Samoan marriage and dating culture

Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Samoa

samoan marriage and dating culture

Marriage. The Wedding. The wedding itself is a big deal in Samoan culture. It is usually very expensive and costly to the families that are involved. To start off. In Samoa, the dating culture is very similar in the regard that the The marriage customs in Samoa are similar to those of American culture. Here's what type of customs you can expect if you're heading to a Samoan wedding, or you're marrying a Samoan bride or groom!.

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Coming out of it is like a second chance at living. Samoa is a land of love and loss. Of triumph over tragedy. The Samoans, who ooze charm, character and beauty, know this maxim all too well, for this is a country with soul. According to Chris, if you want to find a Samoan man, first you need to find a Samoan woman.

Wedding Haka

Then, all the men in the village will be watching. In Samoa, you just sit back and wait and all the pieces will fall into place. Actually, waiting in the wrong word.

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At the bar, at the beach, at the pool, behind coconut trees. Yes, you heard it, right under my nose. Even in languid Samoa, time marches on and tries to heal the deepest wounds. Joe, the resort owner, has found love again and just announced his engagement to Tammy.

Yes, love, loss, tragedy and triumph. She is usually moisturised in coconut oil to make her body glow, making the money sticks to her better. Her new husband also dances close to her as a sign of support and care. While guests are eating their delicious home-cooked meal, they are entertained by performers who are either hired or part of the family. They perform dances called the Taualuga male and the Siva, which is performed by the daughter or sisters of the couple.

The Samoan Hulu is also performed by the bride for her new husband. It is a sign of respect and love for the husband. It is performed very elegantly and looks effortless to do.

samoan marriage and dating culture

My take is that both cultures are guilty of arrogance pride is the root of racism hence the dearth of genuine, meaningful cross-cultural relationships here in Paradise. Background I first came to Samoa in Q4immediately following the Samoa Tsunami on 29 September and have pretty much stayed here since. I went back and sold up home and businesses but have been here nigh on seven years now.

samoan marriage and dating culture

The Maori culture is basically derived from Samoan. No Maori wants to admit that but the language is almost identical; they are both Polynesian and before they took on their own identity in New Zealand they were Samoans way back when. I straddle both cultures naturally and in many ways am more a Samoan at heart than half the country here.

Like many of the Maoris the Samoans have and want to take on the Palagi ways, as, except for pockets of hard-core resistance they generally value the Palagi ways over their own.

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In the first five years of my stay here I avoided the court system totally. I just sucked it all up and let things happen, boxing on against liars cheats and thieves as best as I could but in I commenced civil actions against those who had ripped me off in various ways. In this has included criminal actions. We [generally] want to know the truth before we exercise a judgment and do or say something.

samoan marriage and dating culture

We honour, respect and value the facts and the truth before who the person is, or what the context is of say, a crime. This is NOT the Samoan way where relationships are everything and all decisions and actions are done in a relational context.

To the Western mindset this is situational ethics where a relationship comes above truth and what we perceive as justice. We see extreme nepotism as corruption. To the Samoan, this is just the way things are. There is however another way, and it is the introduction of Christianity to Samoa that has set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Christianity in its pure form [i. Samoa has largely failed in this regard because in the main the religious leaders have simply continued the Samoan culture into the religious structure of the mainstream churches. Cross Cultural Conflict Enter then the Palagi, and the inevitable conflict. Now it should be noted that while the arrival of Palagi and subsequent conflict is visible, high profile and easy to talk about even before the Palagi came there was a sector of Samoan society that had concerns with the way things were going and how things were done.

Think for a brief moment about human nature and the history of Samoa. Hawaii it comes from Savaii was developed by ex-Samoans. Likewise the Maoris of New Zealand and the others of Polynesia. Sports, arts, food, cooking, weaving, song, dance, construction styles and more all developed as they forged their new identity. Many a Samoan tells me off-the-record and privately about how they hate this or that about their Samoan culture.

The root cause of racial conflict, as with anything anti-social, ungodly or self destructive is always the same — pride. Dennis Who the hell do you think you are sending me a letter like this? What is this threat that you are giving me. I let him know what I thought about his shameful conduct as a lawyer in Samoa and a Samoan talking to a guest in his country.

I am a guest in your country. Please act like a professional AND a true Samoan when talking to me. Mind your language, sir. Sorry to have bothered you. Unless things change in the interim I will on Thursday the 18th lay an Information charging him with this crime.

samoan marriage and dating culture

As his lawyer, I have warned you clearly of this; I have offered to inform you of the details that I will be presenting to the court. Think about it calmly for just half a minute.

samoan marriage and dating culture

I am representing myself so have taken it upon myself to initiate communications with you. QUOTE Lawyers should always consider the possibility that their witnesses [in your case your client] may be lying and the implications that can have not only on the witness [client] but also for counsel concerned END QUOTE You may not like me, nor my race or my style but Justice Vaai spoke wisdom, hence my reference to this judgement.

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Now did you not read this part of my letter or warning? QUOTE I write in the interests of fairness, to extend to you goodwill and not wishing you to incur any unwelcome negative press without you being pre-warned. Some people care about how they are seen online. Now if I pinged you in a public forum online WITHOUT any warning, you could be perfectly justified in claiming that you were ambushed and setup by your client and that I was not fair on you, or out to get you, perhaps with a personal agenda.