Yoo yeon seok and kang sora dating

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yoo yeon seok and kang sora dating

Another SNSD Member Off the Market as Yuri is Dating Korean Pitcher Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Have a Warm and Cozy Airport Meet Cute Kang Sora seems to be in a logistics crunch while leading man Yoo Yeon. In "Bluebird House" Lee Hye Sook started to help the secret dating of Lee Sang Yeop and Chae Soo 'Jeju Island Gatsby' Yoo Yeon Suk Rescues Kang So Ra. Yoo Yeon-suk and Kang Sora in Hong Sisters' New Drama star Lee Min-ho and the nation's first love Suzy have been confirmed be dating for about a month.

He will save his Daisy from all of her troubles. As he finds himself inextricably linked with a blunt and coarse woman who has no idea what true love is, he finds that he has a soft spot for her.

His mother has married thrice. Her first marriage was an arranged one and produced one son named Song Jung-geun. As the president of Daesung Resorts, Jung-geun is a workaholic and obsessed with money. In her second marriage she had a whirlwind romance with a movie actor and they had one daughter, Cha Hee-la. Hee-la is stunningly beautiful and always looking for love.

yoo yeon seok and kang sora dating

She changes lovers every season and seeks romance endlessly. In her third marriage, she had a child out of wedlock and that was Gun-woo. Lee Jung-joo — Played by Kang So-ra She has been working in the billing department of a clothing company for five years. Her father passed away when was young, and was raised by her stepmother while living with her half-brother. She went to a college in Seoul and paid her tuition and supported her brother by working part-time jobs after classes. In college, she did well enough to graduate magna cum laude.

yoo yeon seok and kang sora dating

She never missed a day of work for five years. All of that comes with a confident attitude. Tomorrow, With You is a series that revolves around the time-travelling ability of Yoo So-joon, and his wife Song Ma-rin. So-joon is a rich CEO who can see the future, while Ma-rin is a photographer. It has a pretty decent writing and the couple are sweet and lovely. What makes them amazing is that their forced marriage turned into a selfless and unconditional love. Those scenes are purely heartwarming!

However, some scenes are slow-paced so you might skip that. But everything else is done greatly, so, prepare yourself to feel inspired and fall in love! Cheese in the Trap Based on the webtoon series of the same name, Cheese in the Trap is a romance, comedy series about a group of university students, particularly Hong Seol and Yoo Jung, who has a complicated relationship towards each other.

Jung is an ideal guy - handsome and rich except for one thing: He and Seol began dating, but things became extremely complicated for them, especially when twisted characters try to break their relationship. It has a pretty good flow, but let's be truthful: Anyway, this is a well-done show, with great OST, cinematography, and amazing actors!

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It is a romantic fantasy that tells the legend of a beautiful mermaid Se-hwa and the love of her life, Dam-ryung. The popularity of the show has also reached worldwide, and many LMH fans are excited to see him together with the famous My Love from the Star actress.

But it is also criticized for cliche plot and lack of chemistry. There's no question about the main casts' talent because they are really talented actors, however, there's a feeling of unexplained awkwardness between them. I hope I'm not the only one who noticed But overall, it is pretty decent and fun to watch!

The 25 Best Korean Dramas, Part II

Signal Emotionally deep story with unpredictable plot and outstanding cast, Signal is made for clever and sharp viewers who enjoy watching the elusive ones.

It depicts the life of a detective from the year who works with a criminal profiler and police lieutenant in the using a mysterious walkie-talkie. Yes it's fictional, but it has a solid script that you will enjoy. With its sophisticated direction, cinematography, and music, it also enjoyed success in China and Japan, and in Korea it became one of the highest rated TV series in cable history. This is not the typical lovey-dovey which is already a cliche, so if you're looking for something unique, Signal is a good recommendation.

War of the Son Injustice won't do any good, but revenge won't do any better. Not your ordinary drama, because the core of this beautiful yet sad story is a genius attorney with hyperthymesia the ability to remember everything. It will hook you up without colorful fantasy or cheesy love lines, but by pure script.

If you have an appreciative mind for some social issues and you're always curious as to how dirty and dark the judicial system is, you'll definitely won't forget this one.

yoo yeon seok and kang sora dating

And of course, we have here the best actors - Yoo Seung-ho gave justice to Jin-woo's lonely character, and Namkoong Min who might become your most hated villain ever. However, if you're the type that easily gets bored through long dialogues, you might not appreciate the mature feeling of it.

yoo yeon seok and kang sora dating

This is a great coming-of-age story about a group of college athletes who are reaching for their dreams. Together, they experience hardships in life and slowly grow with every step of the way. But the spice that makes it exciting is the progress of their love lives as they find themselves truly caring for one another. Light, fun, but melancholic as well. It touches your heart in a way that you feel happy and calm. Though it doesn't have high ratings like the other dramas, the simplicity of it is enough to entertain you.

Everyone should see it out! W - Two Worlds W is superb and outstanding - it has a strong impact and that is so hard to forget. It will also try to twist your mind as you think deeper to figure out the mystery. Beautiful concept made like never before. It features Kang Chul, the handsome, calm, and the charming main character of the popular web comic series "W", and his encounter with the daughter of the comic artist, Oh Yeon-joo.

