Son dongwoon and seohyun dating

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son dongwoon and seohyun dating

that YoonA graduated from high school and Seohyun was actually still in and Brown-Eyed Girls' Ga In should most definitely date and eventually marry. Variety Show Featuring Highlight's Son Dongwoon, Narsha, And. Dongwoon (Beast Is Seo-Hyun and Yong hwa really dating? I think they are not because seohyun is dating kyuhyun and Yonghwa likes. Main · Videos; Cost of ar dating dating lets keep in touch dating son dongwoon and seohyun dating son dongwoon and seohyun dating male personality types.

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They played a make-believe couple, portraying what life would be like if they were married. She voiced the character Edith, who is known for her rebellious attitude.

Holler and Dear Santa She played Han Yu-rim, a veterinary student and first love of the male lead character. Director Bae Tae-sub said Seohyun's persona "perfectly paralleled that of her role" and "her understanding and expressiveness of the character exceeds those of a rookie actress".

She named musical actress Ock Joo-hyunwho later became her mentor, as her main influence. Although she had wanted to be in a musical for a long time, she rejected casting offers because she felt unprepared. Seohyun made her theatrical debut in the musical, Moon Embracing the Sunwhich was adapted from the novel of the same name. Seon Mi-gyeong of OSEN said that while Seohyun's performance cannot surpass that of Badawho shared the same role, her "fierce voice" complimented and successfully expressed an arrogant Scarlett O'Hara.

Despite a short career, she endlessly showed us various colours and peculiar charms of a woman's life. She played a character named Sophie, a year-old bride-to-be, who hopes to find out who her biological father is on her wedding day. Moreover he has stated that all of his female fans are his girlfriends.

son dongwoon and seohyun dating

He has told this with lots of laughter. From his interview we can come to know that he is not in a state to think about any secret relationship. He wants to concentrate more on his career and wants to aim high in the k-pop industry.

Who has a girlfriend in Highlight (Beast)?

Lee Gi-kwang Lee Gi-kwang has once given an interview about his failed relationship with his ex-girlfriends. He stated that he has been cheated by some of them. He also shared his pain, stating that a lot of his girl friends started to have an affair when they were living with him. This act has frustrated him a lot. Currently he is living single and starting to concentrate more on his work without getting involved in unnecessary relationships.

Therefore as of now he has no idea about his future personal plans. He wants to get healed from his past relationships.

son dongwoon and seohyun dating

Son Dong-woon It was said that Son Dong-woon had many crushes when he was in school. There are many pictures found online along with his female friends but there were no exact facts about his past girlfriends. Basically he loves girls with natural long hair and a polite attitude. He loves to have lot of fun with his friends but he has not yet mentioned anyone as his girlfriend to the media.

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Son wants to achieve greater heights in the field of music without being diverted by unwanted affairs. Let us wait for sometime to know more about his ideas regarding relationships.

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Jang Hyun-seung Jang Hyun-seung is a former member of Highlight. When her fans questioned her about her relationship, she has denied those facts by a simple answer that there was nothing between them. Basically Jang seems to be the greatest trouble maker in the band.