Who is hotter kendall schmidt and james maslow dating

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who is hotter kendall schmidt and james maslow dating

See more ideas about James maslow, Big time rush and James d'arcy. Maslow Avan Jogia, James Maslow, Erin Sanders, Darren Criss, Kendall Schmidt. James David Maslow (born July 16, ) is an American actor and singer. He played the role later in the show Big Time Rush, along Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, Jr., and Logan Henderson. . Maslow received a nomination in at the annual Young Hollywood Awards for hottest body which he lost to former. "Big Time Rush" star Carlos Pena couldn't be more excited about the debut of his band's his mother's side, says he and his bandmates—Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow and Logan broke up with his girlfriend Samantha Droke, an actress best known for her role as Brooke in Hottest Latino Teen Stars.

But one thing kept ringing through his head. Was Jade starring in something he wasn't aware of?

who is hotter kendall schmidt and james maslow dating

But, that couldn't be. There was nothing at Hollywood Arts that had to be filmed. All of their performances were live. So, that left an outside job. Why was he only hearing about this now? Tori and Cat seemed more than aware of what Jade was doing, yet he didn't? Cat was innocent and sweet, but she didn't hide secrets easily, and Tori was almost just as bad with something this big. And, if anything, Andre would've found out, then told him.

She didn't know what was wrong with her friend, but he was acting super wonky today. Cat laughed out loud, like she'd just been told the funniest joke ever.

Their music is, like, top of the charts, and Jade plays Heather Fox, James's girlfriend. Beck froze where he stood. What were they talking about? That couldn't be true. Last time he'd checked, Big Time Rush had just started their acting and music career. James Diamond, the character they were referring to, didn't have a girlfriend!

Neither did the actual actor James Maslow, as far as the Canadian-born boy knew. What the chizz is going on here?! Taking extreme care with what he was doing, Beck placed his books inside his transparent locker before closing it firmly and standing.

It was lunch time, which meant he could grill Andre for answers to his questions. It would appear too weird to ask the girls, and Andre was his best friend.

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The other boy would never let him down. Seeing his chance, the Canadian-born boy sidled up to his best friend, his gaze darting around to make sure no one was watching. Andre pulled a book out, a curious expression on his face. No one goes there during lunch.

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The two boys walked casually to their destination but, when the door closed to the lounge room, Beck made sure no one noticed their coming in there with an almost-paranoid thoroughness. Andre backed away from his friend, eyes wide. Calming down, Andre threw his bag down and took a seat on the couch. His friend couldn't be a mind-reader, could he? Talk about invasion of privacy.

Andre raised an eyebrow. Why wouldn't you talk to her? You guys talk about everything! He didn't notice, however, considering his mind had frozen over what Andre just said. Did he wake up in some sort of alternate universe or something?

It was the only plausible explanation he could come up with. It was Andre's turn to frown. You guys have been best friends for years. You act as though this is news to you. I mean, just yesterday, she could barely stop glaring daggers at me and, suddenly, she's all friendly and nice to me!

She was my girlfriend for almost three years. Instead, he decided to treat him like he would his grandmother- patiently and clearly. Taking his friend by the shoulders, he shoved him onto the couch he'd just vacated then crossed his arms as he eyed the Canadian-born teen. Now it was Andre who looked like he'd been slapped by a wet noodle.

Their music is-" "-Top of the charts," Beck interrupted, waving a hand dismissively. Their fan clubs can't even complain about them dating and, trust me, their fan-base is huge. Part of the draw of Big Time Rush is that James and Jade are a real-life couple; people go nuts for that. He hoped he didn't get grey hairs- that would just make his day. After Andre's revelation, he'd been stewing over everything he'd learned.

He also found out, in this insane universe, he and Jade had never been a couple. Lastly, and the most crazy, he had introduced James and Jade, which started their whole relationship when they were fourteen. He had wanted to know what it was like not having dated Jade, but Beck hadn't thought this would be the result. Quite frankly, he hated it. So, he was gonna fix it, if there was something to be fixed.

Jade turned from her locker, a gorgeous smile on her lips. You were kind of acting wonky this morning. He was disappointed when her happy expression didn't change or flicker, but he was determined.

