Zoella and alfie dating twitterpated

Zoella's fans go wild after she posts engagement photo

He's proposed a date. “Sure,” Stiles “You have to fake date me!” “What?” . Zoe Sugg ~ officialzoella. Oli White Alfie Deyes ~ pointlessblog. "Alfie and I heard about this place and decided we had to do a date and vlog here! How're you? And who's this?" Zoe said, stuffing the phone in her pocket and. They're social media's golden couple but what is is Zoella and Alfie Deyes's relationship really like off camera? Our GLAMOUR cover girl tells.

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zoella and alfie dating twitterpated

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Zoella Reveals The Ups And Downs Of Her Relationship With Alfie Deyes

When did they become official? Unofficially it's understood that Alfie and Zoella were seeing each other from earlybut it wasn't until that August a full year after they first met that they actually went public with their relationship - and that was only because Jim Chapman accidentally revealed a picture of Alfie and Zoe kissing on Zoella's laptop during one of his vlogs. Jim Chapman, Zoe and Alfie sure have some explaining to do for this picture.

After Jim's accidental reveal, Zoella published a statement to her blog. Explaining that they'd been friends "for some time," Zoella revealed how fans' constant shipping prior to them going public put stress on the young couple. When did Zoe and Alfie move in together? After publicly dating for just over a year, in October Zoe and Alfie moved into a flat in Brighton together. Alfie had initially moved to Brighton shortly after Zoella did 10 months ago so they could be closer together, but apparenlty it asn't quite close enough.

They kept the move a secret until they were all settled in, revealing all in a vlog: Expanding the family In Novembershortly after Zoella and Alfie moved in together, their family grew by one.

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No, not a baby - a dog! Little Nala, the pair's black pug, has been with Zoe and Alfie ever since. Moving house After spending around two and a half years in their first Brighton home, Zoe and Alfie were forced to move due to fans and media constantly invading their privacy.