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The DSM-5 defines social anxiety as the “persistent fear of one or more Dating is typically a situation where people feel scrutinized, have to. The melodious suzy iu eun hyuk dating Hamid mistook his congratulations Grandpa Patty Keelhauls waif like shyness and dating his circles talking sordidly ?. Dating. US Edition. UK Edition · US Edition. Please wait. Log in using your social Kate Moss in quotes: 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' and other "Waif," came the term coined by her threadlike frame, which inspired a .. she revealed a self-consciousness and shyness during an interview in.

That's hardly a good sign. The Potter brat, with his waif-like emerald eyes, was driving him mad already. He graded summer essays in his office, secure in the knowledge that his students were too intimidated to come to his office hours.

The sound of his quill scratching against parchment was the only sound in the blessed quiet of the dungeons. He was startled enough to splatter red ink in a violent pattern across a Hufflepuff's essay on Mandrake restoratives when a knock came at his door. Draco Malfoy hovered in the doorway, one unelegant wrist twisted at an odd angle to keep his hand on the doorknob. Shut the door, and have a seat.

Draco perched on the chair, one hand fidgeting with his silvery locks of hair. Severus suppressed his concern at seeing his godson's agitation and conjured a pot of tea. Silence could induce coherent thought faster than any other stratagem he knew.

Shrinking Violet

He barely talks to anybody in Slytherin, he just looks at me with those big green eyes of his and I don't even know if he understands when I insult him, he doesn't even respond. He brushed them away with a quick gesture. Severus poured a cup of tea and pushed it towards him. Draco took the cup, cradled it in one careless elegant hand, but did not drink.

Is that why he's so strange? I said that, Uncle Sev. He talks when a teacher asks him a direct question, otherwise he just stares. He may be arrogant. The Muggles that raised him might have thought he was above simple things like manners. They wouldn't have an owl to write to him. What, Draco, you're surprised that the Boy Who Lived is too arrogant to write to his doting family? He usually takes just a piece of bread or something.

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Uncle, have you seen how skinny he is? All boys your age are skinny — it's a consequence of growing too fast. Silver-blond hair swung in front of his eyes and he pushed it back. I don't know, maybe it's a weird Muggle thing or something. He waits until he thinks we're all asleep and then he creeps into the room and sleeps in the closet. He uses his shoes for a pillow.

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I will speak to Potter about this, Draco, thank you for bringing it to my attention. Severus bent his attention to the work on his desk and watched Potter through his eyelashes.

The boy stood as still as a winter lake, with none of the fidgeting or sighs his classmates would have displayed. Severus considered the boy's strange behavior, the trepidation evident in his pose.

The brat had brewed an acceptable potion, hadn't misbehaved in class, and yet he held himself wary and tense. Severus set down his quill. Potter remained standing several paces away from the desk, his hands clasped behind his back. His eyes were emerald bright. Severus hated those wide innocent eyes. I will not tolerate indistinct muttering from you. For what are you sorry? I guess," he said, with another quick look at his professor, "I guess I'm sorry for … for the potion I made?

That would explain why your potion was a few shades off. You were correct about the reaction of the comfrey, but it is often left out of this potion. It strengthens the potion, but it also shortens its shelf life. Potter jumped as though he'd been slapped and took a step backwards. I must admit that I am impressed. Did you study your Potions textbook before your arrival here at Hogwarts? Take deep breaths, release your irritation, he told himself. Potter started to fidget for the first time. He kept his gaze fixed on the floor and leaned backwards.

He was now closer to the door to Severus's office than he was to the desk. Do you really not know what you've done? He looked tiny in the large wooden chair. Severus decided that he was even scrawnier than Draco had described to be.

A Combination of the changes made by the backstory, Kyoko's Initial personality, Pieter's leaving Kyoko and leaving them for another woman who is even WORSE than his first wife, amazingly enough. Things get SO much 'better'. Film Edit The titular character of Stephen King 's Carrie starts out as a normal Shrinking Violet and is pushed over the edge into supernaturally psycho territory by a malicious prank pulled by the popular girls.

The titular character of May is a similar example, minus the telekinesis. Poor May's only comfortable social interactions are with the doll she calls her best friend. She's so shy that she can barely talk in the presence of other people at all, even when they're clearly interested in getting to know her. Although once she's decided to kill them all, she becomes much more confident.

She continues to do that in every other Police Academy movie she's in. Really, if someone that quiet started yelling like that and had a gun, wouldn't you feel like doing what they said? Prince Albert later, King George VI of The King's Speech has a painful stammer, which has, of course, left him deathly afraid of public speaking and large crowds in general.

Of course, the crux of the film features him attempting to rectify this in the face of the looming threat of World War II. Mui, the female lead of Shaolin Soccer. Hair in the face, mumbling, acne, withdrawn, eventually pulling out of life in public to become a nun. Until the final showdown, of course. The titular character of Densha Otoko is a rare male example. He's a cripplingly shy Otaku who's perfectly content with living in his own little world and only talking to people online.

That is until he meets a kind and beautiful girl who's actually With encouragement and advice from the members of his online communityhe pursues her and finally learns to open up a little. Barry from Punch Drunk Love is another male example, though he deals with his shyness and frustration through aggressiveness. Shy, skittish, hardly ever makes eye contact with those "above" him The fact that he's also The Woobie help this.

A Life in Four Chapters: Both Kimitake and Mizoguchi have stammers and are painfully shy and awkward. By the time they get over it real and fictional Japan are in for a shock or two. Literature Edit In the novel Speakthe main character goes through almost the entire school year basically trying to make it seems like she doesn't exist, because she called the cops at a party over the summer and her old friends and many people she doesn't even know hate her, even though her reason was that she was raped.

A Second Assistant Librarian who, with borderline Wangst bemoans her lack of the Sight, which prevents her from being a Mad Oracle like the rest of the Clayr. Admittedly, it's not like the rest of the Clayr do anything to make her feel loved in the slightest. Ginny Weasley plays with this. It's stated by the Weasleys that Ginny acts as a Shrinking Violet when around Harry, but is more or less normal when not in his surroundings.

When we first meet her until about the third or fourth book, she has become friends with people Hermione and Luna to whom she is the Only Friend for a while is a lot more outspoken - which helps her to actually catch his attention, sorta.

Elizabeth "Beth" March of Little Women finds it very difficult, even painful, to talk to people outside her immediate family, and even stops going to school out of shyness.

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