Anyway, I was hoping we could hang out today? So, by that logic, it shouldn't be weird for him to ask her to hang out with him alone. Digging her phone out, she scrolled through some stuff then frowned softly. You haven't seen the guys in a while.

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Afterwards, we can go out to eat dinner or something. Mentally shaking his head, he glanced back at Jade, who continued to smile at him. Then you can just drop me off when we're done with dinner. She even punched him in the arm playfully, like they've done it a million times. A second later, her beautiful smile returned. Instead, he savored the feeling of her skin against his.

He hadn't realized until the break-up how often they had touched, and had sorely missed it. At the rate you're going, we'll be forced to run. He didn't want to, however. He wanted this moment to last forever; just him and Jade. Why hadn't he realized that sooner?

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Big Time Rush Set: Beck was amazed by the set, though he pretended he had been there dozens of times. He assumed he was, considering everything that happened today, and so far it seemed he was playing it right. Jade didn't suspect anything and no one gave him a second glance. Best of all, their arms were once again entwined, both of hers holding one of his.

The car ride had been pleasant, like how he remembered when they had been dating. Andre had been right- they had talked about everything and it hadn't been weird for him or awkward; it was like any conversation he ever remembered having with her. It was nice being able to open up to her again. The one subject they hadn't touched on, however, had been her relationship with James.

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Beck didn't want to know; he wanted to pretend they were dating again. All the boys were good-looking in their own right, but Beck especially disliked how handsome James was.

What was there to worry about? They were best friends, nothing more and nothing less. Besides, he and Beck were good friends- how else would Beck have been able to introduce James to the love of his life? Jade pulled away from Beck, her smile positively glowing. It made Beck sick that it wasn't directed at him. She snuggled closer when he wrapped his arms around her slim shoulders. They clasped hands in that way only guys did.

who is hotter kendall schmidt and james maslow dating

What have you been doing? Carlos even picked him up in a hug so tight, he was surprised his ribs hadn't cracked. Catching his breath from the embrace, he finally answered, thankful he'd had time to prepare, "I was just busy.

Lots of stuff going on- you know how it is. Logan raised an eyebrow, amused.

who is hotter kendall schmidt and james maslow dating

Like you always do? He couldn't stop the way his heart fluttered when she did that, though he tried to hide that while in the company of the four other guys. The last thing he needed was for them to find out his actual feelings for Jade, whether she was taken or not. Kendall checked the time on his phone.

Why don't you wait in Jade's dressing room, like usual? Good, because he didn't feel like wandering around like an idiot with no place to go. James leaned down to press a kiss to Jade's crown.

who is hotter kendall schmidt and james maslow dating

Someone gag me, Beck thought, mentally rolling his eyes at the scene. He watched as the four friends walked away, Carlos waving wildly back like a child not wanting to say good-bye to his playmates. He was snapped to attention when Jade grabbed his hand in hers. Sending a cheeky grin at his surprised face, she said, "Come on.

It sounds more brutal than American Idol. It was similar, yeah. Had you ever thought of auditioning for American Idol? It crossed my mind a couple of times, but I never watched the show a whole lot.

You have been singing from a very young age. Yes, since I was six years old. That was actually the beginning of my professional career if you can call it that. How did Bandana Man come about? Bandana Man has become quite an icon. Bandana Man came about because I have long hair and when I work out I wear bandanas. I suppose, yes, my alter ego. Are the four of you close friends off the show as well? When you go through lack of sleep like that, it brings you together.

There are some things that only the four of us will be able to share. What was the experience like making an album for the first time? These people have made hits you hear on the radio. These past couple of years have been the greatest learning experience in the world to see how all of that works and be able to start producing and writing my own music.

Are the songs on the first album from the show or will there be others also? But there will also be some new songs people have never heard before, some of which will be in the second season and some on the album only. Does anyone in the band assist in the writing or are there primarily assigned songwriters for the show? I write individually and I know a couple of the other guys do as well. The first one-hour special was filmed in Times Square.

Big Time Rush - L to R: Yeah, we filmed part of it in Times Square as a live concert then they cut back and forth with the actual episode, which was very cool. Normally a half hour show takes a week and that hour show took three weeks to film. All of us are very proud of that show.

Let me put it this way, the first season we had long days.