Chef

We're expecting Tyra Banks. Oh, and Puff called. I may be a cool motherfucker, but I'm a cool motherfucker doing business. An assistant takes each call and only hands him the phone if it is serious, or if it is Damon's son, Boogie, 12, or four-year-old daughter Ava, who live with him in New York.

Right now, it's serious.

Dame Dash FINALLY Opens Up On Jay Z & Aaliyah Dating Rumors! [VIDEO] | HOT 97 | #1 For Hip Hop

An associate has booked a series of concerts at US colleges during spring break, when students are away - which means no audiences. Hysterical laughter, followed by: To succeed in this business, you've got to work hard. Work, work, work at all times.

dame dash 10 rules for dating

He has press interviews all day. Take a look around,' he tells me as he climbs out of the Jacuzzi. Johnny Nunez, Dash's private photographer, is downloading the images of Dash's arrival in London to post on his US website for that night's US newspapers and magazines to use. Sophia Rossi is calling Exposure, Dash's UK marketing and PR agency, while Beth Mellilo, his head of TV and film, checks that the actor playing the policeman in Thursday's video shoot 'has one of the old-fashioned bobby on the beat hats'.

All the while, Zara Miranda, the housekeeper, and Ashley Nichols, Dash's gangly right-hand man, are taking care of the business of being Damon, which today means stocking his bedroom with the essentials - fresh towels, 20 box-fresh trainers, hundreds of pairs of Rocawear boxer shorts, shirts and jackets. Dash refuses to wear anything twice. Later that afternoon, after five hours of back-to-back press interviews, Dash reappears, goes to his bedroom, 'pops a tag' on a new pair of crisp, white Nike trainers and changes into a Rocawear shirt for a magazine photo-shoot.

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I've gotta look fresh to death. For the year-old, his life is his work. I wear it, drink it, listen to it, package it and sell it. I want to make money off any and everything concerning urban culture, because there is no one else who can tell the hip-hop story better than me.

The two New York record producers invented bling! Instead of making other people rich, they decided to create their own clothing lines, open restaurants and get their artists to endorse them. Dash's business plan is simple.

I can market anything. It's gangsta business in the truest sense of the word. A gangster is someone who does what he has to do, who makes himself the best, no matter what. That's what I do. My dream is to release a record by one of my artists and every brand endorsed on the record I will produce and control. That way The Roc will use hip-hop to take over the world. Most people on this side of the Atlantic first heard of Dash last year, when he signed Victoria Beckham and made a record that still has not been released.

But the boss of bling has been working for 15 years in the US to make The Roc America's biggest black-run business. It took me a long time to get to know how to run a business.

I just had to pick it up as I went along. On the way I've felt every kind of success and every kind of failure. Dash won a scholarship to Dwight, a private prep school in downtown Manhattan and although he was expelled, he later won a place at South Kent boarding school in Connecticut. There, he got a taste for the high life and was 'amused to see how rich folks were intrigued by what was going on in the streets.

After hosting parties at the Cotton Club in Harlem with his 'Best Out' crew in the Eighties, he entered the music business with the help of his cousin, Darien Dash, whose stepfather worked for Casablanca Records. Dash began as a manager and went on to set up his own record label, Dash Entertainment.

At first, the business bombed, but then Dash got lucky. Carter could not get a record deal, so Dash signed him and used the money he made hosting parties to release his first record under the name Jay-Z. Jay-Z went on to become one of the highest-earning and charismatic rappers.

"Don't Let FEAR Control You!" - Damon Dash - Top 10 Rules

Six of his albums have gone platinum. Flushed with success and, for the first time, cash, Dash set up Roc-A-Fella Records in with his old friend 'Biggs' Burke, in a deal with Island Def Jam, which manufactures and distributes the records. When Dash and I meet again after a Daily Mail photo-shoot I ask whether he is a businessman or a musician: I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur. I sell all the time. Whether it's music or sneakers, it's all marketing, marketing, marketing, 24 hours a day.

My whole life is a commercial. Dash insists his team eat together, no matter where they are in the world. You gotta break bread,' Dash says as he summons his strong team to sit down in the sunken lounge of his Chelsea 'crib'. On the agenda this evening is signing a new singer. Is she too middle America? She has cut her first single and wants Dash to manage her career. The team is cautious. Dash nods, before adding: It's been hard to get you, but you busy.

The marketing for your record is important. If you really want some edge, we could even put you out there with Beanie Sigel who is on trial for attempted murder. We've got to get it right, but when we do, trust me, we're going to saturate the market.

We're going to go gorilla.

dame dash 10 rules for dating

The ride is a chance to make calls and catch up with Raoul Shah from Exposure, the London agency which handles Dash's London promotional work.