Taraji and idris dating advice

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taraji and idris dating advice

Theatrical Release Date: September 12, Cast: Idris Elba, Taraji P. Henson, Leslie Bibb, Frank Brennan, Kenny Alfonso, Kelly O'Neal. Gabrielle Union got blasted for telling women to date "outside their type.". Taraji P. Henson Talks THINK LIKE A MAN, PERSON OF INTEREST, and upcoming NO GOOD DEED with Idris Elba. best-selling book (that the film is inspired by) and start taking his advice to heart. It's tough, when you're in a relationship with a man and he doesn't make the same amount of money.

I read the script and I laughed out loud. I never read the book. That pretty much tells the story, right there. But, the writers did such a great job with this. I feel like that about all movies, though. I really wish Hollywood would stop labeling movies, especially movies with predominantly black casts. I want to see it because the previews look interesting.

Do you know any women who are like Lauren, that you based this character on? I got rid of it, a long time ago.

Taraji P. Henson on why she won't date co-stars in Allure magazine cover shoot | Daily Mail Online

But, I could identify with her. It does become an issue. I could totally relate to that aspect. What did you enjoy most about playing out the relationship between Lauren and Dominic, and working with Michael Ealy? She was the one to go against the book. She took a hard fall.

No Good Deed is Laughably Bad, Needlessly Violent - Movie Review

She finally did, but she was the last one to get it. I just really enjoyed her arc. Michael and I wanted to work with each other for some time now, so this was the perfect vehicle for us to do.

taraji and idris dating advice

Do you enjoy getting to work in ensembles like this, and getting to feed off of that energy from everybody? You need your partner. I just like working. I just really enjoy it. How much of this movie was on the page and how much came off of you guys ad-libbing with each other during shooting? I can only speak for me.

taraji and idris dating advice

But, for me, all of it was on the page. The only time I do that is when I feel like something is missing. What was Tim Story like, as a director? Was he very collaborative with the actors, on set? Yes, very much so.

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  • Taraji P. Henson on why she won't date co-stars in Allure magazine cover shoot

I did another movie with him, called Hurricane Season, which was more serious and sad, about Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Unfortunately, it went straight to DVD.

Fair Or Foul: Gabrielle Union Is Getting Blasted For Telling Women To Date Outside Their ‘Type’

So, I worked with him before, but it was different because it was a comedy. With Hurricane Season, we hung out a lot, so I knew he was funny. All we did was laugh.

taraji and idris dating advice

But, working with him as a comedic director was just so much fun. I hope we get to work together again. How do you feel about the direction of where things are going with Person of Interest and your character, Detective Carter? I always knew this was going to happen [with the character]. I was very clear on what direction my character was headed.

The writers are not going to be able to top themselves this week. And I went after him with a vengeance! Initially when I got the script and we decided it was going to be two black leads we had Idris locked, but then time went on and then he booked Mandela. I have a son about to go to college! We have a banter and he knows how to push my buttons.

He likes to push my buttons. And I know all these women are like Idris! On working with Idris in the future: Fortunately for him and us, I grew up in the hood.

taraji and idris dating advice

On growing up as the daughter of a cop, and how police presence has changed over time: First of all, my father was a cop. He was in the service. They would come to the schools and they lived in the communities. On the Ferguson protesters: When you have a bunch of people all packed in this little area What do you think is going to happen?

What do you expect? I get really offended when I say nice things on Twitter and people jump on me. On responding to personal attacks on social media and avoiding Twitter beefs: I usually take the high road. I just had a very intelligent exchange with a guy on my Instagram the other day and we both saw different things but by the time we finished he was like thank you!

I never saw it like that. On dealing with racism on social media: Somebody has to rise above it.