They met not in an unusual way, as Yeon-joo was pulled inside the monitor and brought in Kang Chul's world. Now, it gets harder and harder to know what's real and what's not, but the love between the two main leads is not hard to see. They matched perfectly and Han Hyo-joo is so gorgeous while Lee Jong-suk is like a prince!

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Reply All of Reply series are definitely good, but if we have to choose one, that would be Reply Everything is simply amazing and totally great - the script, the actors, and the set-up. It deserves all the positive acclaims and the high rating of the show, with its final episode recording an Talented young actors proved their superb skills in this last Reply series, especially Hyeri who is not only a talented K-pop idol and member of Girls' Day, but also a terrific actress with so much potential.

All of the boys are so good as well! The Poet Youth Warrior An extremely popular K-drama that captured the hearts of the viewers and girls - let's admit it through the beautiful visuals of the actors. Hwarang is about the elite group of young men who has passionately studied together in order to become the strength of the nation and break the power of the nobles. The setting took place in the turmoil of the Silla Kingdom, where the real king goes into hiding, and secretly becomes one of the Hwarang warriors.

To be honest, nothing can give us a chance to see these beautiful men with handsome faces together, so it's like a dream come true! There are many eye candy scenes between the Hwarang boys that are so funny to watch! If you want to feel inspired with some hot and cutie actors, you'll really going to love this one! Love in the Moonlight A simple love story about a beautiful woman disguised as a eunuch in order to make a living and pay her debts.

The press described its cultural influence as "Moonlight Syndrome" as it dominates all programs for its unbeatable high ratings in that time-slot, and some merchandise have been sold such as the famous 'couple bracelet'.

The storyline gives you a nostalgic feeling for other historical serials, such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but it is more sassy and carefree in a way. The vibrant youth feeling gives a refreshing vibe to each moment, and that's probably the reason why it became a big hit with the entertainment industry.

'Kiss master' Yoo YeonSeok gives tips for kissing! [Happy Together / 2017.09.14]

Fight for My Way We live in an unfair world where everything is cruel, harsh, and tough. So, what does it mean to become "successful"? Is it enough being wealthy and famous? Let's follow the story of 'crazy fantastic four' friends, who struggle everyday to achieve their dreams in a highly-competitive world.

They are considered as 'third-rate' individuals for not being productive with their lives, but later they slowly develop into responsible and mature adults.

The main focus is the romance between Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra, who are childhood friends who likes teasing each other a lot. Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won makes a cute couple! But apart from the sweet rom-com side, what actually makes it praiseworthy is the realistic plot and the real difficulties in life which everyone can relate to.

It's not a Cinderella-type drama which gives a dreamy aura, but rather prank, blunt, and honest. No wonder why it topped the TV popularity index for three consecutive weeks and has maintained a good rating record. Healer This is probably the greatest action-thriller drama of all time.

This is about three people who try to uncover the truth behind a certain incident. Seo Jung-hoo, an illegal night courier with the alias "Healer" has a duty to protect the beautiful yet peculiar tabloid news reporter, Chae Young-shin.

The man behind this mission is Kim Moon-ho, who wants Young-shin safe, so he paid the skilled fighter Jung-hoo. The good thing about Healer is that it is clearly spot on - the scenes looked so realistic and the acting is so natural. The suspense, extraordinary villains and well-crafted scenes will never disappoint you!

Yes, the heroine born with a superhuman strength is Do Bong Soon. She looks like an ordinary woman whose dream is to become a video game creator and marry her one and only childhood crush, In Gook-Du. A bright and funny story about love, it's guaranteed to make you laugh and cry. It's one of the best shows to re-watch, because you'll love every single moment of the episode. It's the happy feeling of the drama which makes us attracted to it. Though other fans would ship Bong-Soon with Gook-du, it's a cheesy love triangle that always amuses us.

Apart from romance, there's also an element of mystery which makes every episode anticipating. The big question mark about who the serial killer in Dobong-dong area is, added some thrill and excitement.

The series itself was a huge hit and became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history. Overall, this is an absolutely enjoyable program with great casts, good script, and satisfying ending and bromance as well. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Moon Lovers has become an international hit, and is known for being the most heart-wrenching drama of in She later fell in love with Wang So, the mysterious and fearsome 4th Prince.

For Ha-jin, there's no time for confusion as she found herself caught in the middle of political issues, rivalries, love, and war. If you love dramatic tales that will tear your heart into the tiniest pieces, then you definitely won't regret watching this.

But if you're not very brave to cry and feel sad for a couple of days, please don't watch the last episode until you're ready. Don't worry, there are many other things to enjoy here - IU is so beautiful and Lee Joon-gi is an ideal prince!

Why can't they stay together until the very end? Because many of us aren't satisfied with the closure, we hope for some season two in the future! Goblin Prepare yourself for a long K-drama recovery, because you might not be able to move on easily after watching this.

The Lonely and Great God also known as Goblinis a popular series that set a record-breaking hit as it reaches an Who wouldn't be attached to a story that was perfectly executed and has all the eye-catching elements? We don't have to deny it, Goblin is a challenge for all the future series to come. The cinematography is so good - it perfectly features the beautiful spots and location.

Together with the visual effects and catchy soundtracks, it is truly impressive.