Total divas brie and summer rae dating

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total divas brie and summer rae dating

Even though Total Divas has a storyline behind it and is not one hundred 13 Dolph Has Dated Dana Brooke And Summer Rae After Nikki . were set to gain some experience since Nikki and Brie had never wrestled before. Brie Bella feuds with WWE newbie Summer Rae over flirting with her Rae That She's "Slutty and Classless" For Flirting With Her Boyfriend. Complete List of WWE Wrestlers Who Are Dating Other WWE Wrestlers Bella has been thoroughly documented on the shows Total Bellas and Total Divas. the SmackDown Live commissioner, and Brie Bella, a WWE superstar. .. and Summer Rae, but he's also made all of Sasha Banks' gear as well.

As expected, a number of secrets were revealed, both in front of the camera and around the filming of the show. Brie had always wanted children and expressed sadness that her twin would not be able to experience anything similar.

Although looking alike, the twins are very different people.

total divas brie and summer rae dating

Nikki has been shown to enjoy the finer things in life, with a preference for settling down with a glass of wine and a fancy dessert with her man, while Brie leans towards a hippie lifestyle with her beau, enjoying vegetarian food and yoga. His childhood sweetheart, Samantha Rotunda, filed for divorce in Florida, accusing him of adultery and misdeeds.

Although the documents did not mention anyone by name, reports all spoke of how Wyatt and Total Divas star Jojo have been seen in "continuous contact" and had allegedly been involved since Jojo began her time on the Total Divas with relationship issues, breaking up with her high school boyfriend as he struggled to deal with the time apart while she was working.

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It is true that it is difficult to know what was organic and what was staged for the cameras on the reality show, but the divorce proceedings and the backlash against Jojo are both very real. Yet she brought renewed energy and plenty of controversy with her when she joined the show.

During season five, Paige was forced to reveal a sad secret from her past that she had kept quiet for a number of years. At years-old, Paige had been pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. Paige revealed that due to medical problems surrounding that pregnancy, she was unsure as to whether or not she would be able to have children in the future. Her romantic ups and downs with her partner TJ were actually relatable as, after a decade together, the couple spent more time sat in front of the TV than on elaborate dates like the other divas.

Viewers watched Nattie suffered setbacks in her wrestling career, being constantly overlooked by WWE in favour of younger female superstars, and fans really connected to Nattie as an underdog. Natalya is a heel and fans are supposed to dislike her.

Natalya "Queen of Black Hearts" leads the other heels to make life as difficult as possible for the babyfaces and the crowds are meant to boo her, not root for her.

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These contradictory narratives have meant her in-ring persona is difficult to believe for some fans. After four years, she parted ways with WWE, but not everyone shed tears over her exit. She is super excited for her upcoming release party and is trying to come up with some ideas to create more buzz for herself.

This Diva is ready to be super famous! Ariane and Vincent dance to her song together.

total divas brie and summer rae dating

Brie Bella is hanging out at Nikki's place when Nattie calls to let them know she's coming by for a visit. Nikki has a mini freak-out and runs to the storage closet to retrieve the painting that Nattie gave her.

Nikki explains her plan to Brie: After Nattie arrives, Nikki gives her a tour of the condo. She even finds the perfect spot for the painting! She hopes that some of the paparazzi will recognize her and take her picture.

Her dog Glitty comes along too!

‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap Pt. 1: Everyone’s Relationship Is Doomed

There's the first paparazzi! After a few minutes, several more paparazzi appear and start to take her picture. Next thing we know, Ariane is surrounded! They think they're in trouble They are ecstatic over the news and decide to take the next few days to think it over and come up with ideas. This opportunity could really change their careers, turning them both into the Divas they've always wanted to be!

Eva Marie tells Brie the good news but Brie warns her to be careful. Brie thinks that Summer Rae is out for herself and will try to use Eva Marie to get ahead on the roster. While at lunch with Vincent, Ariane looks for her photos online but can't find any of them. Vincent can't believe it either.

total divas brie and summer rae dating

Then Ariane discovers that Kim Kardashian was there that same day, which explains why her pictures weren't posted. She isn't too happy about this Nattie is in the middle of an intense painting session.

We find out her mom was an artist and that Nattie inherited the artistic gene from her. Louis is helping Nattie as she works on her next project: After seeing the work in progress, husband TJ offers another suggestion: Here's a sneak peek—she even included their dog, Josie! Ariane has decided to take things to another level by meeting up with her friend, singer Ray J, in the hopes that the paparazzi will photograph them together.

Soon after, a Rolls Royce pulls up The two hit the gym for a workout session and the paparazzi proceed to snap pictures of them.

Summer Rae

Ariane puts on a show for the cameras Then they meet up with an instructor for a wrestling session and things get extra physical Ariane is confident that the photos and videos taken by the paparazzi will soon pop up all over the Internet.

She's on her way to becoming famous! During practice, Summer Rae is getting impatient with Eva Marie, who seems a bit behind on all the wrestling moves and is forgetting what Summer Rae taught her.

Eva Marie explains that she hasn't had much time to practice due to being on the road but Summer Rae isn't convinced. This isn't looking very good Nattie insists on bringing the painting to Colorado because she wants to give it to Daniel and Brie in person. The box won't fit into the trunk of their rental car Nattie decides to secure it with random pieces of clothing and tape on top of the car.

She's feeling pretty confident in her creative skills.

total divas brie and summer rae dating